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RAGE Graphics Fix & High Res Textures
By Laetteralus
For those of you who own RAGE or bought it recently due to a Steam Sale you may have noticed that the texture pop-ins can be unbearable. Almost to the point of not wanting to play it's annoying. Well fear no more because I have a fix for you. Also this fix will allow you to use RAGE's high res textures.
This is no mere fix for if you are having issue. Even if you have no issues, try these settings as they will help improve your graphical fidelity, and performance. So if you want to take the time try this out, you may love the outcome as it makes the game look immensely better. Also some of you who are still getting screen tearing or it seems your frame-rate has dropped. Try setting your in game Antialiasing to 4x instead of 8x or 16x as that can be a huge hit. Also don't forget to try toggling v-sync on/off to see which is better for you. Also I have a screenshot of my settings and in game pictures at the bottom. I don't have comparison pictures :/ Although I should.

This fix will skip the intro movies before the main menu. That being said: This fix requires you to have at least 1GB or more of video memory.
Step 1
First things first open up notepad and copy and paste this into it.

(You can also change the values "8192" to "16384" if you so desire: Do whichever one looks/runs better on your machine.)

seta image_usecompression "0" seta image_anisotropy "16" seta vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly2 "8192" seta vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly "8192" seta vt_pageimagesizeunique "8192" seta vt_pageimagesizevmtr "8192" seta vt_maxppf "24" seta vt_maxlockedpages "256" seta vt_minlod "-2" seta vt_lodBias "-2" seta vt_maxaniso "2" seta vt_qualityhdplossless "1" seta vt_qualityhdppower "0" seta vt_qualityhdpspecular "0" seta vt_qualityhdpnormal "0" seta vt_qualityhdpdiffuse "0" seta vt_qualitydctpower "100" seta vt_qualitydctspecular "100" seta vt_qualitydctnormal "100" seta vt_qualitydctchroma "100" seta vt_qualitydctluma "100" seta vt_restart

Now File, Save As: rageconfig.cfg

(Now you can save yourself time by saving it into this location)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RAGE\base (or wherever you steamapps folder is located)
Step 2
Now open up Steam right click on RAGE and go to "Properties" now select "Set launch options..." paste this into the prompt.

+cvaradd g_fov 12 +com_skipIntroVideo 1 +image_anisotropy 16 +image_use
Step 3
Last but not least. Go to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\ and create a folder called "id software" (without "). Then create a folder called "rage" (without ") inside that folder. This will be for cache dumping.
Step 4
If you are using an Nvidia card change your settings with Nvidia Inspector according to the picture here:

AMD card users these same settings should be applied in your control panel as well!
Step 5
Launch RAGE and enjoy!

Here are my in game settings:

(I have no idea why my brightness is set so high...)
In Game Screenshots
Sorry there aren't any before & after shots.

Bonus Steam Grid Icon:
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Font Courtesy of ~ZoMbiE-by @Deviant Art
Uninstalling the "Mod"
Just delete the fraking custom .cfg I had you make and remove the launch options... You can also delete the cache folder in App Data if you so choose.
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MEV Oct 16 @ 6:10am 
Schmuppes Sep 15 @ 4:04am 
I tried it, but it will still only use 2.5 GB of my VRAM. Also, the framerate is capped at 60 and FreeSync doesn't work so I have tremendous tearing. I was expecting better things from if software... :(
Ged1s Sep 15 @ 3:43am 
did exactly how its stated...graphic pop ins still occurring...lets face it this game is made with that bug that will never be fixed. its a perma engine glitch
Mar044 Sep 12 @ 7:15pm 
Glad someone fixed this the horror of the texture loads....
IagoX_009 Aug 19 @ 3:18pm 
Worked fine on my Intel Core i7 980X & AMD Radeon HD 7850, prior to this a lot of stutter was present, now is completely fine and without any CCC tweaks. Thank you!

NOTE: For this GPU "16384" value went fine.
Alienmoon Aug 6 @ 11:13am 
Prior to enabling this Texture tweak, my 1080TI ran the game at 42c, now with the 8K textures enabled, it's actually running the game far cooler at only 37c, quite opposite to what I expected.

Either way, It's gotten rid of the jerking every time I turn and the only issue that's pizzing me off now,... is the cursor sticking when I'm trying to navigate the menu and this is the only place the cursor sticks, Is in any menu within the RAGE Game.

It's the same tweak that's on the Geforce forums, only with extra content,... Thank You
MrH Jul 27 @ 11:25am 
This worked great, before my textures were so blurry with lots of pop in, now it looks 10x better and I'm still getting a rock solid 60fps.
AyleidRuin Jul 17 @ 7:54am 
I love T00L, Laetteralusand Thank You for the guide
Kuang Jul 4 @ 9:40am 
Works fine! Great job!
Solem Jul 3 @ 11:21pm 
Thanks it worked just fine !