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High Res. Human Skin For Common Infected
Infected: Common Infected
Game Content: Miscellaneous
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Jan 21, 2013 @ 4:07am
May 6, 2013 @ 2:38am
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This is a simple Addon that Will Give the Common Infected That Human Skin Look, The Textures Are High Resolution To Give that Polish and Devine Look.
NOTE: Having Paged Pool Memory + Model and Texture Detail On the Lowest setting could cause bugs. Change both of these settings to Medium or High to stop the issue. Since these textures are High Resolution, the settings for the game have to be on High.
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whats wrong with this mod
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flying bodys
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Hank Waffles Oct 5 @ 10:05pm 
Now that's interesting. There's a mod that makes them bleed out on the ground like when the survivors die?
Miro [FIN] Sep 27 @ 5:05am 
juanchis712, Press subscribe
juanchis712 Sep 19 @ 4:07pm 
how can I download this?
I ALWAYS IMAGINED what if L4D had humans, like that would be very controversial you know?? Great job on mod!
the silent but deadly spy Aug 26 @ 2:26pm 
yea @IRONSMOKER somebody should
IRONSMOKER Aug 25 @ 5:43pm 
l4d1 infected included...? and on an unrelated note anyone know the beta l4d1 zombies mod...i really want it..
Athon88 Aug 24 @ 4:18pm 
the zombies are worse then default really
Athon88 Aug 24 @ 4:06pm 
no they dont
(_POWER_GLOVE_) Aug 8 @ 4:52am 
the zombies are worse than the deffalt
Smokey420 Aug 5 @ 9:27pm 
im also having the problem with the infected have darker squares all over their clothes. my buddy too