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Deathcraft II (Part 1 of 7)
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Jan 18, 2013 @ 1:52am
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Deathcraft II
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As the last minecart leaves the town, the survivors are forced to find another way to safety. A Left 4 Dead 2 campaign based on Minecraft. A short-medium length campaign. Part 1 of 7

IMPORTANT: Disable other addons when playing this campaign. and disable these addons when not playing this campaign. Otherwise you may be recieving crashes, consistency errors, or errors with models outside of the campaign. I cannot stress this enough.
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Jun 20 @ 8:08am
Can't play campaign due to "the requested map is unavailable" *FIXED
Jul 11 @ 5:20pm
"Server is enforcing consistency for the file: models/infected/hunter.mdl
Jun 29 @ 3:27am
Can't download.
Hatless ZombieHunter
< >
cyberpunk 20 hours ago 
это крутая карта
dmakarov1999 Jul 29 @ 7:49am 
как скачать
Trolling guy CZ Jul 29 @ 7:40am 
@BagelCat i think you dont need them :)
Lt.Blackcoat Jul 26 @ 9:10am 
Works fine for me, Huge file (1GB 7 parts) but a nice fully moded (had some of my own overridding it mind) campain.

Dispite its size (and its 5 maps) you will fiinish the game about at the same time of a ordanary one.

The Snow effect hurt my eyes bad.

Some nice fetures throughout.

Felt great and emersive (like your playing minecraft even, but differnt and in apocolipes mode)

The redstone glow was amazing!

Serrius glitch at the end when a AI climb the last ladder...and just stod there (blocking it alwell) they then where traped behind a wood wall still stuck when I activated the radio (that one seemed to override my mod)...but when the boat arrived she teleported onto it so it was fine.

Wonderful job.
Pigzit™ Jul 24 @ 6:52pm 
Do I need the minecraft weapons and common zombies and special infected charecters/addons loaded?
Aion Ghost Jul 21 @ 4:29am 
awesome map
Aion Ghost Jul 21 @ 4:29am 
PLSSS make 3rd part
C.J. Jul 17 @ 11:15am 
minecraf game
Deranged Charmander Jul 16 @ 12:11pm 
um whenever i try to play it, it loads, then brings me back to the title screen. Any advice?
KVboss1 Jul 15 @ 6:05pm 
guys i found out it does not matter if it says they conflict eachother, as long as all the other non-minecraft addons are off.