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Powerful Thu'um - Dawnguard-Free
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Jan 27, 2013 @ 8:20pm
Feb 6, 2013 @ 12:40pm
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Powerful Thu'um - Dawnguard-Free

My super-awesome incredibly alright "Powerful Thu'um" mod, now with heaps and mounds of NO Dawnguard! I'll keep it updated parallel to the other file, and if you ever decide you're tired of not being a Vampire Lord, or somebody who kills Vampire Lords, just switch which file you load and you shouldn't have any problems*.

*Always back up your saves and stuff. I am not responsible for any okay-but-not-great-times you may or may not have playing Dawnguard, nor will I be responsible for any angst caused by not being able to marry one of the few female characters in the game with any kind of actual personality.

As always, feedback is appreciated. If you like, upvote and/or subscribe. It makes me feel happy. If you don't like, let me know in as close to complete sentences as possible why, so I can learn from any mistakes I make.

Update (2/6/2013)-
Reduced cooldowns on Animal Allegiance and Kyne's Peace... These shouts are almost worthless (the easiest way to deal with wild animals is to kill them, not yell at them), so I'm trying to counter it by making the cooldowns negligible, so that you can use them and get back to Important Business without worrying about all the bears chasing after you. Increased damage of Marked for Death.

Change list:

Animal Allegiance:
New cooldown- 15/20/30 (from 50/60/70)
Increased effective level up to 50 at 3rd tier.

Aura Whisper:
New cooldown- 20/27/35 (from 30/40/50)
The third tier shout is now ALMOST usable on cooldown (there's a 5 second gap), if you want to waste your Voice on being all-seeing.

Become Ethereal:
No Changes

Call Dragon:
Reduced cooldown to 3 minutes (from 5).

Call of Valor:
Reduced cooldown to 2 minutes (from 3).

Clear Skies:
No change.

New cooldown- 20/25/40 (from 30/35/40)
1st word now effects up to L15. 2nd word now affects up to 25. 3rd word now affects up to 50. All but the strongest of enemies will lose their weapons. NOTE: THIS INCLUDES YOU, THE PLAYER. Be prepared appropriately. Yes, this was intentional; those Draugr Deathlords can be serious-er business now.

New cooldown- 30/35/50 (from 40/45/50)
The 2nd word now affects enemies up to L25. The 3rd word now affects enemies up to L48. Bosses won't be so easy to scare off, but their minions now flee from you as I've always felt that they should.

No change.

Elemental Fury:
New cooldown- 25/35/45 (from 30/40/50)

Fire Breath:
New cooldown- 25/35/70 (from 30/50/100)
Third word now does 200 fire damage. (Comparison: Vanilla, dual-cast Incinerate spell does approximately 198 damage w/ two perks in +Fire damage)

Frost Breath:
New cooldown- 25/35/70 (from 30/50/100)
Second word now slows enemies slightly more than the first. The third word now does 35 damage over 5 seconds (from 18 damage over 5 seconds), and significantly slows enemies.

Ice Form:
New cooldown- 30/40/60 (from 60/90/120)
Damage of the second word has been increased to 2.25 (from 2.0). Damage of the third word has been increased to 3.0 (from 2.0).

Kyne's Peace:
New cooldown- 5/10/20 (from 40/50/60)
Buffed the third word to affect anything up to L50, upped radius to 500. I did reduce the area of the first two words slightly, so they should only work on creatures actively attacking you or fairly close by. Now this shout is *almost* Powerful, at the 3rd stage. At the very least, it might actually be used once in a while.

Marked for Death:
New cooldown- 15/25/40 (from 20/30/40)
Increased damage of the third word to 5/second (up from 3), the damage armor effect to 85 (up from 75).

Slow Time:
New cooldown- 25/35/50 (from 30/45/60)
Increased effect of 3rd word slightly, and increased duration to 20 seconds (from 16).

Storm Call:
New cooldown- 180/240/300 (from 300/480/600)

Throw Voice:
No change.

Unrelenting Force:
New cooldown- 10/15/35 (from 15/20/45). Slightly increased the damage caused by the words.

Whirlwind Sprint:
New cooldown- 15/20/30 (from 20/25/35).
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PUTSY000 Sep 29, 2014 @ 5:58am 
looking forward to having a choice of shouts to use other than what the game provides
loremaster_kkm  [author] Feb 8, 2013 @ 1:52pm 
Nope, each cooldown is exactly the same, even in vanilla. The only difference is the person it summons, which is based off how long you hold the shout.
PK Feb 8, 2013 @ 1:45pm 
Doesn't Call of Valor have 3 different cooldowns, since you can summon one of the three Heroes of Sovngarde depending on how long you press the button to shout? IDK, but I figured I'd mention it.
loremaster_kkm  [author] Feb 8, 2013 @ 1:34pm 
There's now a "Buffed Shouts: Weaker Disarm" up. Happy Friday.
That would be amazing and appreciated!
loremaster_kkm  [author] Feb 8, 2013 @ 8:20am 
I'm sorry, but I designed it around the fact that, while you could be stronger, you'd also have to be a lot more careful around others who Shout, too, at least until you're over 50 (which I always seem to hit before I even START the questlines in earnest...). If you're playing in higher difficulty, then it's usually recommended you have some means of control (paralyze, really good dodging skills, Unrelenting Force to buy you a few seconds of cover, etc.), which is how I intended this to be taken on.

That said, it would be REALLY easy to just tweak the effective level of that one shout. I don't wanna change it for everybody, but later on today, if you'd like, I can just quickly throw out an altered version that sets that one single shout back down to the original level values. Or something.
I really want to try this mod, but the disarm shout makes me reticent. Is there a way to get rid of the disarm shout alltogether? I only play melee characters and I'm tired of losing my artifacts.
Unborn Jan 28, 2013 @ 1:58pm 
Found it! My bad. Thanks!!!