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Gnome More Clowning Around!
Game Modes: Co-op, Mutations
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Jan 24, 2013 @ 11:20am
Jul 14, 2013 @ 12:16pm
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It's a circus out there!

0 Health Kits, 1,000 honking red noses... just 1 gnome.

Clowns are all over, causing nonstop mini-horde events. You don't have health kits or pills, just one "Healing Gnome" to pass around to recover.

- No pills or first aid kits (except from Fallen Survivor infected)
+ Added Healing Gnome Chompski
+ Added Clowns to all campaigns (causes mini-hordes)
+ Hordes of Common are more dense
+ Upped the spawn of "Fallen Survivor" infected (drops occassional first aid kits)
+ Increased number of times you can shove (right click)
- No decaying health with this campaign
- No Jockeys in this mutation. Just cause.

NOTE: If you experience clowns when not playing GNOME MORE CLOWNING AROUND, please uncheck the Mutation's checkbox from your ADDONS menu. This will stop the clowns. Then, when you wish to play GNOME MORE again, simply check the box again to enable it once more. :)
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Gnomek PL Mar 28 @ 7:23am 
im love gnome
[NKA]Nightwchtr Jul 23, 2013 @ 8:32pm 
LOL too funny
レ҉.̠̪͎̯̮ͤ͛̋̀͆ͮ̐7 May 27, 2013 @ 5:44am 
Fluffy. message me sometime i have a great idea for a mod.
fluffy bunny whiskers!  [author] May 26, 2013 @ 4:22pm 
as always, please continue to let me know if anyone has any problems or questions.
fluffy bunny whiskers!  [author] May 26, 2013 @ 4:18pm 
evil: when you click subscribe, it should download and install automatically. then when you load the game, you can choose it as a mutation as you would any other mutation. however, when joining a game by yourself or with friends, you may have to choose "host local server" instead of an official or third party server.
レ҉.̠̪͎̯̮ͤ͛̋̀͆ͮ̐7 May 25, 2013 @ 10:30am 
how do i run this. just play in a server?
(FλT) Reaper May 22, 2013 @ 4:47pm 
nah, i took off all my other mods and still got kits clowns but no gnome, oh well
looks cool though
(FλT) Reaper May 21, 2013 @ 7:37pm 
fluffy bunny whiskers!  [author] May 21, 2013 @ 6:06pm 
@Reaper Do you have other addons installed? Some addons may be incompatible with the addon, particularly if it alters the gnome in any way, or edits the population of zombies that appear in your maps. If you have other addons running, try unchecking them. Let me know if that doesn't work, though, and I'll look into what could be the problem
(FλT) Reaper May 20, 2013 @ 2:03pm 
when i play, i have clowns, kits, and no gnome...