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Back To School Campaign
Back to School is a full featured Left 4 Dead 2 campaign. The storyline doesn't interfere with original game and offers completly new setting of Borden city, struggling to survive in an epidemic apocalypse alongside with original 4 heroes. They're getting a chance to save themselves, since USA marines are coming in town and not falling back this time. But during the battle apogee something goes terribly wrong and local school - the most safe place in city - turns out to be a death trap.

Campaign Features:
- SIX absolutely new maps in both Versus and Campaign modes
- Ten brand new Panic Event
- New type of the final
- Non-linearity
- Dozens of new models and textures
- "Cinematic physics"
- New Color Correction and particles systems

<<We're still working! More updates soon!>>

If you have some problems - Read this guide - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=135782335

The plot:
Five days have passed from the beginning of epidemic. In five days outbreak swept all north regions of USA. Despite the efforts of local authorities and military, all attempts to stop the epidemic have failed. Cities were left by all living things. (All living thing have left cities.) Borden was one of those cities.

Four our heroes, hiding in the woods near the city, have received information about the upcoming operation of the U.S. Army. Military forces are coming back from the south to clean up the city from the infection. Evacuation points were declared in old strongholds, that had been located in the most important places in the city and had held out the longest time. Our survivors have decided to go to the nearest stronghold - local high school.
Items (7)
Back To School (Chapter 1)
Created by 100_o/o_f@ke
Part 1 out of 7
This part contain: Chapter 1 - Forest

Having abandoned cozy forest camp, heroes struggle out of thickets to forester house. Forester has barricaded the gorge, but infected dashed from the other side. Not much a lone sniper can do agains...
Back To School (Chapter 2)
Created by 100_o/o_f@ke
Part 2 out of 7
This part contain: Chapter 2 - Railroad Station

In case of a disaster, people always try to escape from it using all available ways. One of the places where poor citizens rushed to was railway station. But among the terrified angry mob ...
Back To School (Chapter 3)
Created by 100_o/o_f@ke
Part 3 out of 7
This part contain: Chapter 3 - Town

The city is full of places where a common citizen would rather not go to. Construction sites, sewers and other utility lines. But during a zombie apocalypse the least inhabitant places are the safest ...
Back To School (Chapter 4)
Created by 100_o/o_f@ke
Part 4 out of 7
This part contain: Chapter 4 - Cinema

Is there any hope? The police station is on fire, and no one knows who made a greater contribution. Was it insane infected? Or was it a mad war machine? But we must move forward. Away from the sten...
Back To School (Chapter 5)
Created by 100_o/o_f@ke
Part 5 out of 7
This part contain: Chapter 5 - Church

When the hell poured out on streets, people began to look for three things - weapons, food and safety. Our heroes found weapons in the police station, now it's time to find supplies. Looting... This...
Back To School (Chapter 6)
Created by 100_o/o_f@ke
Part 6 out of 7
This part contain: Chapter 6 - School Finale

Chemistry... Very few people during an emergency thinks about such things as danger and at the same time need of water and fire.The war machine came off the rails, the fire continues. School...
Back To School (Models, Textures, etc.)
Created by 100_o/o_f@ke
Part 7 out of 7
This part is obligatory and contain: Textures, Models, Sounds, Scripts, Particles.

Campaign Features:
  • SIX absolutely new maps in both Versus and Campaign modes
  • Ten brand new Panic Event
  • New type of the fi
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where is the last container though , we cant seem to find it
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The poster reminds me of an Indonesian flag
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such map so great lol
Spineking Dec 4 @ 6:54am 
Lol i like that everyone is complaining about cutting the cable with the axe not working and i was like will this wave evr stop? (I was playing on advanced with 3 randoms) and when i stopped i was like "Well but we dont have an axe?) So i just hit it once with my golf club and the screen broke down...
TAN Dec 2 @ 7:38am 
LilG Dec 1 @ 3:28am 
This is a fun campaign to play,but I had to experiment with my other mods to play this without crashing. There was an issue where I couldn't cut the cable with the axe for some reason,even though I had an axe on me so I didn't need to get the axe from the corpse.
Horde Nov 26 @ 3:52pm 
Unable to cut the conduit in the theater room with the axe provided. Happened on two different days with different players.
Bianca Nov 22 @ 11:08am 
Crashed while loading the second level. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!
gliscor96 Nov 7 @ 10:43pm 
any chance you'll concider making a version where all, if not at the very least most, of the parts are merged together to some extent? 7 parts to what seems like an amazing mod is deffinitely a bit much concidering equally good mods do it just as well with less parts
(말안느) Do not say Nov 3 @ 12:10am