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Profitable Alchemy Recipes
By sad bear
This is just a list of alchemy recipes, made from ingredients you can purchase, for leveling and profit purposes.
This list was created with an eye towards fast, sustainable leveling:
All recipes only contain ingredients which you can buy, and the most accessible (that is, consisting of fairly profitable and common ingredients) have been listed alongside the most profitable.

For the most part, these recipes attempt to make the best use of the ingredients involved--that is, I have avoided listing ingredients in certain combinations if they can be used in another recipe for more profit.

(The ultimate goal, of course, is to have zero perks in Alchemy, and use the Fortify Restoration / Enchanting loop instead to boost potions.)

Feel free to leave recipes for other accessible + profitable potions in the comments.

Simple List

Generally speaking, save your Giant's Toes and Creep Clusters for these recipes:
  • Giant's Toe + Blue Butterfly Wing + Blue Mountain Flower
  • Giant's Toe + Creep Cluster + Wheat
These two are far and away the most profitable recipes for bought ingredients.


Non-Giant's Toe Recipes:
  • One or Both of the following: Chaurus Eggs, Luna Moth Wing
    + Namira's Rot
    + Vampire Dust (if you used only one of the starter ingredients)

  • One or Both of the following: Luna Moth Wing, Vampire Dust
    + Garlic
    + Chaurus Eggs (if you used only one of the starter ingredients)

  • Chaurus Eggs + Luna Moth Wing + Vampire Dust
  • Deathbell + Salt Pile + One of the following:
    Jazbay Grapes
    Rock Warbler Egg
    Abecean Longfin (Fortify Restoration ingredient)
    Cyrodilic Spadetail (Fortify Restoration ingredient)
    River Betty
    Dwarven Oil
    Bleeding Crown
    Giant Lichen
    Pine Thrush Egg
  • Mora Tapinella + Scaly Pholiota + One of the following:
    Hawk Beak
    River Betty
  • River Betty + Salt Pile + One of the following:
    Hawk Beak
  • Imp Stool + Canis Root + One of the following:
    Slaughterfish Egg
    Slaughterfish Scales
  • Glow Dust + Hanging Moss + One of the following:
    Snowberries (Fortify Enchanting ingredient)

Lastly, keep an eye out for Hagraven Claws, Snowberries, Spriggan Saps; and Abecean Longfins, Cyrodilic Spadetails, Salt Piles during the course of your leveling for Fortify Enchanting and Fortify Restoration, respectively.

Potion List

The following screenshots were all taken at 15 Alchemy. Each table is labeled at the top with the primary alchemy effect and the two or so common ingredients which each of the entries share.

Same list as above, just different presentation.

Potion of Fortify Health
Giant's Toe Base
+ Blue Butterfly Wing
+ Blue Mountain Flower
+ Creep Cluster
+ Wheat

Potion of Invisibility
+ Chaurus Eggs
+ Luna Moth Wing
+ Namira's Rot
+ Luna Moth Wing
+ Vampire Dust
+ Garlic
+ Charus Eggs
+ Luna Moth Wing
+ Vampire Dust

Note on Poison of Slow:
This table has a lot of redundancies. I've listed them all to maximize the options--many of these ingredients are quite common with the apothecaries. So the main limiting factor in the creation of this particular potion is probably going to be how frequently you get Deathbell in stock.

Poison of Slow
Deathbell + Salt Pile Base
+ Jazbay Grapes
+ Taproot
+ Dwarven Oil
+ Rock Warbler Egg
+ Abecean Longfin
+ Cyrodilic Spadetail
+ River Betty
+ Bee
+ Bone Meal
+ Bleeding Crown
+ Giant Lichen
+ Pine Thrush Egg

Note on Potion of Fortify Carry Weight:
Mora + Scaly does not produce Fortify Carry Weight--they produce Fortify Illusion and Regen Stamina. But Fortify Carry Weight is an alchemy effect of Scaly, and Carry has a high value, so the goal here is to take advantage of that with Hawk Beak or River Betty, which produce Carry.

Potion of Fortify Carry Weight
Mora Tapinella + Scaly Pholiota Base
+ Hawk Beak
+ River Betty

Poison of Slow
River Betty + Salt Pile Base
+ Hawk Beak
+ Garlic
+ Nirnroot

Poison of Paralysis
Canis Root + Imp Stool Base
Slaughter Fish Scales
or Slaughter Fish Eggs
(same result)

Poison of Damage Magicka Regen
Glow Dust + Hanging Moss Base
+ Wheat
+ Snowberries
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Evelo Jan 12, 2014 @ 6:40pm 
Creep Cluster + Mora Tapinella + Scaly Pholiota is really good if you grow your own crops using a homemade place in the Hearthfire DLC Creep and Scaly harvest 5 per plant while Mora grows 3 per plant. Good way to level and easy money without the hassle of farming.
Mellori ♪ Oct 27, 2013 @ 2:57am 
Also, River Betty + Salt Pile + Red Mountain Flower = Big Profit
Mellori ♪ Oct 27, 2013 @ 2:01am 
Blisterwort + Blue Butterfly Wing + Blue Mountain Flower = A bit better than average profit.
Arod Snaux Mar 14, 2013 @ 1:45pm 
๖ۣۜShadow XII: Ultimate Smithing, Enchanting and Alchemy ... think of it as a "User Guide" to this guide's "Cookbook".

It shows how to hit game-legal maximum crafting potential (weapons hit for 300-500 points per swing, 95% mana reduction, 95% immunity, 850 armor in all slots), then also shows all the exploits (which stats are MUCH higher).

sad bear is right though, if you do all the tricks it really breaks the game, so I highly recommend sticking to his recipies and the "normal" way of levelling and crafting. resto-chugging is really only good for when you need to powerlevel quickly.
๖Shadow XII Mar 14, 2013 @ 7:36am 
@sad bear

Thanks for the tip... I'll certainly give it a shot. I'm already hunting a Falmer helmet because I know you can wear it over a hood for more +alchemy. First I gotta boost Enchanting.
sad bear  [author] Mar 14, 2013 @ 6:29am 
@๖ۣۜShadow XII,

Significant mechanical spoilers following, you may not want to actually read the answer to your question:

Alchemy gets broken once you put on some Fortify Alchemy equipment and drink some Fortify Restoration potions (that's what Arod Snaux means by resto-chugging). You need to meet certain minimum values for these to break through diminishing returns, but the basic mechanics are that Fortify Alchemy is considered a Restoration enchantment effect, and drinking Fortify Restoration will boost the Alchemy enchantment. This allows you to create stronger and stronger Restoration potions (you need to unequip and re-equip the Alchemy items for the effect to register with each drink), eventually causing you to reach absurd levels of potion efficacy and value. This, of course, can then be further exploited to produce Fortify Enchanting and Smithing potions.
๖Shadow XII Mar 14, 2013 @ 2:27am 
@Arod Snaux, what the hell? What did you make that potion out of?

Also, Giant's Toe and Wheat. Holy shit.
Arod Snaux Mar 12, 2013 @ 10:33pm 
Thanks for this; its great to see quality guides on one of my favorite skyrim topics (I'm serious, check out my mods, they are all Alchemy related lol).

Alchemy has always been the red-haired stepchild in Elder Scrolls games. It's way too weak and expensive... until you suddenly "figure it all out", then it basically breaks the game. I still remember levelling entire cities with a single arrow in Morrowind, and Skyrim is not much different, especially if you are resto-chugging... I've got one potion that sells for 270,000 gold, enough to max out your Speech skill just for selling it.

If you are having troubles getting ingredients, there are several mods out there: 83Willow's 101Bugs, Blitz' Improved Fish add lots of new Ingredients types and improve spawning, while my own Fishing In Skyrim mod makes catching fish a lot easier, especially those ever-in-demand River betties and abacean longfins.
(hiGHLY TALEnted) gorin ᕦ(ò_ó*)ᕤ Mar 12, 2013 @ 12:08am 
Alchemy is ridiculous, needs to be more useful but less... overpowered I guess.
I make potions that do like 80+ poison damage (which would suck if I didn't have mods that overhauled perk trees, I actually use them often) but others such as a paralyse effect which lasts TWENTY SEVEN SECONDS and is worth almost 2k each... wtf
sad bear  [author] Mar 11, 2013 @ 7:59pm 
Hey people. I added some screenshots that show the alchemy effects that are made with each combination. A table listing each ingredient's individual effects is still to come. Sorry this is taking so long.