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Saya - The Blade and Its Sheath
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Jan 21, 2013 @ 9:15am
Feb 1 @ 10:30am
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Saya - The Blade and Its Sheath

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kungfuserge - He's the very reason why this mod and Bayonets can be done...I just an archaeologist that unearth and resurrects his long forgotten works, so all can see!
other_mitch - for reuploading kungfuserge's Shaolin Mod... just for me...
uanime5 - for telling me about Straight Sabres

CA DID make Scabbards for Katana, Wakizashi, and Nodachi...They just decided NOT to use it, Just like Bayonets...
I'm not sure if There is a Quiver or something can be made into a Quiver though...

You can see that the Scabbards Fits perfectly into the swords without any Clipping...Seems like to achieve that, CA assign it to the same bones as the weapons itself...This have an unintended consequences: When the man draws the sword, the scabbards stuck...and they fight with sheathed swords...

This Mod works by editing animations so the sheath dissapears in combat...

In addition to that, This mod also adds Katana Variety; and Straight Sword for European Units with a small number of additional Kill & Death synced animations (I don't have Blood Pack, but this hoped to increase the bloodiness of dying Sabre units)

- CampaignMap Sheath do not disappear when doing combat animations

-Radious Unit Packs
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samir.mikayilzade Apr 11 @ 6:41am 
really good
cheburashka307 Apr 9 @ 7:29pm 
for all who want to play this mod with darthmod without getting the bug (fighting with shealth on), you have to have pack file manager from twcenter. download pfm, then open pfm and open the saya.pack file, change the file type from .pack to movie type. enjoy (y)
The_Yogi  [author] Feb 12 @ 4:34am 
Yes, They'll work
SPARTAN CORP Feb 10 @ 11:46am 
Thank to your reply
below list is i select from your collection
Do they all work together(Compatable)?

Better Maps 0.42b
Saya - The Blade and Its Sheath
Add Occupation Resistance to AI Factions
Extended Camera Minimod
Expanded Japan (97 new regions, 101 new factions)
Vastator Unit Style 1.3
Real Armies
Recruitable Generals
Kneel Fire for Matchlocks
DeploymentZones_ambushland (it is not in collection)

and could you recommend ai mod? (such as Diplomacy,CAI,BAI)
I'm sorry to ask many questions :)
The_Yogi  [author] Feb 10 @ 3:54am 
1. Most Likely
2. Yes, Fully Compatible
3. No
SPARTAN CORP Feb 7 @ 10:29pm 
Thanks for real good mod, i have some question it is compatible with "BullGod_Generals_Animation_nohoro_vanilla"
"Bullgod's general retexture"
"DarthMod: Shogun II SW v5.0"
have a nice day!
The_Yogi  [author] Feb 1 @ 11:17am 
You're welcome.
oiiaoo Feb 1 @ 11:13am 
In a word thanks
oiiaoo Feb 1 @ 11:13am 
OMG , in my translator , awesome mean terrible or great.let me calm down.
oiiaoo Feb 1 @ 11:04am 
awesome, it works