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Werepanther - Werewolf Replacer
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Jan 23, 2013 @ 9:14pm
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this mod replaces the skyrim werewolf with a "Werepanther"

the Panther has double attack power and custom sounds

do not install this until you have changed into a werewolf at least once

this is a standalone mod and requires no other files


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Edwynn Sep 28 @ 5:26pm 
This is pretty nice. One problem I've had is turning and still being a vanilla werewolf. Not too sure what to do in this case, but I am curious as to the solution to this small problem.
Tigra Watanabe (Ger) Sep 18 @ 1:12pm 
A female Version for female Player would be good, so the female Char not swap Gender.
Demovamon Sep 16 @ 7:04pm 
Perfect form for the khajiit! Great Mod!!
pantheramaster Sep 16 @ 5:46pm 
is this compatable with the female werewolf mod that adds boobies to the werewolf form if the player's character is a girl?
_Scorcher_ Sep 16 @ 8:58am 
i agree a race of this would be awesome but you would have to give it a humanoid body/ hight so that you can fit throught doors and stuff which would be hard to do.
YO MOMMAGEDDON! [PT] Sep 12 @ 2:52pm 
pls make a race out of it *A*
Satan Aug 31 @ 11:23am 
Yea Make A Race of it!
kyryrn Aug 26 @ 9:25pm 
Can you please make a Panther race? :D Like an Actual Panther race it would be awesome with this as well.
C134V3N Aug 23 @ 10:55am 
why isn't it downloading?
Chimairaus Aug 19 @ 8:50am 
will EVERY werewolf in the game be like this?