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Chocolate Helicopter
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Jan 17, 2013 @ 8:36pm
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This is a chocolate helicopter skin for Left 4 Dead 2, hence the "chocolatey"-ness.
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Maybe the helicopter.....maybe its made of choclate?
Chili Peppers Nov 23 @ 8:48pm 
so the tank gets it all to himself >-<
Mr.Tank.Bhop Oct 10 @ 12:46pm 
Nick: maybe... maybe the chopper is made of chocolate xD
SOF | KRATOS Oct 10 @ 1:21am 
edgarp1 Aug 17 @ 5:22pm 
yay for coach he is lucky heh heh heh
maybe the helicopter
maybe its made of choclate'' nick said
Macaroni™ Aug 3 @ 9:57am 
Maybe the helicopter
Maybe it's made of chocolate
The Marionette Jul 17 @ 3:42am 
WHAT THE FUCK????!!! coach you finally completed your dream
5j4up zj6cl4 Jul 13 @ 11:17pm 
ahhahahahha coach dream come true
peek# always lags badly Jun 17 @ 3:45am 
Nick: FINALLY!!! We're at the chopper! everyone get inside! Coach: i'm so hungry... :O chocolate!! (eats the chopper) Nick: What the hELL Coach! you ate the chopper! then they all died :D (because of coach)
Sergeant Terrik Gaer May 10 @ 7:50pm 
I saw the chocolate helicopter L4D2 with subtitles. It was funny as hell!