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Unlock Alice: Madness Returns DLC in Steam
By Dani
Unlock Alice: Madness Returns DLC (weapons and dresses)
Alice: Madness Returns DLC

If you want to unlock all dresses and weapons:

1 - Go to the game folder located in Documents:

Libraries > Documents > My Games > Alice Madness Returns > AliceGame > Config

2 - Open the file AliceEngine.ini with Notepad.

3 - Find the line


4 - Change FALSE to TRUE:


5 - Save the changes and close.

And now run the game Alice: Madness Returns and enjoy!

When you unlock the DLC (new dresses and weapons), you can also see "American McGee's Alice" in the main menu, but you haven't got installed the game in your computer (because it's only for Origin version), so... It's impossible to run it.

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ℭocoa #AFK Sep 9 @ 8:13pm 
Better do this and replay I guess xD
Alison Sep 3 @ 2:02pm 
Already finished it before I found this x.x
Yaz Jul 27 @ 9:21am 
I try but "Alice McGee's Alice" dnt work, i click "Play" and exit my game instantly.
Madame Rose♥ Jul 23 @ 2:38pm 
TOOO late xD I finished the game and now.... i dont need it D:
J-Bear Jul 21 @ 7:03pm 
Bah! I wish I saw this before. I would have liked to use to catnip suit to make the game harder! Thanks for posting!
Gloompy Grumpy Jul 18 @ 3:13am 
LOL! and i bought that "DLC" on PS3 Thanks, works perfectly.
Misaio the Demoness Jul 5 @ 2:33pm 
For those that are having trouble, mine was not called "AliceEngine.ini" it was "DefaultEngine".
Thanks man, it works very well! DxD
Lulu Jun 28 @ 7:58pm 
Ooooh :D
Heather Mason Jun 28 @ 7:36am 
Thank You! Works Perfectly! :D x