Left 4 Dead 2

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Tanks Playground
Infected: Tank
Game Content: Campaigns
Game Modes: Co-op, Versus, Survival
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Jan 17, 2013 @ 11:24pm
Dec 24, 2013 @ 5:32am
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Tanks Playground

Version 2.7

My tribute to the Tank Fever series by Lain.
Survive the tanks for 10 minutes until rescue arrives!
13 to 15 tanks at most in Normal, Advanced and Expert modes (all are beatable). Less tanks in Easy.
3 possible rescue points.
A player who falls into the water will be teleported to the rescue closet.

The first stage only has Tier 1 weapons but you get better ones once you go up the tower. Even though tanks are limited to 2 in survival, you'll sometimes get 3 tanks at once.

There are 7 stages:
1. Tower "Garden" & Roof: Beginning
2. Glass Bridge: Hold the end of the bridge (with bridge door trap)
3. Peanut Island: Say "Hi!" to Peanut and the "Brain Dead" mower trap
4. Ladder defense: Defend until the ladder is down
5. Zombie Run: Fight your way through the horde to reach Pillars Island
6. Pillars Island: Defend your way into the tower
7. Submarine Vault: Escape the island in the Submarine! (Can one escape a survival map?)

A stage won't start if you haven't completed the previous one.

Coop map, by night.
Please note: this is experimental, for fun, not thoroughly tested.

  • Players who fall and die after hanging on a ledge can't be defibrilated (game limitation).
  • Bots won't heal if a tank is in play (AI limitation)

Have fun and if you like the map, consider joining the group, Tanks Playground L4D2 (TankPlaygrnd) to connect with other players and submit bugs/ideas.

Thanks to Necrofries and Lain.

2.7 (2013-12-24):
# Coop
- Tweaked the nav to fix the regressions introduced by the Enhanced
Mutation System

# Survival
- Tweaked the nav around the stage 6 tower
- Tweaked the stage 7 elevator timings, infected shouldn't drop from
the tower hole until the sub is ready
- New infected ladder on the glass tower at stage 1. It activates some
time after the tower has opened but before stage 1 ammo runs out
- Removed the stools at the submarine command center

Complete changelog is available in the vpk : l4d2_tanksplayground_readme.txt
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GravitonCleric1 Jul 11 @ 8:06am 
Does anyone know about how to get different types of tanks on the Coop map. We ended up fighting, jumper tanks, meteor tanks, gravity tanks...etc, can anyone explain this or is it actually part of the tanks playground??? Thanks.
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the mod kinda made the finale fr the passing impossible. It jus spawned tanks non stop and it only happened after i downloaded ths add on
♊ FUR-Tuna Captor ♊ Jul 4 @ 10:01pm 
The tank music for this map is over riding my tank music mods. How do i fix this?