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Funky FX (melee)
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Jan 26, 2013 @ 6:56am
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A "fun" mod that adds magic- and comic-booky like trail to some of melee weapons usage:
electric guitar (also axe, accidentally), katana, machete, frying pan.
Also adds "fire" caption to molotov ground fire.
v1.1: added green laser sight.
This does only draw in first person view.
Does not appear on teammates / other survivors.
This mod is kinda only half-done, I might update it someday, can't promise anything..
It was originally released on l4dmaps for 2012-2013 winter holidays as a joke.

The map: "Last Gift"
The song: "Midnight Riders - All I Want For Xmas (Is to kick your ♥♥♥)"
\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\sound\music\flu\jukebox\all_i_want_for_xmas.wav
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Parseen Jul 23 @ 3:30am 
Does this mod work on modded weapons?
DR.OKTOBERFEST Jun 28 @ 11:43am 
as kick ass as this mod is it dose NOT work with moded weapons :(
AKARI_MARISA Jun 21 @ 9:39pm 
WOW,looks awesome
Dubo_the_Strange Jun 6 @ 7:01pm 
O/ This is Bob. Note the hole
/▌ in his head. Power of the
/ \ .44 Magnum baby...
TheDoctor Jun 6 @ 12:22am 
this not too bad but good job
lowrider93 May 26 @ 11:36am 
i c
Urik  [author] May 26 @ 11:00am 
lowrider93 uhm... in some cases colors are fixed, in others they are random. If I recall correct.
lowrider93 May 26 @ 10:54am 
do you choose the color or is it automatic?
Mugivara Luffy May 25 @ 8:52pm 
The mod is great, I like it)) on the channel Dakotacs seen in YouTube))
Dead May 21 @ 9:54pm 
omg so cool