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Demopan! The Legend! The Guide!
By Demopan LordXiphos and 1 collaborators
The Story of Demopan and how to become one. This guide will give you the history of Demopan as well as the requirements and the journey to become one with the pan. Read on to start the journey and the quest for greatness! Demopan!
The History of Demopan. (Introduction)
Demopan was created/noticed on December 18th 2010, when a forum poster submitted a thread named "The New Face of TF2!". The First Demopan was named "STOUT SHAKO FOR 2 REFINED"
and carried a "Frying Pan", "Charge 'n Targe", wore a "Bounty Hat" and the "Dangeresque Too?".
The Kill Cam Shot also shows that he was created on the map "cp_degrootkeep". Soon after the thread was made people posted and posted until today it has reached 33 pages worth of posts. If you wish to see the thread for yourself go here:


The Demopan song was also created in his glory:

Thus Concludes this section. If you wish to message me adding to the history of Demopan or that I have left something out, feel free to tell me.
The Start of your Demopan Journey!
Well I doubt you just want to hear about the history of Demopan (STOUT SHAKO FOR 2 REFINED)
So let's start with some information for your journey and the tasks ahead. First you need to get a "Frying Pan". The Frying Pan is received when you are gifted or have purchased "Left 4 Dead 2". As well as that you can also trade with someone else for their Frying Pan. Beaware that the "Frying Pan" makes loud noises and is just a reskin of the bottle. It has no special abilities accept for being awesome and drinkable (Try it!).

The next item you need is the "Charge 'n Targe". This item gives you the ability to "Charge" making you move very fast in a straight line and perform crits! It also gives you 50% Fire Resistance and 40% Explosive Resistance. You can get one through achievements or trading (you can also buy via Mann Co. Store but who does that?).

That is really all you need to be a Demopan and you can be unique and have you're own hats and misc. as well.

However, the items required to be THE Demopan are the "Bounty hat" and "Dangeresque Too?".
The "Bounty Hat" was only available if you joined the "Great Steam Treasure Hunt!". The hat is also not tradeable. Fear not! For Gaben has created Gift Wrap! Which makes almost anything tradeable
(Including the Bounty Hat)

"The Dangeresque Too?" Is an Achievement item from "Poker Night at the Inventory".
When you beat "Strong-Bad" In a poker game, and he is offering the misc. you receive it in TF2!
You can also get it via Gift Wrap (Incase you cant afford Poker Night at the Inventory)

This concludes this section. Again if I have made any errors let me know.
Being One with the Pan (Fighting with the pan)
Well it's no simple task to fight with just a reskin when everyone's using "Sandman's", "Jarate+Bushwaka", "Eyelanders" etc. Though the bright side is you have no set backs like marked for death or -25 Health. It's basically just fighting with a bottle but it makes loud noises (and it's drinkable bacon grease!). Just hope you don't need stealth. When Charging you need to time your hits at the right moment to get that crit. Crit Frying Pan does 195 Dammage. Kills everything but Soldiers and Heavies, but you can easily hit them once or twice more after that. When fighting something fast like a scout, you need to time your shots, going back to dodge attacks and when your pan is ready again go back in. When up against a ranged fighter like a sniper, do not move in predictable paths like straight lines. (This goes for every class).

So move behind cover to avoid shots and close in. You can also use the charge to quickly close in, but remember you move in a straight line and you shout so again your not exactly the most silent spy-I mean Demopan. So now lets get more technical. Some classes have different swing speeds and dammage outputs.

Scout's of course are the fastest. Demopan is about average in swing speed with everyone else. Beware that scouts deal 35 dammage per hit and with a crit a large 105. Thats about 2/3 of your health with a crit. Heavies, other Demopans etc. deal a whopping 65 when he hits you 1/2 of your health! With a crit it's a Mike Tyson punch in the face, (you're dead!). Scouts do not deal too much dammage compared to other classes so feel free to get in close. Enemy spies deal about 45 dammage I believe, but they are still deadly up close because of their back stabbing abilities! Charging at a scout without planning is most likely gonna miss and waste the charge. Against a heavy, you're technically faster so use this to your advantage and dodge his attacks after swinging. When he swings his fist, dodge and counter. Make it so he can't hit you but you can hit him. The charge will do 195 dammage also so use it when going from behind or when he's not noticing for a 195 health handicap upon engagement. When fighting pyro's you can afford to get in closer because of your 50% fire resistance but if he's using "The Axtinguisher" and you're on fire keep your distance.

So thus ends this section of the guide. When being Demopan don't feel you can't use the grenade launcher. Also you have dishonored all Demopans if you have killed another who was drinking their bacon grease. If you have any questions please message me. Thank you for reading this far, there is more moving on to the Home Turf!

The Homeland! (cp_degrootkeep)
As I said before in the introduction to this guide, cp_degrootkeep is our homeland! The birth place of Demopan! If you do not know anything about cp_degrootkeep then read this!

The map cp_degroot keep is a very unique map. Being that it is a medieval map, you cannot use guns, explosives, or flamethrowers. It's only you, your pan, and that huntsmen sniper over there.
On RED team you defend your castle from the invading BLU team.

BLU must capture Point A shown here:

As well as Point B shown here:

When both points are captured the middle gate opens for 60 seconds and point C is now open for capture. After 60 seconds the gate resets as well as point A and B.

Point C shown here:

Also if the middle gate leading to C is heavily guarded/blocked the Demopan has a way to go over it! The rock infront of the BLU spawn base is able to be charged up! You will fly over the castle onto it's battlements.

Such as this:

Just make sure the sniper doesn't aim at you. If he succeeds in doing so, you will fall down to the middle gate and be left with very little HP (or die of course). So In conclusion to this section of our guide
cp_degrootkeep is a map all Demopan's must visit once in his life of panning.
The Demopan's Empire of Wealth
A normal Demoman's way to make his metal is completely diffrent than the Demopan's way.
The Demopan sells this!

The Stout Shako!

Sell this for 2 refined each! Buy it from others for 1.33! Marketing these hats is a great way to make extra metal to pay for the Bounty hat. You may ask is it scamming. No it is not scamming your just selling for a higher price to make a profit. That is how it works in the real world. There isn't really much else to say about this. So we're almost to the end of our guide now.
The End to our Guide.
Well at this is the end of the guide pretty much. Along the way in your journey for Demopan you may have made many great friends and assembled an amassment of wealth.

Your journey will be filled with many events and adventure as well as alot of dead snipers. When your Pan career is over I suggest you train your own apprentice Demopan. When the time is right you may give him your "Bounty Hat" and "Dangeresque Too?" for their are a limited amount of "Bounty Hat's" in the world. Recycle your "Bounty Hat" and let the legend live on. Demopan will survive through you.

Also I made some achievements for ya! Just check these off when you achieve them on notepad or something!

"You read my guide!" - Read this whole guide
"Fresh from the Kitchen!" - Get the "Frying Pan"
"Market Pan!" - Kill someone mid-air with your pan
"Stout Shako for 2 Refined!" - Make 2 Refined off a "Stout Shako"
"Demopania" - Play on a whole team of Demopan's
"Splashing the pot" - Beat "Strong Bad" and get the "Dangeresque Too?"
From Poker Night at The Inventory
"Imbued with an ancient bacon grease!" - Drink your pan after you killed someone on their body.
"Bounty Hunter" - Get the "Bounty Hat"
"Alert! Sentry Panner!" - Kill a sentry using your pan
"Pann vs Machine" - Win a game of "Mann vs. Machine" as Demopan.
"I am Heavy Panning man" - Kill a Heavy and medic using your pan.
"Late Night" - Get 5 friends and do the Pan taunt at the same time.
"There can only be one... Demopan?" - Kill another Demopan in a pan fight.
"Let's not meet the spy" - Kill a cloaked spy with your pan.
"To the castle!" - Play as Demopan at cp_degrootkeep.
"One pan to rule them all" - Have the most points on a game server only as Demopan
"Pan Hale" - Kill Saxton Hale with your pan in VS Saxtion Hale
"Pan in, Pan out!" - Record you killing someone as Demopan
"Settling our differences" - Sell a Stout Shako for 2 Refined to a Soldier
"DemoDemoBAN" - Get kicked or banned from a server mic spamming DemoDemoPan
"PANDAY-The Trade" - Get 4 or more items in a trade as Demopan.
"Demopan to the greasy core" - Use Bacon Grease to make your pan strange and then get 1000 kills with it!
"Left4Pan" - In Arena Mode, win the game as Demopan!
"Trolldier vs Demopan" - Duel a Trolldier as Demopan (using only pan!)

Feel free to message me with more achievements. Thank you for reading. Good luck!
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tnx for the achievements
Reckless Lettuce Mar 2 @ 10:36pm 
Original Demopan uses bootlegger.
The Potato Oct 31, 2014 @ 10:23am 
He has bounty hat! Not treasure hat!
Lord Totoro Sep 6, 2014 @ 10:38pm 
demopan in training have the charging targe,frying pan and the tripod hat
Lord Totoro Sep 6, 2014 @ 10:33pm 
♦ⓇⓝⒼ♦ⓝotⓝoobLoser (P2P) for your aussie achievement it should be demolord pimp of the demopans because he is decked out in gold
NotNubLoser [NotFound] [❤RB&RED] Sep 4, 2014 @ 7:13am 
lemme do achievement ideas:
Super Stout Shakoer: Sell an Unusual Stout shako.
Ye onleh strange demopan: get a Strange Chargin' targe and a strange frying pan.
Panning the front lines: get 5 kills with a pan crit in a single life.
Aussy Demopan 4 win!: Get the Aussy demopan set. (golden frying pan, deadly daffodil (spec or prof. ks) chargin targe, HOUWAR and aussy gold dangersquee, too?)
Aussy shako!: sell an australium gold stout shako for 3 ref while wearing the aussy demopan set.
for your pleasure, panture.: Switch your name to STOUT SHAKO FOR 2 REFINED, And kill some1 in degrootkeep, the killcam must have you charging.
There can be only one pan!: Kill all classes with the frying pan in 1vs1 duels.
Tradeition of your shako: Charge to a soldier from red team and offer him a stout shako for 2 refined.
for now all :D
Bill8 Jun 7, 2014 @ 8:45am 
A site called Tf2 Outpost is a good place to find stuff you need.
Doomstick May 31, 2014 @ 10:04pm 
The Holy Bacon Grease: Get a Golden Pan and while using it, beat another demopan who has a strange pan.
The Gun Wizard May 30, 2014 @ 6:38am 
Oh btw, new achivement idea's (too stupid to come up with witty names for some of these right now):

Unnamed: Apply a Killstreak kit to your Frying Pan

"Imagine if I hadn't been drunk!": Get a Killstreak of 5 or more as Demopan

"A trained Panfessional": Apply a Proffesional Killstreak kit to your Frying Pan

"The Gilded Grease-drinker": Find/Trade for the ultimate Demopan prize: The Golden Frying Pan
The Gun Wizard May 30, 2014 @ 6:25am 
Brilliant! Now i know i can actually get a bounty hat, at least in some way...but I cant find anyone to trade it...