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Mech Marines
Genre: Action, Strategy
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, French, German
Jan 18, 2013 @ 6:49am
Jan 22 @ 4:07am
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What we have done in the last weeks...
New missile attack and defense system
  • The difference between the old system (Metal Marines) and the new system (Mech Marines) is that all attacking missiles start at the same time in one round.
  • The missile building allows 2 missiles per battery now.
  • The anti-air missile building is loaded with 4 AA missiles per battery.
  • There are new powerful impact animations in the game.
  • The system is implemented in the multiplayer mode now.

New mechs
  • In Mech Marines, the mechs can be upgraded 2 times. They get more powerful after each upgrade.
  • We added some new particle effects for the weapons
  • The attack area was cut off visually with a black border like in Metal Marines
  • The path finding system for the mechs was overhauled
  • The mechs are implemented in the multiplayer mode now

Some GUI elements were changed
  • The GUI for the weapon selection was overhauled to allow a faster setup of mechs
  • The attack interface was adapted for the multiplayer mode
  • Some new options were added to the main GUI
  • A new lobby window was created for the multiplayer mode

  • Added a simple lobby, which lists games in your location
  • You are able to host your own online game
  • Once a new room has been created and another player has joined the room, you will be able to chat with the other player. You will also be able to choose your map/island.
  • The hosting player is able to change some additional settings:
    1. Game speed
    2. Number of bases
    3. Money at the beginning of the game
    4. Energy at the beginning of the game
    Some of the options may not be available in the multiplayer beta release.

    Buildup system
    • The buildup animations for the buildings were changed:
    • More modern effects
    • Better performance
    • The whole game is playable in multiplayer now

    • One of the hardest parts was how to design the multiplayer mode. We decided to use a peer to peer solution to avoid monthly server costs and because Mech Marines was intended to be a 1 vs 1 game in the first place.
      Maybe we will add a 2 vs 2 mode in the future. However, that would also have an impact on the gameplay. So, let´s wait until we have some feedback from the community ;)

    Two different islands were created for the beta
    • There are two new and small islands, intended for the placement of only one base.
      This guarantees a lot of fun and helps newbies to learn the gameplay of Mech Marines

    The grid
    • We have tried to make the grid and placement of buildings finer but decided to undo this because of some impacts on the gameplay.
    • Two new buildings are in the game now
    • Dummy base to fool your opponent
    • Disguise your buildings. This will change the appearance of a building to look like some palm trees (for the opponent).
    • The ICBM is not implemented in the beta

    What we need to do until the Beta release of
    Mech Marines:

    GUI programming:
    • Fix some bugs in the attack menu
    • Add a countdown timer to the mech attack (60 seconds)
    • Implement a “give up” function in the attack mode
    • Implement an abort function for the attacker
    • Implement an ingame chat
    • The scrolling function needs some fine tuning

    • New ambient sounds for attacks like alarm and so on...
    • Add new sound effects and music in general
    • Master the sounds

    • Implement the anti-air defense against the dropship
    • Fix some bugs in the particle system
    • Implement fog and shadows
    • Add cloud shadow projections to the terrain
    • Performance check, FPS and graphic settings
    • Perform some tests on Linux / Port to Linux

    General Game Launcher:
    for informations, friendlists and lobby and so on...

Mech Marines - Tutorial released
Build up your island with unique buildings. Defend it at all cost. Utilize your Mech Marines to protect yourself and to destroy the enemy. Equip them with various weapons. Play online against your friends.

Mech Marines was inspired by the old SNES game Metal Marines (1993) by Namco Bandai Games.

Key Features
  • Fast and action-packed gameplay (realtime)
  • Modern 3D look
  • 12 unique buildings provide a simple and fast gameplay with many strategic possibilities
  • Now with the long awaited multiplayer mode

  • Most parts of the base mechanics are implemented
  • Building models are overhauled (new)
  • Terrain and vegetation overhauled

Coming soon
  • A.I. for the mechs while the player is not controlling or commanding them
  • New missile attack and defend system
  • New Particle System
  • New Terrain / Maps for multiplayer demo
  • New Mech Marines Demo with multiplayer mode

Demo / Test

Download Mech Marines Demo v0.8.1a:

Info: You should probably use medium graphic settings, because it is not optimized yet. Unfortunately, there is no tutorial for the game.

System requirements
  • Windows XP or later, Mac and Linux
  • Graphics card with DirectX 9 level (shader model 2.0) capabilities. Any card made since 2004 should work
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Byte Trail Software  [author] Aug 6 @ 7:23am 
Hehe yes, this demo is very old. In the new beta there is all in :).
Best regards :)
Arkaeon the Chosen Aug 6 @ 5:11am 
Yes i checked the demo on the Steam page, but missed a lot of features; no decoy, no fake bases, and marine's attack often hang up and forced you to exit the game unable to continue. If i may give a suggestion about the Mech, is their attitude to "rush into melee". The Mech specific weapons is a nice addition, but if they just rush into melee asap, won't use the ranged weapons much. My 2 cents.
Byte Trail Software  [author] Aug 5 @ 1:23pm 
Hello Arkaeon the Chosen :), thanks for the positive comment. If you like the old SNES version of Metal Marines, you also will like our old "Demo" of Mech Marines.

Try it out, its hard but fun. :)

The new version of Mech Marines, comes out with a "open beta" soon. (we will try the multiplayer mode). Maybe we will see us as opponent? :D

Best regards,
the ByteTrail- Team
Arkaeon the Chosen Aug 5 @ 6:54am 
Keep up the good work!. always loved the original game! A similiar russian game called "Direct hit" is coming out those days, but has no marines, just missiles, while this project is keeping alive the true flaw of the original Metal Marines.
Jolinah  [author] Apr 17 @ 11:37am 
Thanks! We are getting closer to a free demo version (also called public beta test ;) and hope you will like it. But there is still some work to do.
harmonymaster Apr 16 @ 9:25pm 
I am thrilled to hear that this game is being made. Good job on the work done so far! Im glad that this classic type game is being preserved and is not selling out to be a free to play like some of the old classics are.
Patcoola Apr 11 @ 1:42am 
It's about time someone made a Metal Marines game, please don't f this up.
Byte Trail Software  [author] Feb 20 @ 11:17am 
Haha, okay. Im sure it is interesting to see the old version how it run with 3 monitors :P. But im sure this is not for the mass :D. We use two :).

Best regards :D
gezzer Feb 20 @ 2:21am 
Well maybe yes, maybe no. I guess the windows version I played was just an enhanced version of the 3.1 version, the Snes was pretty cool too. It's just that I use Nvidia surround with 3 1920x1200 monitors and the idea of having one island on each monitor in windows and then having it use the windows mechanic, super cool.
But to be honest I'll take whatever I can get. The only reason I know about this is because I tried to run the CD and it didn't work so I did a search. Now I'm waiting with baited breath to see this come out. No pressure.
Byte Trail Software  [author] Feb 19 @ 3:32am 
Hello gezzer,

yes, Mech Marines is based on Metal Marines. We are trying to create a more modern "remake" with some different and optimized gameplay, but with the old feeling of Metal Marines.
Because we are adding a multiplayer mode, we had to make some important changes. For example the attacks will be faster, so that other players don't have to wait 2 minutes on every attack.

And we know the windows version of Metal Marines. But the Snes version i think was much better :D.