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5 Minute read, Complete Dota2 Guide [Terms, Roles, Jargons, team composition, strats]
By Invincible
The guide explains the basic gameplay mechanics to ABSOLUTE beginner.
It includes:
Different Types of Roles
Successful Team Compisition
Helpful Links
AFK - Away from keyboard, sometimes people use this term as if someone is not here or moving or doing anything.
Aggro - The tower is aiming and attacking you since you're in the opponents turrent range where it can cause damage to you.
AoE - Area of Effect.
B - To retreat or to recall back to the fountain to regain full health and mana and to buy items if possible.
Build – The items that you buy for your hero to fight. (Like boots, wand, etc)
CC - Crowd Control (stun, snare, slow, knockup etc.)
MIA - Missing In Action, someone is away from the lane
SS - "Miss", EU version of MIA
GJ - Good Job
GG - Good Game, usually said in /all chat when the game ends
TL, ML, BL - Top, Middle and Bottom lanes
Top, Mid, Bot - See above
DMG - Damage
CS - Creep Score or Creeps Slain
DPS - Damage Per Second
WP - Well played
CD - Cooldown
AS - Attack speed
N1 - Nice one.
MS - Movement Speed
Passive – Your "ability" that is activated (on at all times). Some passives have CD.
TP -Teleport
Squishy - Easy to kill, low health
Feeding - A poor player who has given the enemies lots of kills
Fed - Met up with a feeder
Combo - A heross standard combination of skills to deal damage
Gank - Surprise attack on your lane, most commonly by the enemy jungler
Warding - Usually the support or the jungler putting up wards so that the map is seen better
Skillshot - A skill that needs to be aimed
Juke - The act of moving side to side to dodge a skillshot
Creep - A minion
Neutral Creep - Neutral jungle minions
Laning Phase - Early game, everyone's laning
Counter Jungle - Invading the enemy jungle to somehow damage the enemy jungler
Aura - Something that gives an effect to those around it.
Simply put, a role is a specific job that benefits a team composition in some way. There are many roles and some of them are almost mandatory for a successful team, while others are optional depending on how your team likes to play.

Think of your team composition like a cake; there's frosting and toppings and layers of dough and a plate. That's a good cake. If you had a team of all frosting the cake would just be a horrible messy pile on your table. Try to keep thinking about this while the guide progresses.

There are many different roles on the team and they all need to do different things in order to accomplish the same task. Each role has it's own characteristics that make it what it is. For example one of the most important roles on any team is the Tank. The Tank characteristically has Magic Resist, Armour and Health so that it can take lots of hits from opponents. This benefits the team by taking the damage off of other heros with way less HP and Armour and all that.
Types Of Roles
  • Tank/Durable: The tank has high health, high armour and high magic resistance which allows it to take attacks from multiple opponents, keeping the pressure off more vulnerable teammates. The tank has to initiate fights in order for the teammates to run in and deal damage without getting focused down quickly
    eg: Axe, Dragon Knight, Tiny, Dark seer, Beastmaster, etc
  • Carry: They need to be "carried" through the early game stages by teammates. Late game they're still squishy, but with a good farm and some kills they have the highest consistent damage output on the team. They "carry" the team to a victory.
    eg: AntiMage, Panthom Lancer, Morphling, Medusa, spectre, etc
  • Support: Here's another pretty important role. The support can't really take any hits and it certainly can't do much damage, but the support role carries it's weight by assisting it's team with CC, counter CC, buffs, heals, debuffs, map vision and so much more. Early game they normally stick with the carry to let him or her farm safely.
    eg: Jakiro, Crystal Maiden, Wisp, Shadow demon, Omni knight, etc
  • Jungler:The jungler does a variety of things to aid the team. Firstly and most importantly he or she has NO lane, which gives another member of the team a solo lane allowing them to get more gold and XP to level up more quickly. The jungler clears the jungle to get gold and XP, killing creep camps. The jungler also has to perform 'ganks' for the team, jumping out of the jungle to help a teammate kill an enemy in their lane before returning to kill more creeps.
    eg: Chen, Enchantress, Lycanthrope, Natures Prophet, etc
  • Ganker: A unique and certainly important role, gankers usually play solo mid as they depend on levels. The ganker's main role is to shut down enemy carry before he gets enough farm for late game domination. He needs to have constant rune control and engage in teamfights.
    eg: Pudge, Templar Assasin, Queen of pain, Nightstalker, etc
  • Nuker:This is most commonly an Intelligence hero, known as a caster. They do not have consistent damage output but they can instead employ their cooldowns to dish out some S-E-R-I-O-U-S damage during teamfights or 1v1, known as nuking.
    eg: Lina, Lion, Zeus, Puck, etc
  • {usher: Pushing a lane is often important to win a game. The main role of a pusher is to use his spells or damage to take down towers and kill creeps instantly. He has to survive in teamfights so his team can take advantage of the respawn times of opposition to take down tower or two.
    eg: Leshrac, Lycanthrope, Nature's Prophet, Chen, Enchantress, etc
Sucessful team composition
I have compiled a checklist for you to follow when compiling a team:

Do we have a carry?
Do we have a nuker?
Do we have a jungler?
Do we have a tank/support?
Do we have two ranged heros?
Do we have two melee heros?
Do we have 3 or more CC's (stun, slow)?
Do we have variety (AoE's, 1v1 duelists, bursts)?
Will we get destroyed early game?
Helpful links and other guides
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