Team Fortress 2

Plainwalker's Poncho
Class: Scout
Item Slot: Misc
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Jan 17, 2013 @ 6:59pm
Oct 12, 2014 @ 10:33pm
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"The invention of the poncho was not as epic as the history books may have made it out to be. Leonardo Da Vinci did not come up with the idea during one of his many experiments to create a fabled 'sideless shirt'. The Aztecs did not invent them as some form of flying cloth disk by which lightly rug burn their enemies. They certainly were not used by George Washington to give his troops some form of 'torso invisibility'. All of the stories you were told are lies! No, they came into being because of one man. A man who refused to throw out an old blanket, simply because someone had put a huge head-shaped hole in it. From that point on, the rest was history...

...and despite thousands of years of cloth-based technological advancement, they are just as flammable, and not at all bullet-proof."

Version 1:
Out of all of the items I made for this set, this was by far the most difficult. Not so much syncing it to the scout's body(which was horrible), but the fact that the Scout apparently has 3 different skeletons. I would end up getting the wrong skeleton synced, only to have to do it again with a different one. I ended up redoing this thing from scratch 4 times because of this. Earlier iterations were a lot nicer, but they simply would not stick to the scout's frame. I found I had to make it a lot tighter to his body for it to flex correctly. If that weren't enough, SFM doesn't like it either, so I had to pull some tricks to get it to look right for the promo images.

That said, that's all of the items I had planned for this. It should also be the last batch of "silly" items I'll be doing for a while. I have quite a few serious weapon ideas I'd like to get to instead. I might also go back and do some second passes on my existing items, given what I've learned about the model making process.

Version 2:
Upon revisiting this model, I realized that it was garbage. I scrapped it and went back to the original design. The original called for a baggy arm football player like cloth ensemble. There really isn't much more to say, I was able to pull it off this time(with paint too).