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Alternative Gameplay : Heavy Parkour ("Heavy Races")
By Cody Cigar and 2 collaborators
Made this guide primarily for people that join my server, since they don't know or understand the concepts of jump techniques in TF2. It helps to have surfing / rocket jumping / sticky jumping experience. Some jumps on the server require you to effectively maneuver tight obstacles with only basic source gravity and speed.
What is Heavy Parkour ("Heavy Racing")?
A Heavy Race is simply an obstacle course in which the players, as Heavy, must compete to reach the end first. The obstacle course consists of in-game props, which are spawned manually by admins / builders. Thus a race does takes time to be built, usually around 1 to 3 hours.
A Heavy Race usually takes place in an official map, so minimal download is required for entering.

Brief History

A forum called Facepunch had an Un-serious server, one of the admins made a race track using props to block paths and everyone had to pick heavy. I took the idea, made my own server and added more parkour to it.

Turning from this...

To this...

Depends how the race is built, it can vary from a huge rat maze, to a parkour nightmare. Despite that, the objective of any race is simple: To reach the end.
How do I Heavy Parkour?
Jump Crouch and Corner Jump are two of the most basic and important elements for Heavy Parkour. Since most of the races are built with these elements in mind, it is highly adviced that you master them.
Note that all classes share the same jump machanics, these jumping techniques are not exclusive to the Heavy only.

Jump Crouch

As quoted from the TF2 Wiki...

"At any point during a jump, the player may crouch by pressing the pre-assigned button. This will cause the class to bring their legs up in world view and move an additional Hammer unit up, as well as reduce their height by 27 Hammer units from the bottom of their hitbox. This can allow them to reach higher surfaces or shrink their hitboxes to dodge enemy fire. By default, a player may only crouch and uncrouch twice while in the air to prevent several exploits."

Jump Crouching is pretty self-explainatory. To do it, simply press your jump button (default: Spacebar), then crouch (default: Ctrl) at any moment during the jump. Try not to attempt pressing jump and crouch at the same time, as you might accidentally press the crouch key first, making your character only doing a crouch and not jump.

Jump Crouch is useful for long jumps and high jumps as they shrink down your character's hitbox. You will be using this technique most of the time during a "Heavy Race", though some jumps don't nessecarily need it, it's always good to use it whenever possible. Be wary it would make you more likely to slide off a sloped surface if you are crouching on landing.

Corner Jump

More commonly known as Air Strafing. This technique is most often used for rocket jumping or sticky jumping during normal gameplay. It allows an overall better air control which therefore helps you to succeed on making to a certain location. Heavies cannot rocket jump or sticky jump, so only the strafing part is important.

Basically, to strafe, first get a runner up by going forward while on ground. When you jump, release the forward key (default: W). After that, smoothly turn your mouse towards your left or right for direction, and use your strafe left key (default: A) or strafe right key (default: D) the same time turning the mouse. Your character should be curving to the left or right if you do this right. Remember not to use the forward key at any time while in the air, as long as you don't hit any obstacle, you should not worry about losing any speed. You can also Jump crouch while Corner jumping.

Here are some examples, viewed from top-down, of how to do a corner jump. The white boxes are the places you can stand on, the thiner and more rectangular boxes are the walls, the red X marks the point where you start jumping. Aim where the arrows points. Strafe and mouse turn from that point after. Jumps closer to the wall will require you to turn your mouse more violently.

The first two pictures show a 90-degree Corner Jump, the other two show a 180-degree Corner Jump.

How do I make a Heavy Race?
Making an easy race requires little parkour knowledge. The more advance races require advanced parkour techniques as well as being about to determine jump distances and multiple trial and error runs. Every race designer will have their own different style of racing, and though it may take you a couple of hours to make your first race you will find you create your own mental template as you build more and more, cutting down on build and testing time.

How do I spawn props?

First off you'll need to get a couple of plugins for your server. Some are nessecary so you don't delete a player and crash the server, as well as giving you the power to create a prop without enabling sv_cheats 1. These will be addressed later on in the guide.

To create a prop, use the command...

"prop_dynamic_create <prop location>"

The prop location name can be found with Source SDK by using Hammer or Model Viewer. An example of one is "props_2fort/miningcrate002". So the command will look like this...

"prop_dynamic_create props_2fort/miningcrate002"

Now you are probably thinking, how am I going to bind 50 different props to my keyboard? Well we have a nifty script for such a thing. In your "Steam\steamapps\<user name>\team fortress 2\tf\cfg" folder create a .cfg file, call it whatever you like, we'll use "HR_Building" for this example. It will be the place holder for your prop list menu. We will be binding your numpad to spawn props, but you can change this to your F1-F12 keys if you wish, it's entirely upto you.

playgamesound ui\item_store_add_to_cart.wav echo echo echo ______________________________________________ echo HEAVY RACING BUILD MODULE V.1 echo By 0mighty_K, used for Heavy Racing AUS Server echo ______________________________________________ echo echo Your keypad are binded to these followings: echo echo KP_END ********** (1) - <Prop List Name #1> echo KP_DOWNARROW **** (2) - <Prop List Name #2> echo KP_PGDN ********* (3) - <Prop List Name #3> echo KP_LEFTARROW **** (4) - <Prop List Name #4> echo KP_5 ************ (5) - <Prop List Name #5> echo KP_RIGHTARROW *** (6) - <Prop List Name #6> echo KP_HOME ********* (7) - <Prop List Name #7> echo KP_UPARROW ****** (8) - <Prop List Name #8> echo KP_PGUP ********* (9) - <Prop List Name #9> echo echo If you wish to un-bind all the keypad buttons for other purposes you have to manually do it yourself. bind KP_END "1" bind KP_DOWNARROW "2" bind KP_PGDN "3" bind KP_LEFTARROW "4" bind KP_5 "5" bind KP_RIGHTARROW "6" bind KP_HOME "7" bind KP_UPARROW "8" bind KP_PGUP "9" bind KP_INS "" alias 1 "exec HR_PropList1" alias 2 "exec HR_PropList2" alias 3 "exec HR_PropList3" alias 4 "exec HR_PropList4" alias 5 "exec HR_PropList5" alias 6 "exec HR_PropList6" alias 7 "exec HR_PropList7" alias 8 "exec HR_PropList8" alias 9 "exec HR_PropList9"

To access the script open up your console press the tilde key (~) and type in "exec HR_Building". It will play a bell noise and will show everything with an "echo" in the console as text. If you don't know how to enable console, open "Options > Keyboard > Advanced" and check "[✓] Enable developer console".

Here is an example of how to create "HR_PropList<number>"...

playgamesound ui\message_update.wav echo __________________ echo Prop List #1 echo __________________ echo echo To return to main menu, press KP_INS (0) echo echo [1] - Small Square Crate echo [2] - Small Rectangle Crate (Breakable) echo [3] - Medium Square Crate echo [4] - Medium Rectangle Crate echo [5] - Large Square Crate echo [6] - Concrete Block echo [7] - Security Fence echo [8] - Support Wall echo [9] - Laddergoat bind KP_END "1" bind KP_DOWNARROW "2" bind KP_PGDN "3" bind KP_LEFTARROW "4" bind KP_5 "5" bind KP_RIGHTARROW "6" bind KP_HOME "7" bind KP_UPARROW "8" bind KP_PGUP "9" bind KP_INS "MainMenu" alias sound "playgamesound ui\buttonclickrelease.wav" alias 1 "sound;sm_cheat prop_dynamic_create props_2fort/miningcrate002" alias 2 "sound;sm_cheat prop_dynamic_create props_2fort/miningcrate001" alias 3 "sound;sm_cheat prop_dynamic_create props_hydro/barrel_crate_half" alias 4 "sound;sm_cheat prop_dynamic_create props_hydro/barrel_crate" alias 5 "sound;sm_cheat prop_dynamic_create props_lakeside/wood_crate_01" alias 6 "sound;sm_cheat prop_dynamic_create props_farm/concrete_block001" alias 7 "sound;sm_cheat prop_dynamic_create props_gameplay/security_fence_section01" alias 8 "sound;sm_cheat prop_dynamic_create props_mining/support_wall001a" alias 9 "sound;sm_cheat prop_dynamic_create props_2fort/ladder001" alias MainMenu "exec HR_Building"

"sm_cheat" is a plugin we use on the server to have the ability to spawn props without sv_cheats 1 being enabled during build time. Links to it will be listed later in the guide. If you want to try out this without sm_cheat plugin, take out the command from each alias command and enable sv_cheats.

It should also be noted that there is a prop limit to maps, the maximum limit is 1024 props, if you plan on making a race with a lot of props use this command to make more room for yourself...

"ent_remove_all prop_dynamic" with sv_cheats 1.


"sm_cheat ent_remove_all prop_dynamic"

How do I rotate props?

Aim your crosshair over the prop and do this command...

"ent_rotate <+/- number>" with sv_cheats 1.


"sm_cheat ent_rotate <+/- number>"

It's best practice to bind this to a key, you will be using it often.

How do I remove props?

Aim your crosshair over the prop and do this command...

"ent_remove" with sv_cheats 1.


"sm_cheat ent_remove"

It's best practice to bind this to a key, you will be using it often.
What plugins do I need to run a Heavy Race server?
To make sure you don't crash the server by removing a player, this plugin is used.

"sm_cheat" plugin.

If you want an "All-class" race where all classes are at heavy speed, this plugin is used.

The tf2items.weapons.txt file I use...

Are there any commands I need to put in the server.cfg?
  • mp_idlemaxtime 0 // Never get moved to specator when idling
  • mp_teams_unbalance_limit 0 // Teams can be however unbalanced they want
  • mp_humans_must_join_team blue // Can only join BLU, may change parameter to "red" vice versa
  • tf_avoidteammates_pushaway 0 // Teammates can't push each other
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