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Hearthfire multiple adoptions
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Hearthfire multiple adoptions

Primary download page is on Nexus Mods:

My Dovahkiin may be a master hunter of trolls, a dragon slayer extraordinaire and a bandit basher without equal, but secretly he's a big softy at heart. When travelling Skyrim and hearing the sad stories of all the little urchins, he wanted to just give them all a new home, unfortunately, Skyrim has a strict two child policy. Until now...

This mod allows the adoption of up to 6 children. They are fully integrated in the Hearthfire adoption system and should be able to use the default voices. It should also be fully compatible with mods that add other orphans, such as the very cute Khajiit child Ma'isha.

You can also move your family into custom homes (that have been adapted to house a family).

Optional esp: Adopted children will get a last name: "Dovahkiir", meaning "Dragon Child"/"Child of the Dragon". (Only on the Nexus site)

For a list of custom homes, visit the Nexus site:

To move into a custom home:
- Visit the home and cast the "Bless Home" spell while there.
If the home is blessed, it will become your new custom home.
- Now talk to your spouse or your children and move your family to the new home.
- You can also directly adopt kids to the new home.

It is strongly recommended you start a new game to use this mod. If not, you might be unable to adopt any children, because Skyrim stores the vanilla scripts in your save game if they were already running.

Mod authors, please check the modders guide included with the main mod to find out how to make your creations compatible. It's not that difficult.

English version included
Polish version included / Wbudowana Polska wersja
German version included
French version included
Italian version included
Spanish version included
Portuguese (Br) version included
Russian version included
Chinese version included

Spouses can Live Anywhere: Changes the same scripts
Multiple Marriages: Changes the same scripts (and was never updated to Hearthfire)
HF Marriage Adapter: prevents the Custom home dialogue to work

Q: Can you increase the number of adoptable children to more than 6?
A: I could, but since it's a lot of work, I probably won't. Also, where would they sleep?
You are of course welcome to make the changes. All script sources are included with the mod. Not only is it a lot of work, the pathfinding in Skyrim breaks when too many NPCs are in a confined space. With 6 kids you can already see this happening. If your kids suddenly start standing around in your home instead of playing and going outside, they probably can't find a way to reach their destination anymore. Adding more kids would only make things worse.

Q: Can you make home X compatible with this mod?
A: No, you should ask the author of the home to make the necessary changes. A modder's guide is included in the mod package.
If someone can produce a home in the CK, they should have all the required skills to make the home compatible.

Q: I installed the mod after I had already adopted 2 kids. Will I be able to adopt more without starting a new game?
A: Probably not. It depends on the exact state of your game. You could try the console commands below (but make a save first in case it doesn't work).

Q: My game crashes at the main menu. Help!?!
A: Either you haven't got Hearthfire in your load order or you are using a currently unsupported language. If it's the first go get Hearthfire and make sure it's active. If it's the second, please let me know, so I can add the language in a future update. If you are willing to help with translations, even better.

Q: Can I distribute the kids across multiple houses.
A: No. That is not how the adoption system is set up and would be a massive amount of work to change. Also, families should stick together.

Q: Help!?!? My child is stalking me!
A: You've run into a Hearthfire bug involving custom and/or mod added dogs/pets. Easy to fix:
- Open the console
- Click the kid
- Enter the following 3 commands:
setav variable06 0
setav variable07 0

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TMPhoenix  [author] Aug 23 @ 12:21pm 
@MagicNarwhal: Probably a conflicting mod. PM me your load order (easiest on the Nexus).

@kyle962015: It's not compatible

@NemesisSlayer: No. Custom home support will work, but the way Beth set up the quests makes it virtually impossible to get them back into a working state once they've ended, which happens when you hit the cap.
NemesisSlayer Aug 22 @ 2:55pm 
Is there no way to get this to work if you already have 2 kids adopted? Even if it requires console or this TESVESSE thing?
MagicNarwhal Aug 21 @ 11:42am 
I started a new game with this and it only let me adopt two children?
kyle962015 Aug 15 @ 6:58pm 
my only issue is i dont think its compatible with the Custom Family Home mod. I may be wrong but if someone could test it and tell me if its just me I'd greatly appreciate it.
TMPhoenix  [author] Aug 14 @ 6:45am 
@Moony: Look at the list that I maintain on the nexus page for this mod. Link in the description.

@alexander.nicolier: Download the mod that adds her from the nexus

@hawpotr: unsubscribe and resubscribe perhaps or just check your load order and make sure the mod is active.

@Charliedarwin: number of beds is unimportant. If you cannot adopt more than 2 kids when using this mod you either installed it after already adopting 2, which means you'll be stuck at 2 for the current playthrough or you have a mod conflict.

@kyle962015: yes, you should be fine.

@LoneViking48: check that the mod is active in your load order and check that you don't have any conflicting mods.
LoneViking48 Aug 12 @ 6:34pm 
i installed it before i adopted and it didnt work
Emerald Gaming Aug 12 @ 12:21am 
yeah i think so @kyle962015
kyle962015 Aug 11 @ 7:56am 
If you haven't married or adopted kids yet should it work without starting a new game?
Charliedarwin Aug 10 @ 10:00am 
I cant adopt anymore than 2 cause I dont have anymore childrens beds... help!!!
hawpotr Aug 4 @ 8:46pm 
I have been subscribed to this mod for a while and it has worked nicely. Then I took a break from Skyrim play for a month. When I returned this past week I noticed that when the mod list loads, this mod is not marked as subscribed even though the workshop identifies it as subscribed, and 4 of my 6 kids are gone. What happened and how do I fix this? Thanks for helping.