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Molten Core
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Jan 28, 2013 @ 8:19pm
Jun 13, 2013 @ 5:20pm
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Molten Core


DISCLAIMER: The concept of Molten Core and all that that entails belongs entirely to Blizzard Entertainment. This is simply a fan recreation of the dungeon. My partner and I are not benefitting financially in any way from this mod.

WARNING: By itself, this mod functions flawlessly. It may have conflictions with other mods that I have not tested. Please be wary of this with not just this mod, but with all. Make a back-up save or two before installing this mod. I don't want to be blamed for what might happen because of some stupid technical problem. This mod is quite large, so be prepared for a rather lengthy download time.

This mod is a Skyrim recreation of the famous 40-man raid dungeon Molten Core from World of Warcraft. Vast quantities of new content has been added, such as a quest line, new items and creatures, and much more.
Don't worry, you don't need to have played WOW to enjoy this mod and the challenges and glorious loot that it introduces to the game.


New Dungeon: Molten Core (HUGE!)
3 Whole New Armor Sets
7 New Enemy Types, Including a Unique Boss
8 New Weapons
2 New Loading Screens
Many New Unique and Powerful Enchantments
New Mineral: Dark Iron
New Spell: Molten Gout
Everything is lore-friendly!

The dungeon is located near the Honningbrew Meadery outside of Whiterun. The exterior of the Molten Core is a dwemer ruin called Mzachalft. Finding this site will begin the quest line.
Throughout development, MrPieMan and I strived to make the dungeon as lore-friendly as possible, despite it being from another game world. Everything that was added was considered heavily in this respect. You will find that this dungeon is in many ways much like Blackreach in that it is an entire worldspace in and of itself. We hope that you enjoy the sprawling depths of the Molten Core as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Be sure to contact us with any issues you may encounter, and we will be more than happy to do everything we can to help solve your problem!

If you feel curious enough to compare our recreation of Molten Core to the real one in WOW, there are many YouTube walkthroughs available, or you can use the wiki page below.

~Flavor Text~

Let this scrawling serve as a warning to all those who might stumble upon this site. I, Dep-Zedlen, lead a group of my fellow Dwemer into this cavern to survey the area. We made a perilous mistake. The creatures we disturbed by coming down here were far too powerful to overcome. My entire team was incinerated by those monsters before I had the chance to seal off the gate. If you do not wish to suffer the same infernal fate as my comrades, you must keep it shut. The abominations that dwell within will put an end to your life, as well as this world. I hope that my sacrifice keeps those above safe from the horrors of this molten core.

Thank you all for your support!


If you encounter a crash when Ragnaros is summoned, please make sure you have latest version of the mod. This bug should have been fixed by the update. Also, the crash is only occasional. If you try again, Ragnaros will most likely be summoned without a crash. Thank you for your patience with this issue.

Maclever has brought it to my attention that the scene between Ragnaros and Executus before the final boss fight may be bugged when one has the "Non-Hostile Friendly Fire" mod installed alongside this mod. There is apparently a confliction between the way that mod handles factions and how they are used to control the behavior of Ragnaros throughout that scene. I am sorry for this inconvenience. Below is a link to the conflicting mod for those that are curious.

Other than these, no bugs have been found.


Mod by HighWarlordBob and MrPieMan
HighWarlordBob - Scripting, Textures, Enchantments, Miscellaneous Contributions
MrPieMan - Level Design, NavMeshing, Miscellaneous Contributions
Title Image by All In One Pancake

A BIG SPECIAL THANKS to PROXiCiDE for all his immensly helpful assistance with scripting and to Tytanis for his absolutely remarkable assistance with making Sulfuras a one-hander for Ragnaros.
Without these two guys, the mod would never have been finished so well. Thanks so much!

***IMPORTANT*** I will be posting many more screenshots and details about this mod very soon. For the time being, I encourage all those interested to subscribe and try it out. We are very anxious for feedback.

***ALSO IMPORTANT*** For all those interested, MrPieMan and I are planning on recreating the famous Shadowfang Keep from WOW as our next project. Keep an eye out! Below is a wiki page with information about that dungeon.
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real scp 682 Apr 23 @ 7:03am 
whats the riddle
Red Rabbit Apr 4 @ 3:56pm 
TBH i thought this was a homage to diablo, not WoW
Nyrva Mar 9 @ 4:25am
This is my latest machinima, "World of Warcraft meets Skyrim part III"
Just wanted to share this because I used your addon to help the creation of at least 2 my WoW/Skyrim crossover machinima videos. Kudos!
slipperyjones Mar 5 @ 5:41pm 
this mod crashes my game :(
Nyrva Jan 15 @ 12:24pm 
Difficult to enter raid without using coc or player.moveto commands. The trash mobs are way too OP. Even setting my health to 1,000,000,000 it took forever to kill just a few mobs at level 50. Recommend nerfing them a bit but keep the bosses at current difficulty. Also the riddle to enter the raid doesn't seem to do anything when you click "continue". Aside from that, awesome job on this. I hope you will do Black Temple or Icecrown Citadel. (ICC wouldn't be too far fetched since people already have made Lich King armor mods on Nexus Mods- we'd just need an Arthas NPC - plenty of Dragur to use as his undead minions. lol!)
flynn130 Jan 9 @ 5:27pm 
what dos it me by the sothern flank in the riddel
RalSP Jan 1 @ 11:10pm 
Awesome recreation of the Vanilla raid!
I always loved to play and I would always farm solo and would try to get the Sulfuras Legendary and just never was able to! Thank you for recreating this as I don't play it very often and am looking forward to later creations of yours!
[AGC] xXAussieRockXx Dec 22, 2015 @ 9:25am 
Whitelightning Dec 8, 2015 @ 11:42pm 
Eminem2420 Oct 25, 2015 @ 8:10am 
The enemies are way too overpowered.