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Walking Corpses
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Jan 19, 2013 @ 6:44pm
Oct 16 @ 6:15pm
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Walking Corpses

This is no longer a run n' gun, race-to-the-saferoom game. This is SURVIVAL HORROR.

There are no survivor bots / AI. Just you and whoever joins your game.

The walkers only die when you pop their heads or magdump into their guts.

Walkers will take you down with one hit so keep your distance. They also start swinging when they get close. Time your attacks accordingly.

You start with no weapons or items so it is imperative to search everywhere.

They are slow and they can't climb most things. Take advantage by taking refuge on high places or behind closed doors.(Does not apply to Survival.)

Your ammo is limited. You can only carry a primary firearm and secondary melee.

Melee weapons have less range so be careful when getting up close and personal with the zombies.

It is very possible to run out of ammo. Search every room for precious ammo and resources.

Lasers are on most maps so look for them. Lasers can be attached to pistols.

How to play:
Enable the mod and start a lobby as campaign, realism, or survival. Host the server.(People without the mod will not be able to join until the next map loads or you return to lobby.)

I used Lt. Rocky's Counterstrike weapon unlocker to create a random item spawning system.
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Nov 17 @ 3:29pm
EDIT 2: Complaint
✪ Jack (TheGamingShpee) ✪
May 17, 2013 @ 3:10am
Dec 14, 2014 @ 9:38pm
Good mod(?)
UltrΩmarine Spitfire
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N¤vα the soviet jackal Nov 22 @ 8:39pm 
didn't this mod used to be more simple? i can recall playing with only slow zombies, headshot only, no specials and thats about it. now its more advanced, but my only problem is removing the bots and using only primaries with melee. i used to use this mod on a huge survival map (liberty city) on a local private server, any way to get the bots back and have regular inventories?
Molly Nov 4 @ 2:45am 
Looking for a mod that basically just makes the zombies slow and maybe adds stuff like low ammo and stuff like this one, but they are just too hard to kill! Like literally a military sniper rifle headshot isn't enough. It's reakky fun I gotta say, but not what I was looking for.
That ain't working Nov 2 @ 7:59am 
2. Grenade launcher, chainsaw, m60- all of them are op as hell. First, it would be good to lower their spawn chance. I would suggest increasing self-damage from grenade launcher much more, and lowering it's ammo to 2 grenades (one loaded, one in reverse) + moving it to throwables slot. I have no idea what can be changed about m60 and chainsaw.
3. Survival doesn't work in dead centre. Idk about rest survival maps.
4. Doors are too strong- I like the fact that doors can stop infected now for a little bit longer, but making them almost impossible to destroy is unrealistic a bit. Same with windows.
That ain't working Nov 2 @ 7:59am 
I played this mod for a while, and here are my thoughts/reflections:
1.Medkits and pain pills are useless. There are few ways to fix it:
-Remove them completly.
-Change the way pain pills works- after taking them it would be possible to survive a single attack from zombie for a dozen or so seconds, while medkit would made it possible to recover yourself after being knocked down (but add some other hitch to keep game balanced). That's the way I would recommend most.
-Make zombies knocking player on easy by 6 hits, on medium by 4, on hard by 2, and by one only in expert. Just remove them in expert.
Kyle Oct 12 @ 1:03pm 
no offense, but is "zombies rapidly baby-stepping" really the closest thing anyone can get to actual undead-like shuffling we see in the old films? I mean come on people! I expect more from the modding community here!
andreacorae75 Oct 3 @ 6:55pm 
can you do the corpse dont disappear please if you do it you are a boss!
The_Reaper95 Oct 1 @ 12:38pm 
There are some issues with this mod. Notably the counterstrike weapons spawn left-handed and it gets pretty frustrating. The zombie animations are a bit, stiff and hordes are pretty much impossible to deal with.

Not to mention, One hit kills against players is way too much when a lot of the times you will clearly hit a zombie and guns do no damage meaning you're just wasting ammo... If the author knows a way I could manually increase the health a bit to something more realistic from my end then that would be great...
Baphomet  [author] Aug 24 @ 1:49pm 
I'd end up custom making mods for every person that asked. I have this mod balanced to how I like it and I've shared it with everyone on the workshop. I'm going to keep it like this. Sorry.
Grey and empty Aug 23 @ 9:00pm 
Baphomet, can you make them climb again, add bots survivors and make alternative version of this mod?
Cleatus Aug 16 @ 6:07am 
OK, that makes more sense (when you said start a campaign, I thought this was a campaign not just a mod for the main game). I did try it out and I think the weapon spawns are too random. Sometimes you will get a sniper rifle with 90 rounds, sometimes 4 pipebombs, and once I even saw a pile of defibulators.