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Courier's Casual Coat
Class: Scout
Item Slot: Misc
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Jan 26, 2013 @ 4:58am
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A fancy team-colored jacket with a tie that is not knotted properly. Scout is too much of a rebel for properly-done ties. However, Scout likes paintable ties, so it is paintable. Woo.

LOD0: 2106 tris ; LOD1: 1656 tris; LOD2: 1092 tris.

512x512 diffuse & normal map.
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[CLBTF2] The Sarge Oct 18 @ 3:53pm 
Can you make a gmod model of this?
ChernobylGuy Sep 25 @ 11:52am 
Is there ANY way to get this for SFM? Please, I really need it for my movie)
West's Wolf Jul 23 @ 3:12pm 
Will you put this in Garry's Mod?Would be good have it in the game.
I'm_Awesome_Jason.™ Jun 24 @ 12:38pm 
Can you make a SFM compatable version on the SFM workshop?
SirChadzcatTheMighty Apr 26 @ 1:14pm 
This is a very good coat I have longed for a scout tie for so long so please valve? This coat is simple and that makes it very good I deffinaly think It's something you would see in TF2. So valve add this and I... I.. I Uhm I don't know you can have a cookie or something.
|TOPC| SLEEPEE Apr 15 @ 8:25am 
로얄천왕 Mar 30 @ 12:51am 
very cool~
I'm_Awesome_Jason.™ Feb 28 @ 8:24pm 
is there a SFM model for this?
M0D3Rn ›› BaVG.net Jan 12 @ 12:56pm 
Oh look, ANOTHER coat. And it's like a cross between the Saxxy Misc and any of the other coats. I'm not keen on it.
๖Shulk๖ Jan 11 @ 3:55am 
Just make it a mod please.