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CDM Ether Rings
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Jan 19, 2013 @ 5:44am
Mar 18, 2013 @ 7:42am
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CDM Ether Rings

1 this version here will no longer be updated
Requires only updated version of skyrim
items use CDME Namespace so to prevent conflict from mods and main game.
its compatible with patch 1.9.x
Compatible with SKSE SKYUI and more mods.

You will need to buy them from now on at Belethor General goods in Whiterun.Each ring cost 10000+ gold. expensive but worth while.

Ehtereal Crafter is enchantment that gives:
20 alchemy
20 blacksmith
20 enchanting
100 max carrey gets increased dependign on your skill if enchanting
can be placed on necklace only.

Ethreal Mage:
All Spell cost are 0.
Place able body only.

if combine with cdm black trader vani the effects of the enchants can be majorly enhanced. Like from in the one picture, as long you wear the ring first so that you get the spell power buff.

1 standard conflict that one cant avoid if you have esp that overwrite same thign from skyrim as long it not an own esm then it will be over written.
simply put you can only have 1 esp over writte one area if you have 2 then the one that loads last count to buy multiple items and still own both need switch load order as long you switch it items from other wont be deleted just you cant buy it at the current trader.
if want best compatility need a major mod that changes lot of stuff be an esm then one can still add in to skyrim and other will still load properly and then both items be added thats the main reason why some stuff not properly load cause 1 workshop doesnt support esm from players and 2 by getting them from nexus as esm instead it will work lot better cause from skyrim nexus you can get mods that both esm and esp and can be up to 5 mega byte big size wise and complexety wise nexus has better modding support then steam workshop.