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Antarctic Eyewear
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Dec 15, 2017 @ 12:37pm
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QuestionablyInsane's Smissmas Collection
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-Gives the wearer a pair of goggles and a new hairdo
- 3LODs
-Hair is paintable.
-Fits Scout, Sniper, Engineer, and Demoman

-Concepted, modeled, textured, flexed and rigged by QuestionablyInsane and his questionable brain
-Sniper's sideburns were flexed by NeoDement
-SFM still art was made by the Crazy skilled Deasdemona and photoshopped by QuestionablyInsane

I always loved the goggles on the forehead look so I wanted to make a cosmetic of that for TF2. I went with a generic aviator/ winter kind of goggles so you can mix it in for whatever look you are going for. Multiple unique hairdos just seemed like a cool idea and seemed like a fun challenge to try out. I have the goggles over the eyes of characters who have eyewear in game because I find it odd seeing multiple pairs of glasses/ goggles on a person. Also it adds some more variety which I like.
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