PAYDAY: The Heist

PAYDAY: The Heist

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Quick & Clean 1-145+ Guide
By Eckaji
This guide's main focus is to prepare you for the 145+ difficulty, but is chock-full of tips and tricks that will improve your experience regardless of the difficulty you find yourself playing.
Guide Overview

I am not going to tell you the only way to beat 145+ is to shoot perfectly and never get shot. Of course if you can than by all means get back to playing payday as you are far beyond needing this guide.

If you are still here then you want to know how to effectively play and possibly win on 145+. This guide covers briefly everything from your load-out, health/ammo concerns, tactics, and finally some plans for each heist.

About Overkill 145+

Now in case you are new to the game and are wondering what 145+ is I will explain here. 145+ is short for Overkill 145+ which is the highest difficulty unlocked once you hit level 145. It is a brutal, terrible, unforgiving experience where ammo/health conservation is key and most teams are only able to camp out assaults in most cases.

The reward for putting yourself through this challenge is a set of gold masks and more importantly the fact that you and three others beat 145+. Some people use cheats to complete 145+ or even go so far as to just unlock the masks, but if you follow my guide you will get both done with pride.

About Me

I decided to make this guide for any of my friends who wanted to know how to play on 145+. My concerns when playing are to usually have fun and make no claim to having any sort of skill. Sometimes I find grueling difficulty and the absolute prospect of failure fun, I am weird like that. Hopefully you will find this guide useful for your needs and if you have any suggestions or corrections leave a comment.
Section Overview

Your handgun should typically be used on 145+ only when you need to kill something and do not have time to reload your primary. The only exception to that rule is the Bronco which can be used in place of your primary while defending if an ammo bag is not available. Still if an ammo bag is available it is better to refill only on primary ammo from it.

Shots To Kill


  • B9-S
Being the weakest handgun and requiring multiple successful head-shots to bring down even the heavy swat makes it a poor choice for 145+. However, due to its lage magazine and accuracy it does deserve a mention at the very least for being marginally useful for getting away from Tazers and taking down Snipers. Only bring this if you have to for No Mercy or especially for that radio on Counterfeit.

  • Crosskill .45
Balanced and easy to use, perfect for finishing off an enemy when your primary runs dry.

  • Bronco .44
Accurate and deadly yet suffers from its small cylinder and long reload. Your best bet when you need to take down just about anything. Mastery of this gun will allow you to save or even refill your primary ammo with ease.

This gun is able to kill a close range heavy swat or shield quickly and is fairly self-sustaining with ammo pickups due to the range you will be killing at. Watch out for Tazers using this gun as even the B9-S would be better than this for them.
Section Overview

It is quite simple what you should be doing with your primary and that is primarily killing with it. On 145+ people typically bring either the M308 or AK to quickly eliminate the large number of Bulldozers alongside everything else. The Reinbeck and Brenner however are better suited for crowd control, especially while on the move.

Shots To Kill


  • AMCAR-4
Balanced and easy to use, yet lacks the damage needed in some situations. Use this if staying on the move and need to be able to take on anything with decent speed at any range. Otherwise if you are camping then I would advise something stronger.

  • Brenner 21
Its large magazine size allows you to constantly kill advancing enemies and cover other teammates. Not the quickest weapon to kill a bulldozer with, but as long as you have effective cover it will hardly matter.

  • M308
Is your best bet when you need accuracy and high damage, but its low magazine size and somewhat slow reload speed are unforgiving. Not something you want for a constant stream of enemies unless you are a perfect shooter

  • Reinbeck
Is quick to kill just about anything close range even on the move and self-sustaining with ammo pickups. Nothing else can compare when unloading into a tazer or cloaker to prevent them from using their abilities. Advised to have a Bronco or GL40 alongside it to weaken an advancing Bulldozer.

  • AK
Quite useful for close to mid range fighting, though careful never to fully empty it as its empty reload is unforgiving. Tazers will destroy your ammo supply then you quickly so you may want to switch to another weapon if they are ready to taze you or you are blindly escaping.
Section Overview

On 145+ your secondary should only be used when necessary just like your handgun if an ammo bag is not available. You will notice on 145+ that most people use the GL40 as its power compared to any other secondary is unmatched.

Shots To Kill


  • Mark 11
Your best bet when needing to react to a close range threat when all other weapons are empty.

  • Compact-5
Gives you a decent long-range weapon for ranged threats such as snipers. As such, this weapon pairs nicely with the reinbeck or any weapon you feel could use the complementing range.

  • Locomotive 12 G
At best it is only useful for stunning tazers and overall it is the poorest choice you could make on 145+. Its low damage and accuracy are only worsened by its small ammo pool and low ammo pickup chance.

  • GL40
Gives you shield elimination, bulldozer crippling, and tight group destruction power. Just remember not to spam the GL40 as its ammo bag cost is fairly high due to its small ammo pool.
Section Overview

Your typical 145+ Deployable team load-out is two doctor bags and two ammo bags. However, it is not unheard of to bring one doctor bag and three ammo bags if a team is running into ammo problems more often than health. Trip Mines see rare use on 145+ with Sentries nonexistent as they are the worst choice possible barring their negligible use as a distraction.


  • Ammo Bag
Unlike doctor bags which are based on use, ammo bags are based on how much you take. A fully upgraded ammo bag contains ten full guns or a pool of 1000% of ammo. For example, if you are missing 50% of your ammo for one gun and use an ammo bag you will take -50% from the 1000% pool leaving the bag with 950% left.

  • Trip Mines
Fully upgraded you have ten trip mines and only ten being unable to refill them. You will rarely see trip mines used on 145+ as they are too limited in use compared to either bag. The only exceptions are on FWB to stop the windows from being blown and to easily clear the vault of Bulldozers. There are also some people who like to trap the objectives on Counterfeit, which with how easy that map can be on 145+, isn't that bad of a choice.

  • Doctor Bag
A fully upgraded Doctor Bag has six uses and in most cases should only be used after two downs.
Assaults are long and frequent on 145+ and going into custody on your third down even once may lead to the failure of the heist.

  • Sentry Gun
A fully upgraded sentry gun has 800 bullets in it, yet it kills far too little to ever consider seriously bringing to 145+. They do have a negligible use as a distraction which in no way is worth losing either bag over.
Section Overview

When choosing your equipment just choose Extra Start-out Ammo as nothing else compares to it.


  • Extra Cable Ties
On 145+ you will rarely be able to stop the police from freeing civlians and most heists do not have enough civilians to warrant bringing extra ties.

  • Thick Skin
Due to the high damage police cause on 145+ and the fact that after one down you come back with 25% healh this is highly illadvised to bring.

  • Extra Start-out Ammo
The name of this equipment is slightly misleading because it not only gives you extra ammo at start, but increases your max ammo carrying capicity. This means that when you refill from an ammo bag with it, you are using the ammo bag more efficiently.

  • Toolkit
20% faster is not much and results in generally saving only 1/5 of a second, one second, or three seconds depending on the object.
Crew Bonuses
Section Overview

Your typical 145+ crew bonus team loud-out is two aggressors and two big game hunter so that everyone gets the bonuses. This is mainly due to the lack of any other bonuses that most feel benefit you much on 145+. However, if a teammate feels they can live without either bonus then there are choices.

Crew Bonuses

  • Aggressor
This bonus give you a 25% damage boost which will save you a shot or two so it is commonly doubled up on. Bulldozers will go down slightly faster with this on which may save you from that next shotgun blast. It also allows you to do more damage with a Bronco to a Heavy Swat without killing them, increasing the chance of surrender.

  • Speed Reloaders
Though 10% faster is not much, it is somewhat useful if you use a bronco, reinbeck, or GL40 often.

  • Sharpshooters
Reduces bullet spread which might be useful for Brenner or AK users? Most weapons are accurate enough if used at their proper ranges though.

  • More Blood To Bleed
On 145+ this allows for the chance to save someone on their third down by giving you five extra seconds on all downs. Consider this one closely when not bringing two agressors or two BGHs.

  • Protector
On 145+ this bonus is not enough to equal a single hit to your body armor at close to mid-range. Just choose something else and move on.

  • Big Game Hunters
Increases your base ammo capacity by 15% and takes its bonus into account after the extra ammo equipment increase. This is commonly doubled up on to make ammo bag uses more efficient alongside the extra ammo for everyone.

  • Mr Nice Guy
20% extra XP is something I doubt anyone needs by this point.
Health, Ammo, Bags, and You
Section Overview

This section will teach you everything you need to know about your health, ammo, and bags. You will notice I repeat myself on ammo and doctor bags from the deployable section, but these things are extremely important to remember.

Ammo & Ammo Bags

You should use your primary always except when you need to conserve ammo. Most handguns and secondaries get far too little kills to be worth filling up from ammo pickups or bags. Do not forget to pickup any ammo you can, but remember that ammo is easier to come by than health as well.

Ammo bags may be used whenever needed as you only take what you are missing from them. Remember to use extra start-out ammo and BGH crew bonus (when possible) to efficently use an ammo bag.

Health & Doctor Bags

Health is lost easily on 145+ so pay attention to your shield and downs closely. Your shield should be considered your health on 145+. Conserve your real health for doing objectives, pushing, and helping teammates.

Only heal from doctor bags after two downs or if it is an emergency. With the More Blood To Bleed crew bonus you can go down a third time, but it will only be five seconds so keep it in mind only as a safety net. Forgetting to heal after two downs may very well make your team lose the heist.

Bag Placement

If camping somewhere bags should be placed on tables or other objects so they are out of the way of picking up teammates. Doing this will also create cover and leads some people to exploiting this as you can go inside them if placed a certain way. Up to you to decide to play using this or with people who do, though I hardly consider it playing and would rather watch paint dry myself.

When placing a bag you should make sure it can be used within cover and is in a nearby location for your team. On large heists such as Green Bridge and Heat Street you should check with your team who is dropping what before dropping your bag; you do not want to drop two of the same type in the same place on these heists.
Teamwork & Tactics
Section Overview

Comumunication and teamwork come first before tactics as without them tactics are useless. Some people might see some of this as weak, boring, or otherwise beneath them. My goal here is to teach you how to survive and thrive.


Constant communication will improve your teamwork and on 145+ may very well be the difference of winning or losing.

Shout Button
Use the shout button often to point out specials and call to teammates. Some specials can be outside the range of the shout command, so use text or voice chat if the special in question is close to an unaware teammate. Some people may not notice you calling to them with the shout button or understand why you are doing so; like with special threats, use text or voice chat to clarify.

Text Chat
You will use text chat often when discussing what you are going to be doing while in the lobby or load-out screen and during the heist when safe to do so. Unlike voice chat you never have to worry about them not hearing you due to connection or incorrect setting between you and them. The biggest problem is having the time to type while under fire to tell your teammates of an unseen threat you could not call out with your shout.

Voice Chat
Voice chat is the quickest and best if you have a microphone. You can tell your teammates everything they need to know. The only problem is that sometimes it just does not work. Make sure your teammates can hear and understand you.

Teamwork Mistakes & Advice

Common mistakes and teammates not paying attention to each other will of course lead to failing the heist; all you can do is not be the one at fault.

"Always make sure you or someone else is the only one picking someone up."
I see this all too often playing on 145+ where two or sometimes even three players all try to pickup the same person and someone gets shot up. Sometimes it is just best to cover and not pick up your teammates if you are close together, just make sure your other teammates are not doing the same of course.

"Only one person needs to do objectives such as escorting an npc, the others should move forward clearing the way."
Everyone shouting at one npc is a waste of time when three people could be securing the area.

"Keep yourselves spread out or in some way not blocking each other's sight."
Some places allow police to go over tables or other objects and mix into your team taking cover. If the team is blocking each other's sight then you may not notice the police right in the middle of the group. This is especially dangerous when said police unit is a cloaker.

"Keep an eye on your teammate's downs (if you can) to warn them, especially if you have a doctor's bag."
Getting ready to drop a doctor's bag or just telling a teammate who lost count is a habit that will save them and possibly the heist.

"When you have the ammo bag always be alert to your team's ammo supply especially when pushing or clearing when primary ammo is most needed."
If a team is not properly stocked with ammo they will miss their chance of progress when an assault end.


I probably mention some of this in my plans later on, but these are the basic tactics you will do on 145+. The biggest problem is everyone else knowing what the team is doing.

"Distracting the police away from objectives while one player does them is an effective tactic, but also risky depending on the skill of the lone player."
If you volunteer to be the lone player then be ready to take down anything.

"When playing Heat Street or Green Bridge it is best to have two on the left and right side of the street or bridge."
The police will not advance as quickly and will be easier to kill. This tactic works everywhere on a smaller scale as the police will not advance as quickly when you and another player are nearby.

"Moving together in a tight group is a common tactic to beat the end of most heists."
It is risky when you factor in tazers or cloakers, but generally only one (if any) player goes down if done properly. All the streets from the start to Matt on Heat Street can be skipped doing this as well.
Diamond Heist
Section Overview

Diamond Heist should be your first heist to tackle on 145+ because aside from the patrols being switched up this heist changes very little from overkill. Within this section you will find two plans that I hope bring you as much success as they have me. Good luck and enjoy this map while you can as 145+ has yet to show its true form.

Typical Start

Like any Diamond Heist game you want to get all three alarm boxes. I lack the ability to describe how to do such a thing, but hopefully you or someone on your team is experienced with Diamond Heist in general. The only thng I can give you is the advice to use the roof to move from one side to the other of the buidling and that guards are sight-timer based so sprinting is the best means of moving.

Enter the codes like always and do not expect them to work, the odds are slim to none on 145+. Two players should go to the CFO spawns, while the other two should concern themselves with cameras. After the CFO is on the roof and ready to leave it is time to decide on what you want to do to pass the time.

Plan A: Camp Elevator Closest To Cantina

Pros: Very small area for cops to shoot from and most will stop on the right side in the Cantina. Can see shields and bulldozers spawn in across from you in the open elevator shaft. Cops will be focused on the group here allowing a lone player to move Ralph and take diamonds with ease. Very easy to leave for objectives or escape by heading left as very few cops will be over there.

Cons: Smoke is troublesome when an enemy is across the way near the shafts shooting at you. Must be careful of cloakers as smoke can allow them to get in front of you and take you down if too close to the elevator entrance.

Plan B: Run around avoiding the cops

Pros: Cops are easy to out maneuver. Do not have to kill a single cops if you do not want to.

Cons: Can be time consuming. Requires you to run around until they are not near objectives.

Running Tips Contributed By: Greatfox [RUS]
About Diamond Heist running - that is the most effective tactic, since the whole DH is time consuming if codes fail. There are two running routes used most, I prefer the 2nd one:

1) Roof - Sales dept. stairs - Canteen (through the Administration) - Party wing - Gym wing (through the terrace helipad) - Roof.

2) Roof (near helipad) - Gym wing (drop down onto one of gym machines to avoid losing HP) Party wing (through the terrace) - Roof.

Make sure to stay at gym wing (near CFO's spawn) until you are sure that there are lots of cops at gym, or they smoke you. Move up to roof from party wing when you hear Bain's helicopter coming, so you will be at Ralph's roof spawn just in time. Checking his salesdept spawn will be easy job as well. Then, get ready for the second circle. If timelock is 30 seconds or a minute, you will get assault break just a little after it opens, allowing you to easily take all the stuff. It is advised for the crew to have at least one sentry to place by vault entry before emptying it, and medic bag for backup. If timelock is 3 minutes, lure cops to the roof before going to empty the vault in middle of assault.
First World Bank
Section Overview

Love it or leave it, First World Bank is the heist everyone knows like the back of their hand. Still you will find on 145+ that it will give you a run for your money. Good luck and remember to grab both cans of thermite.

145+ Spawns

Vent spawns over vault activate dropping cloakers. Four bulldozers in Vault. Three tazers and one heavy swat in stairwell during escape.

Pre-Game Advice

Before starting the heist, have your team consider bringing one set of trip mines for the vault. FWB is short enough to only need one ammo bag generally and being able to take down the four bulldozers safely is a luxury worth having. They can also be used to prevent the right wing windows from being blown, but risky to try if first floor is overrun before c4 planter spawns.

Typical Start

Find the Bank Manager like always, fanning out to take down the guards especially in the drill room so drill holder can plant the drill as quickly as possible. KIlling the bank manager is typical because it will cut the time you have to wait to get into the server room, unless your team thinks he is in a favorable position.

After all cameras are down and drill is set up everyone goes to the right-wing to keep cops away from the drill. Try not to drop any bags here as you will need them more later One person will use second floor path to restart the drill when assault is focused on right-wing. It is best to leave for the Vault during an assault so that they have to search for you giving the thermite time to burn through.

Right Wing, Second Floor Camping Locations

Balcony, backing up through hallway towards Server Room as needed.

Pros: Starting at the Balcony will attract them faster and allow you to kill bulldozers sometimes from above when they stop to shoot you. Easy to control and leave for Vault even during assault.

Cons: Tazers sometimes drop on the opposite balcony, catching players off guard. Back hallway leading to Vault needs to be watched occasionally for Cloakers and anything else that may rarely come from that direction.

Manager's Office

Pros: One door with decent cover.

Cons: Cloakers, tazers, and heavy swat coming in through windows after a while. Sometimes hard to leave during assault.

Server Room

Pros: One door with decent cover.

Cons: Very hard to leave during assault.

Vault Camping Locations

Back of Vault, Outside Windowed Rooms

Pros: Left and right walls provide decent cover. With two people on each side police can be held back until vault is burned through even during assault.

Cons: Once one side is lost they are both lost requiring a last-ditch retreat to the control room. Back vent spawns must be watched occasionally for cloakers.

Directions: Take positions in the back on the left and right side in pairs behind the cover that juts out from the walls. Once the vault is open, drop down together to take out the four bulldozers. Either hold out on the left side (facing the way out) of the vault until assault is over or clear the stairs and all run together to the end possibly taking a loss or two.

Vault Entrance, Nooks

Pros: Easy to defend. Can escape easily in a group of three if a person with tripmines is capable of taking down bulldozers and taking money alone.

Cons: Very hard to leave for the vault during assault if police are allowed to come through elevators or pass into elevator room.

Directions: Two players will defend from the nooks at the entrance while one watches the elevators and vents. The unassigned player will move back and fourth assisting where needed. Once the vault is open either a lone player with tripmines takes out the vault alone or all four go down together. If a lone player takes the vault then the three at the entrance should be prepared to escape or if all four went into the vault see directions above for other camping location.
Panic Room
Section Overview

Panic Room is the map that everyone learns to hate Alex and on 145+ that hate may grow quite a bit. It is also the first map you will see people resort to a major exploit where they enter the locked laundry room. I am not going to include how to do it as I feel this map is easy enough to do straight and I honestly do not feel that it is worth my time. Anyway, good luck to you and may each sniper only shoot you once instead of twice in rapid succession.

145+ Spawns

During the escape two shields on the stairs leading down to the basement door.

Pre-Game Advice

If the door to the roof is closed the map will be slighty harder, but will benefit from the lack of smoke grenade spam. Make sure to kill the cops that stay at the police car line until they stop going there if the roof is closed. When dealing with snipers for objectives people should not go alone to the roof as they can spawn quite quickly after taking them down. Attaching the magnet from the third floor is much safer than the fourth.

Typical Start

While clearing the building everyone should be careful of the gang members as always. When Chavez is found he should always be taken hostage as he cannot be released by the police making him very valuable. After opening the door and planting the saws it is time to decide on what to do. Either go two and two on the saws or three on second floor and one on the third depending on how much help the second floor people need.

Camping Locations

Fourth Floor, Couch Room Camp

Pros: Has two doors to watch with the walls and couch providing cover. This camp allows quick access to the roof and is fairly easy to pick up ammo drops. It is also possible for a lone player to clear the roof during an assault after the cops are focused on the fourth.

Cons: Lack of cover if overwhelmed.

Second Floor, Room Next To 145 Room Camp

Pros: One door to shoot through. Back bathroom provides last-ditch cover and is a great place to put bags you can safely use.

Cons: Obviously it is not close to the roof being on the second floor.


After the saws are done everyone should head to roof and clear the snipers. From here wait out the assault if your team is not up to planting the c4 during the assault, though it should be almost finished by now. After the c4 is blown wait out another assault then clear the roof for Alex and attach the magnet. After another assault, clear the roof together and escape easily.
Section Overview

Now Slaughterhouse is the beginning of the heists that will frustate you over and over. Some days it is a walk in the park others it is a walk through hell. Still if the dice fall in your favor this might be easier than FWB or PR. Good luck and may the lone player move unhindered in his goals.

145+ Spawns

Murky water reinforcements from right side of car path if cars are taken down. Two cloakers and one bulldozer at spawn if a player stays there. Four shields setup in last hallway leading towards container yard. Four bulldozers spawn right after the trap during the escape.

Pre-Game Advice

Slaughterhouse you cannot go into with one plan due to random setups. Sometimes meat cover is not present in main room of the slaughterhouse or/and the second floor may be locked as well.

Typical Start

At the start shoot out all windshields as soon as possible to give better cover and increase chances of truck falling front first. Move forward through the alley taking out murky water mercenaries, remembering to be careful of reinforcements at the right of the intersection. After the mercenaries are dead it is time to figure out what to do based on what you are given. One person may want to stay behind at spawn if they think they can handle two bulldozer, two cloakers, and around six murky water for plans b and c.

Plan A

This plan requires both the truck going in front first and meat in the main room. Everyone takes cover behind the nearby conveyor belt, clearing out the right side when the drill needs to be restarted. The meat in the middle will cover the left side for whoever goes out to restart the drill.

Plan B

If the second floor is open three players can hole up in either the bathroom or kitchen.


Pros: One entry and small area so enemies have to come in one at a time.

Cons: Lacks any cover.

Staff Kitchen

Pros: More interesting?

Cons: Two entrances to defend and only decent cover.

Plan C

Well the meat is not there, second floor is closed, and maybe the truck even came in back first. You are probably contemplating suicide at this point to reroll the dice. Honestly, I have never had a team willing to play through this scenario. This plan however should work in theory even if it has not been practiced.

Your only possible choice is to hold out in the corner behind a barrel opposite the container yard. Every assault has to end and be cleared out to do objectives. The lone player has to stay at spawn and take on whatever horrors come his way. Finally you can not ditch the police in the slaughterhouse like plans a and b to set the trap.

Lone Player Instructions

For plan B you either hold out at spawn taking on whatever comes your way or you hold out behind a barrel in the corner opposite the container yard. When the assault is focused on your teammates you go to restart the drill and stay hidden in the slaughterhouse entry.

After the drill is done you grab a bag of gold and run to the container yard to place gold. Be careful of the many scripted spawns for snipers, cloakers, bulldozer, and tazers when going back and forth for gas containers. Once the gold container is being moved, return to the group until the trap needs to be set.

Escape Instructions

When the trap needs to be set everyone leaves for the container yard and sets the trap. Hold out in the back close to the escape and avoid being seen by the police as long as possible. By the time the police get to you the trap should be set and the escape will begin. Be ready to take down the four bulldozers if they spawn halfway through then escape.
Green Bridge
Section Overview

Now Green Bridge is the first heist that some people fall into despair over since neither plan I have here is fool proof. This heist is the first you will see many use the bag exploit on and was where I learned of the bag exploit. Not something I ever personally did, but it is the way I know many people used for themselves or groups they ran that just wanted gold masks. All I can say is good luck with this one as I have not beaten this one near as much as the four previous heists.

145+ Spawns

Two bulldozers instead of one from helicopter drop. At the top of the tower, bulldozers can use zipline from opposite tower to drop down on you. Four shields on right side of boat during escape. Two tazers alongside the bulldozer going down the stairs to the scuba tank escape point.

Typical Start

Like always move forward fom spawn, killing police to plant saws. The only change will be planting the saws in reverse to mess with AI pathing which will help with Plan A, but is not needed for Plan B. If the armored van in the back falls ignore it.

Plan A

Plan Overview

Either three or two people return to spawn while one or two stay at the very back of the bridge.

Players at Red Container

The three or two people at spawn should take cover behind the red container attracting the attention of the police. Make sure you grab the attention of the police as they will make their way down the bridge if they do not see you at spawn. One GL40 shot near any police unit on bridge will bring them towards you and you should especially do this when the bulldozers are dropped. Once the prisoner is found proceed to tower and defend it by either spreading out at the top or choosing a floor near the top to defend. There is also the option of hiding in the cement pipe at the top, but I find people get shot up in it by bulldozers or by blocking each other's vison.

Players at Convoy

The one or two players at the convoy should avoid shooting any police that are not coming after them. Focus on the back two saws until the majority of the police are after the other two or three.
Once the prisoner is found alert your teammates so they can be ready to move up the tower. Wait until the police start going towards the tower or even start spawning there before moving him too far forward. Try your best to get him into the tower, but if it is an assualt it will most likely be near impossible if the police are around the base of the tower. Join your teammates defending when possible even if the prisoner is still stuck right outside the tower as they can help you after the assault is over.

Plan B

Everyone should defend as long as possible at the first two vans to possibly restart them, but should always be ready to retreat. Bags should be placed at the line of cars between the third and fourth van as this will be your line of defense. Spread out in a line so that the police do not advance as quickly past you and are easier to kill when they do. Only restart the saws between assaults or when safe during if possible. Once the prisoner is found two or three people will proceed forward to clear the path and secure the tower while the one or two players push the prisoner.


If the prisoner is taken in the first pass you have no choice, but to run together to the end. However, if the plane misses then wait until the assault is about over or ends to raise the ballon like always. Run together down the left side of the bridge taking cover when needed and shooting any polIce that get in your way.
Heat Street (Part 1)
Section Overview

Well here we are. The heist that beats nearly everyone. Heat Street is generally the hardest heist for anyone to beat on their difficulty level and on 145+ it is no exception. I have tried my best to write this section, but I have to honestly say two things before going any further.

My first time completing it was using the major AI exploit and I have only completed it straight three times. I feel shame in having done the exploit, but this one I will cover as I know very few people that have never used the exploit at least once to get their gold masks. Look at the very end of Heat Street Plan (Part 2) for it. Do it if you feel you need to as I can not honestly stand on the high ground for this one.

145+ Spawns

Two shields at the left parking lot entrance you need to push Matt through. Two shields and two tazers at the top of the stairs after getting matt to the parking lot. Four bulldozer drop from a helicopter while going up the overpass. Increase in sniper spawns activating, though only the one at the end still respawns.

Heist Mechanics

On this heist the host should know that the police will focus fire on him more than anyone else hurting his abililty to push forward first. This is a common problem with being host that happens everywhere, but lack of cover on this heist shows how deadly it can be. As such the host should be the one most prepared and knowledgeable of effective cover on this heist.

In most cases on this heist, once you have reached a swat van the police will be forced to stop spawning there. This is a crucial thing to remember on this heist as it will stop them from spawning allowing your team to advance. The police will also not advance over barricades as quickly if you are next to them controlling how many of them are in the area which is especially helpful geting Matt into the helicopter.

I will never mention Assaults during this plan as shutting down swat vans or killing police as they come over barricades will effectively leave them weak and slow them down most of the time. They are also strange in how long they last or even when they start on this heist. Hold out during assaults if you are down player and need to hostage, but I should not need to tell you that.

Pre-Game Advice

Two M308s and two Reinbecks are commonly chosen so that teammates can work in pairs with deadly force. M308s are crucial for snipers as in some cases they only show their heads and are extremely handy for clearing the police car line halfway up the overpass. Reinbecks are the quickest weapon to reliable react to most advancing threats and are just as useful for pushing when needed.

Substituitions can be made in both cases of my suggested weapons that I have made. An M308 could possibly be exchanged for an AMCAR as it is accurate enough in most cases, but will make the team slower at taking down snipers and more imprtantly the four bulldozers. Reinbecks can be substituted for AKs which will allows for more range at the cost of needing to aim more carefully so you do not waste ammo.

I feel that for this heist the Brenner's low rate of fire and accuracy will only hurt a team. It is somewhat of a biased opinion as I rarely use the brenner and the few times I have completed this heist straight my team did not either. If you are an experienced user of the brenner on 145+ and feel you will do better with it than a Reinbeck or AK then by all means take it.

When it comes to secondaries GL40s are very handy for the large number of scripted shield spawns. However, compact5s are nice for anyone needing a decent ranged weapon. Two ammo and doctor bags like always and players should be really careful where the bags are placed as they are crucial to the success of this heist more than any other. Extra Cable Ties is an option for one player to take advantage of the numerous civilians, but I think Extra Ammo benefits everyone more if all four players can always be shooting.

Typical Start

The first choice you have is to run or fight your way to Matt.


Pros: Will let you typically skip two or three assaults saving you and your team ammo and time. Can hostage back anyone that gets shot down before even the first assault starts.

Cons: Sacrifices health and cable ties which are both very valuable for pushing matt to the parking lot and up the overpass. Requires everyone to run as close as possible together. Due to game mechanics the host is most likely to be shot down first.

Directions: Run together as tightly as possible running down the left or right side. Do not shoot any police unless you are tazed so you do not set off spawns further ahead. First street with swat vans on the left side lacks cover to stop bullets, but less likely to be tazed or cloaked while the right is the opposite.


Pros: Saves health and will let you see early if everyone in your team is capable of pushing in a timely matter which will come into play two times later. Can place an ammo bag in one of the side alleys on the second street with swat vans that can later be used when pushing matt to the parking lot.

Cons: Requires decent accuracy, quick reaction time, and effective use of cover. Left side team must be able to take out a sniper that can shoot them in an alley on their side.

Directions: Split up in pairs on each side of the street while advancing down the first and second street with swat vans. Move forward when possible getting as close to swat vans as possible to shut down the spawn.

Van Camping Locations

In the Middle of the Area.

Pros: Small kill zone with only one direction that allows for many police to shoot at you from. Allows you to keep four gas can spawns and the area around the van fairly clear.

Cons: No complete cover in any direction to rest behind. Sniper spawn above may catch players off guard.

Facing from the street, behind the container on the right side, next to the wall.

Pros: Two directions to shoot and enemies trickle forward. Slow advancing allows for safe and easy bag use.

Cons: Rarely able to leave to pickup or place gas during assaults safely once police are crowded around the area. Players will block each other's sight allowing police to shoot players unheeded.
Police will cut corners teleporting right into the middle of the team. Nowhere to move away from a bulldozer's shotgun blasts.

Moving Matt from the Van to the Parking Lot

Now comes the part where most teams fall apart. The main goal is to take the right side alley pathway to the swat vans at the end of the street. Once those vans are reached the spawns will stop and they will only be able to spawn in the alley you are pushing Matt to.

Spliting up into pairs will be the safest option here and both pairs need to be able to take down snipers. The first pair will push forward into the right alley trying to get to the vans at the back of the street. The second pair pushing Matt should be ready to take cover and hold out in the left alley behind the dumpsters.

Once the far swat vans are shutdown by the first pair they can start killing police still on the street and then work their way to the parking lot distracting newly spawned police trickleing in from the alley. The second pair should clear out any police they can see from the alley and check right for any police that may have passed them by before moving Matt. Once both pairs meetup they should be able to make quick work of any remaining police and finally push Matt into the alley to open up the last part of the heist. Before moving on, check the building past and above the overpass looking from the parking lot for a sniper.
Heat Street (Part 2)
Section Overview

It seems I need to type less as I had to break this plan into two as I reached the text limit on the last part. Sorry if I am being long winded, but this heist requires the detail I have given it. Suppose some may just skip to the very end where I will have the common way people skip this heist. In the end I can say I tried, but will not hide anything that you would learn from somewhere else.

Moving Matt from the Alley to the Bottom of the Overpass

Once the door is open be ready for an ambush of two shields and two tazers that may spawn at the top of the stairs. The shields will block you from shooting the tazers, but most likely someone in your team if not everyone has the gl40 to take care of them. They can also be dealt with by rushing to the tazers before the shields can setup, but be careful of any remaining law enforcement in the alley such as cloakers. Once the tazers and shields are taken care of be careful of the bulldozer spawn then the sniper spawns at the top of each set of stairs respectively.

Now your team needs to stop the swat vans from spawning which can be easy or hard depending on which door is open. In both cases you need to be careful of a sniper spawn across the street and the four regular police at the barricade. If the right door is open it is a simple act of going through the building and then moving over to the swat vans.

For this scenario the second pair should be at full health by using a doctor's bag or by making use of the numerous civilians for hostage exchanges outside of assaults. If the left door is open then the first pair of the team should go into the building to clear the right path at the top of the stairs and distract the police. The second pair need to run up the stairs then take the immediate right so they go around the police and to the swat vans.

Moving Matt up the Overpass to the Pickup Location

As you are moving up the overpass watch out for a heilcopter that may spawn and drop four bulldozer. Do not make the mistake of using the vans or cars as cover if your team does not take the majority of them out. Retreat back to the alley you pushed Matt through if needed as fighting four bulldozers in the open alongside the police coming down the overpass is difficult.

For this part your team should split into pairs taking both sides of the overpass. The biggest problem here is getting to the police car line halfway up the overpass as on 145+ several cars are removed leaving you without cover. The only possible choice is for the pair on the right to run from the sidewalk ad to the front of the swat van. They should be at full health so they can make the run and survive in front of the van. The left pair should move over to the right and push matt joining the right pair as quickly as possible.

The team should split into pairs again moving from the police car line towards the top. Once you are close to the top a group of shields may spawn plugging up the police barricade holes which should not give you much trouble if your team is armed with gl40s. Move Matt when possible to the pickup location and then get ready to defend it.

Top of Overpass Tactics

Defend Both Barricades

Pro: Most effective way to keep the pickup location clear of police. If Matt needs to be pushed back down the overpass it will be easy for the front pair to do.

Cons: If the front barricade is lost the pair at the back barricade are left wide open to gun fire with no means of escape. May not be able to fully clear police as some right next to the back barricade will count as being in the pickup zone.

Defend Right Side

Pro: Everyone is safe from gun fire behind boxes and can place bags that everyone can use safely.

Con: Unable to keep pickup zone clear requiring the team to push Matt back down the overpass to the final pickup zone.

Words of Congratulations

Well if you have completed Heat Street this way then you have just completed one of the hardest challenges you could ever take on in this game. Take pride in youself and your team for accomplishing this as few can truely do the same. If this is also your first time completeing it and did not use the exploit then you are far better than I.

The AI Exploit Plan

Well I have finally made it here and I am going to do what I said when I started writing this heist up. I can not say how many people have done this to get their gold masks, but I know by this point that is all they were after. So from here I say farewell to my pride and instead give you my honesty.

Before starting one player has to be decided on to stay behind at the scaffolding. The scaffolding in question is on the right side of the first street with swat vans. The AI ignores the fact that the plywood exists and will stay in place continuing to shoot even though they are not doing damage. Generally it is best for it not to be the host as any players that go into custody will spawn on him there. The lone player should bring a doctor's bag to heal on to prevent themselves from being taken down. The other three should have two doctor bags and one ammo bag as you will rarely need ammo with this method.

At the start everyone will run together and take the right side of the first street with swat vans. As they are going through the scaffolding the lone player will stop there while the other three keep moving towards Matt. Once they reach the Van they keep out of sight and only shoot their guns when needed.

If everything goes to plan the police will stay with the one player at the scaffolding leaving the other three to fight very few and eventually no police at all. Snipers may still spawn alongside any other scripted spawns. Once you push Matt to the top of the overpass the lone player commits suicide right when Matt needs to be pushed into the escape zone.
Section Overview

This heist I would say is actually fairly easy compared to any other heist on 145+, but the objectives and escape do introduce a new difficulty. The randomized objectives requiring you to move all over the map and the difficult escape of this heist are only a taste of the horror that No Mercy and Undercover offer. Now on 145+ this heist does not really change much except that the increased special spawns makes it so Bulldozers shutdown the utilities more often. Really, up until the escape you can technically play this heist as you would normally. However, I do include some preparation for your team to do and a couple tips and tricks that will help the whole heist go smoother.

Pre-Game Advice

Determine who should pick up the two crowbars as you want to make sure that they are with people who can handle the responsibility. This mainly comes into play at the end where the escape has to be near perfect due to the short time you have to escape. In preparation of C4 your team should refer to the image below and choose two each to go after. There is only enough time to disarm two per player or three with a Toolkit.

Typical Start

Before starting the heist, spread out and find the locations of both crowbars and the water-hose. The crowbars spawns are in both garages, both sheds, both master-bedrooms, between the pool and shed, and under the front of the boat. Knowing the locations of the water-hose allows a player to get right next to it and begin pulling it as soon as possible after the safe has been inspected.

Once both crowbars and the water-hose have been found, find all seven or eight civilians with each player ready to tie down two each. After all of the civilians are tied down make your way into each of the basements in pairs of two and start up the code-breakers. Do not worry too much about the crowbars and wait until the police are reported missing to get them. When the police arrive at Wilson's house either take them hostage or kill them silently.

After the police have been reported missing collect both crowbars and get ready to open the basement which should almost be done. Before opening the doors check for cash in the middle of the room to determine if the C4 trap is in place. Both sides should synchronize in opening the doors at the same time if C4 is present otherwise just open the doors as quickly as possible then inspect the safe. The water-hose should be pulled into the basement when possible and safe to do so.

Defensive Strategy

The basement is the most defensive location on Counterfeit and fighting in it is generally the smartest idea. Try to attack them from Wilson house so they go into Wilson's basement as it is the more defense-able than Mitchell's. If done correctly they should mostly leave Mitchell's house alone allowing a lone player to restart most utilities with ease by going through it. Do keep in mind it is not entirely necessary to focus them into Wilson's basement as for the most part Counterfeit can be played normally if not more cautiously.

How to Restart Utilities

Restarting the utilities can be troublesome and sometimes downright impossible when it comes to the water during assaults. Typically, it is best to have the police focused on three players while the other player takes the safest, but generally longest path around the map to the objective needing attention. Depending on which direction the police are spawning from and where they are being fought some objective may be impossible to do alone until the assault is over.

Now the bulldozers spawn quite often to shut off the utilities, but there is a funny if not cheap thing to do to make drilling the safe a breeze. When a bulldozer turns off the power either inside or on the street he guards it unquestionably even if you turn it back on. This however does not work with the water as the bulldozer generally leaves the valve and will turn it off again if you turn it on.

Now the interior power box is easy to do as you only need to run and quickly turn it on before they can shoot you. The street power box must be interacted from the side while crouched to prevent the bulldozer from shooting you. Do keep in mind to only do this when the bulldozer is the only threat and you can safely avoid his shotgun blasts otherwise just kill them.


Once the safe is filled with water and ready to be blown the endless assault starts, but the escape timer does not until you pickup the last plate.When the safe is ready to be blown several shields and some random police units will cover the sewer escape route. They must be killed before the escape is started as you only have 10 to 20 seconds to spare during the one minute escape.

Either player with a crowbar should be on top of the sewer escape right when the last plate is picked up. Make sure to kill any and all police on top of or nearby the sewer escape so they do not interrupt you while opening it. At this point the team should finish picking up the last of the plates and make their way to the escape. While they are doing that, the player with the crowbar should start moving forward quickly opening everything so that the team can escape. Watch out for either of the heavy, tazer, cloaker teams or a bulldozer coming out of a pipe if the longer escape is the one you have to use.
Section Overview

Undercover...never thought I would get around to writing this part up. This heist is very difficult with spawns everywhere for everything possible in the game. Due to the difficulty of this heist I have rarely had the pleasure to play it with many people on 145+. Still the Slaughterhouse method works here though it does require a bit more prep work than luck this time. Hopefully you will not get the limo on the roof or the map glitching out where it spawns only Bulldozers.


Double bulldozer spawns are frequent and always spawn at the bottom of either staircase. Cloakers can spawn from vents scattered around the map. Shields can spawn from windows giving them an edge over most maps where they would typically share the same spawn locations as bulldozers. During the escape you will have a double bulldozer spawn alongside police armed with AMCARS on the opposite roof.

Heist Mechanics

Planks are effective at preventing spawns in areas you do not want the police to be, but as a side-effect you can not be there either otherwise they will be broken. There are a total of 20 planks (21 if you count the escape area) that are scattered around the map for your team to find and use.
It is typically best to board up whichever server room you get (six boards for the third floor or two for the ground floor). After the server room is secure, board up the vents to reduce cloaker encounters. The last area to board up that I would recommend is the escape area entrance for sniper protection reseting the power box there and during the escape.

The limo has four positions it can be in which are the roof, the third floor balcony, between the third and second floor, between the second and ground floor. The first is nearly impossible or would be far too time consuming to even consider in my opinion. Then we have the second spawn that is doable, but troublesome to do as police will drop down right there alongside the danger of snipers.
Now the third and fourth positions are fine, though the third is ideal as it is not surrounded by vents and so close to the bulldozer spawns. Whichever of the later two you get there is a chance of the limo catching fire, this really only makes the area difficult to see in.

Pre-Game Advice

Accurate weapons are a must for taking down snipers quickly so it is best to have at least two people armed with AMCARs or M308s depending on their preference. Bulldozers are a constant worry on this map, so any weapon that will allow you to take them down quickly point-blank without any cover is a must. Anyone considering to bring a GL40 should be careful where they use it because you do not want to break the planks near or in a server room alongside any of the vents around the map.

Typical Start

After the loading screen is done you will find out which server room you have been given. It really does not matter which one you get as you never want to be in it unless you are doing objectives.
From here your team should start collecting boards and begin boarding up spawns. They should start searching the roof first as those will be nearly impossible to get later on in the heist.

When it comes to the deal between the taxman and the buyer makes sure to shoot the gang members after he has retrieved the server from the trunk. Doing this will speed up the heist and allow you to find out which limo spawn you will get. I would restart if you get the first, but the other three will all workout fine on 145+. After the saw has been started it is time to decide on what to do.

Running Plan
Running Plan Contributed By: \tg/ World Peace

About Undercover, I would add the option of constant retreat, similar to Diamond Heist. Some of my groups reached the escape stage using that strategy. The group sticks together for this plan and does objectives when their route leads them nearby.

The route I have seen used is t-shaped room on the first floor, left stairwell 1/2 a flight up (near the 4th limo location), and 3rd floor room outside right stairwell (there is a box in the hall outside the room that can be used as cover while killing the first few cops to arrive).

Camping Plan

This is another heist where a method to complete it is to distract the police away from the objectives. The lone player should be equipped with a M308 or an AMCAR so he can take out snipers quickly. Though you will be splitting 3:1, the lone player should typically return to the group as bulldozers come in pairs often. The team needs everyone it can for those situations as the double bulldozer spawn is frequently what ends the heist for teams. That being said it all depends on the team and if the group of three can take down two bulldozers, then the lone player returning to the group is just an unnecessary risk.

Now the biggest problem with Undercover is there are few safe places to be while waiting on the objectives. The roof and all street facing rooms are out of the question due to snipers and police breaking the planks shooting at you if you are in them. This leaves three options to choose from that all lack much cover.

Middle of Second Floor, Tiled Room (Bathroom?)

Pros: One entrance and fairly easy to defend. Police will primarily be in the room behind the back wall.

Cons: Shields will shoot you through the back wall and no cover when Bulldozers come in.

Middle of Second Floor, Tiled Room with Bathtub and Door

Pros: Door and Bathtub make a small safe nook. No shield glitch to worry about.

Cons: Harder to leave and do objectives as police will be primarily in the hallway.

Middle of Ground Floor, Collapsed Room Opposite Street Side of Building

Pros: Plenty of room to move around and able to shoot at anything in the hallway. Other side of hallway can also be used as long as possible server room wall is not blown open.

Cons: Can not be used if server is on ground floor. Even harder to leave and do objectives as police will be primarily in the hallway and bottom of stairwells.

Lone Player Instructions

For the most part you will be using the stairwells and third floor hallway to move about the map. All interior power boxes should not pose much of a problem unless you run into the double bulldozer spawn on its way to your teammates. Never try to run and hit the roof power box as the snipers will generally take you out within seconds. The roof power boxes are the most troubling to switch back on, but only one is truly a problem.

The roof access left is the easiest of the two to get as you only need to clear the three buildings from the relative safety of the roof access then crounch and go around the back to it. The roof access right require the snipers from roof access left taken down and for you to crouch to avoid the lower roof snipers across the street alongside using cover from boards placed on the escape fence. In both cases, there are sniper spawns on the buildings above the roof you will need to watch out for as well.


Once the computer is at the final step a never ending assault begins though the escape timer does not. Use this to your advantage and take out as many snipers as possible before using the computer to begin the escape. Take out or run past the bulldozers then take out the swat on the opposite roof. Remember to jump on the air conditioner on the left wall then the escape roof and you are home-free.
No Mercy
Section Overview

No Mercy is a place some of us know very well. In L4D it is the campaign anyone that has ever played L4D knows and if they play Vs. are probably sick of it. In Payday: The Heist I consider it to be the one of the hardest heists (though not as frustrating as Green Bridge) due to how unpredictable it is. Thankfully, this is another heist (like Undercover) where the method used on Slaughterhouse works here as well. Between unresponsive civilians due to latency, exploding blood vials, and everything sharing the same spawns this map becomes a new type of hell on 145+.


During the escape, two cloakers can drop a smoke bomb and drop down into the elevator though they are easily taken care of. Though very rare from my experience, if during the escape the elevator gets to the roof two bulldozers can spawn and walk through the fire into the elevator.

Heist Mechanics

Now as much fun as going into detail on the entire first part of the heist that if failed will most likely mean the end to the heist would be; I chose the easy way out.
I found this guide to be a fine example of how to do Plan A and beyond anything I would throw together.

Now the only other thing to cover are the crowbars, like on Counterfeit they are required to escape though unlike Counterfeit they are in fixed locations. The first location is in a locker in the locker room you put on your scrubs in, while the other location is inside the elevator itself. As on Counterfeit, the crowbars should be picked up by people that can handle the responsibility.

Pre-Game Advice

Only one or two people will need to bring silencers where the rest can just melee the cameras. Bring the normal deployable loadout of two meds and two ammo; as temping as extra cable ties are, try not to get any unless desync is problematic. Decide who is going to cover where for the first part now alongside who will cut the wire and which two of the team will pickup the crowbars. Though the elevator crowbar does not need to be picked up until the end and should be left there in case things go bad. The last thing to consider is who will be able to draw blood and test it alone as I have found it the most efficient method of completing this heist.

Typical Start

Do plan A as usual and hopefully there is very little desync between the host and everyone else. Just remember that if a panic button is hit do not automatically assume it is because that teammate is incompetent. It is more than likely desync due to distance or some other factor and in their game there was not a civilian that pressed the button. Try switching people around and putting that guy in the elevator room or paired with the other person at the desk. Once the patient is found it is time to go to the camping location.

Empty Office, End of North Corridor, Across from Examination A13

This room is by far the most efficient location to lure to cops to. They will come through the door single file which more than makes up for the room's almost complete lack of cover. Alongside that a player can usually go around and through the cafeteria avoiding nearly all the police units. It is not entirely foolproof as some police units will spawn in the ICU and sometimes stay there.

Lone Player Instructions

Now your job is to draw the blood from the patient and check it with as many centrifuges as possible. Before you do that however it would best to stay with the rest of your team until all the police are focused on that location then hopefully leave successfully through the cafeteria. Kill any police units that actively come after you, but if some spawn in the ICU wait for them to start moving. See if they come after you or if they just run off to fight your teammates. If they are special units do not call them out as that may draw their attention to you as well. Your teammates should only need to get to the elevator once you have both vials secured.


The camping part of the team should use the cafeteria to go around the police and get to the elevator. Just be weary of the possibility of two bulldozers if you get the roof scenario. Otherwise, just be as quick as possible with the crowbars and you should be golden.
Section Overview

This section is just for anyone who has helped me improve this guide in one way or another. If you are one of these people and want yourself removed than just drop me a line in the comments. Thank you to everyone on this list and to everyone that has read, rated, and favorited this guide. Without all of you this guide would not be what it is today. May your heists go as planned, escape and get a spanking tan.


Greatfox [RUS]: Made some valid points on the usefulness of the reinbeck alongside pretty much making my entire guide less biased.
Rokk: Mr. Nice Guy correction and valid opinion of the STRYK.
Scloppi: STRYK amendment on Tazers.
JERKSTORE: Counterfeit C4 Map
\tg/ World Peace: Undercover Alternative Plan
TheEngiGuy: No Mercy: Plan A Guide
Doomcrew: Deployable section clarification request on Trip Mines.
Zdann: Shots To Kill Spreadsheet
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HoofEMP Aug 11 @ 12:32pm 
Eckaji  [author] Aug 11 @ 12:29pm 
-Yes, you will go into custody immediately on your third down on 145+ due to the decreased down timer, unless someone in your crew has More Blood To Bleed, which then allows for a third down on 145+.

-Yeah... that is actually a mistake in the guide... Guess I'll fix that.

Hope I made some sense.

Eckaji  [author] Aug 11 @ 12:29pm 
Been a long time since I played, but here is what I remember.

-What I mean by more efficient ammo bag use is based upon the fact ammo bags restore based on percentage of lost ammo. I don't remember real ammo counts, but let's say you have 100 total ammo for a gun without any ammo bonuses and 150 total ammo with the same gun due to ammo bonuses. Now then, let's say you are down to half in either case, so in the first case 50% is 50 ammo and in the other's case it would be 75 ammo for 50%; you use the same percentage from the ammo bag either way, but with bonus total ammo you get more ammo overall.

-You taking cops hostages and the cops freeing hostages in general are entirely different things. I did however fail to mention the fact that Agressor's damage bonus allows you to quickly take Heavy Swats hostage with a Bronco, which, if I remember right, was 2.5 Bronco shots, with the 0.5 coming from the additional 0.25 each shot gets from Agressor.

HoofEMP Aug 11 @ 10:14am 
A few things don't add up here:

-You said ammo bags are used based on refilled ammo and not based on number of uses, so how does using Extra Start-Out Ammo/Big Game Hunters make your ammo bag use more efficient?

-You used increasing the chance of a Heavy SWAT's surrender as a selling point for Aggressor, but earlier you stated "On 145+ you will rarely be able to stop the police from freeing civlians", which I assume should apply to all hostages. Is that point just moot?

-Since when are you immediately taken into custody after being downed three times? I've never played 145+, so I'm guessing this is only a thing then.

-No Mercy/Pre-Game Advice implies that extra cable ties are a deployable, but I assume this was just a mistake on OP's part.

As OP said (s)he doesn't play PD:tH anymore, maybe someone else can clear these up for me?
Eckaji  [author] Apr 12 @ 2:08pm 
Don't know about a console, but I know LUA code injectors exist.
CARTooNMAN ™ Apr 12 @ 4:34am 
Does anyone know if payday has an open console toggle ?
Eckaji  [author] Aug 23, 2016 @ 1:37pm 
Are you asking a question? I haven't played Payday: The Heist in ages, and have sworn off Overkill entirely. I haven't a clue if they changed anything since I last set foot in the game.
THE EX-PRESIDENT (DRUG TITO) Aug 23, 2016 @ 12:44pm 
whene m308 got low reload speed -_-
Skye Dec 7, 2015 @ 6:47pm 
Just restart steam, its usually caused by outdated steam client.
Eckaji  [author] Dec 2, 2015 @ 5:07pm 
Sorry, but I don't play Payday anymore. Hope you find the answer to your problem.