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The Ultimate NS2 Basics Tutorial: From Noob to Vet (Updated!)
By TychoCelchuuu
This series of videos will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of Natural Selection 2. No more confusion! Learn to be a team player, learn to be a commander, learn what everything does, learn it all!
Marine Basics
Alien Basics
Skulk Basics
Gorge Basics
Lerk Basics
Fade Basics
Onos Basics
What Should I Be Doing?
Tutorial Update - Gorgeous and Build 250
Tutorial Update - Build 252
Alien Commander Basics
Alien Commander Strategies and Tactics
Marine Commander Basics
Marine Commander Strategies and Tactics
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Laosh'Ra May 22 @ 6:32am 
first video is a bit outdated at certain parts:
armory replenishes just as fast if there are many people using it at the same time (the "diminishing" they had for a while was removed again).
sprinting is not limited anymore.
crouching has another benefit: enemies cannot hear your movement while crouching.
whips don't knock grenades back anymore.

but anyway, nice explaination of common tactics and tips.
slay3roflight May 10 @ 12:56pm 
very good :)
pyroreaper May 2 @ 9:07am 
FurbyLover Apr 6 @ 2:23pm 
These were really helpful
Thanks Man!
TychoCelchuuu  [author] Apr 2 @ 10:21pm 
When I made the Marine Tutorial it was not possible to exit. If you finish watchign my series of tutorial videos you'll notice that the Tutorial Update - Build 252 mentions you can get out of exosuits now.
Quickdraw6 Apr 2 @ 9:25pm 
It is possible to leave an exosuit actually.. same way you got in
muh sojiny Feb 17 @ 6:11am 
1)thou shalt sneaketh when thou friend sneaketh
2)thou shalt not finish the power
4)thou shalt not steal the command chair
5)thou shalt have an outlet for thy aggression
6)thou shalt lose thy appetite
7)thou shalt phase when requested
8)thou shalt chase the onos
9)thou shalt turn off thy flashlight if possible
10)thou shalt use the voice transmitter
B!gH@cK3r. Jan 3 @ 1:44pm 
Very, very and very helpful. I like these guys who makes some full tutorials for newbies like me. Professional and funny : "bravo" from France !
Sisin Dec 22, 2013 @ 1:59pm 
Yeah, really awesome work mate! Thanks a lot.
Artorias of the Abyss Dec 10, 2013 @ 2:30pm 
Awesome videos, you could add in-depth information on how to use certain weapons. Like sniping skulks on RTs with the pistol if you can see a part of them underneath the extractor. Or maybe how to use the assault rifle and pistol together.