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Improved Bots (Simple)
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Jan 17, 2013 @ 6:33pm
Jul 9, 2013 @ 4:20am
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Improved Bots (Simple)

This addon makes several changes to bots to make them act more like human players and make them more reliable as teammates. They can use melee weapons, rescue you if you die, react quicker to a teammate being attacked by a special infected and much more.

NOTE: While this addon does improve the bots, it doesn't make them perfect. There is no way for me to fix every issue with the bots, but I have improved them in the areas that are possible. I realize they still aren't ideal teammates.

• Bots can use melee weapons.
• Bots will continue to play after you have died instead of ending the game.
• Bots will react much faster to a player being attacked by a special zombie.
• Bots can perform some simple actions, such as closing safe room doors.
• Bots will move around a player instead of shooting through them.
• Bots are much more likely to save their first aid kits for a player.
• Bots will try to stay in a tighter group with the player.

• Works for all official game modes.
• This addon doesn't block Steam achievements.
• This version of the addon is ideal for single player, multiplayer with bots or servers.

Fan Quotes
"Makes the bots more pleasant."
"This file is so necessary it's not funny."

I try to offer quick support for all of my addons. If you have any issues or questions, please post a comment and I will respond as soon as I can. Please don't comment on my profile or add me as a friend just to ask questions or make suggestions. That's what the comments section below is for, and I will answer all questions posted there.
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東京喰種 Kaneki Ken Aug 29 @ 8:30am 
I swear i never subsribed to this and poof i have it
Most Wanted Saint The DJ Aug 15 @ 11:43pm 
File resource/ui/spectatorsurvivor.res collides in VPKs:
Mutchy Kid Aug 13 @ 2:14am 
A bot wouldn't follow me into the elevator so I couldn't continue the mission..
Ender of Games Aug 8 @ 9:54am 
@[Girl] Bloodstained Dress

Before launching L4D2, input this command in your launch options:

+allow_all_bot_survivor_team 1
JakeTheDog Jul 29 @ 6:33pm 
@SaSHa Pony

this mod is ment for singleplayer. but if you must play with a friend useing this mod, have him download this mod. There is a 50-50% that this will work. if it dosen't, i cant help you with out a look in to your l4d2 data.
SaSHa Pony Jul 18 @ 5:32pm 
so the advanced version and normal version both are giving me this error only when there is another player... it doesnt matter what campaign or what survivors are used the error is the same accept the mdl file it refers to is different every single time.

Engine Error
442/ - info_transitioning_player: UTIL_SetModel: not precached:

survivor_coach.mdl is the part that changes every single time.. if i am by myself the error never shows up until i invite a friend over.. then it throws the error
Felipaxo Jul 5 @ 9:16pm 
"This version of the addon is ideal for single player, multiplayer with bots or servers." Exactly how can it work on a server?
PS: Great mod.
[Girl] Bloodstained❤Dress Jun 30 @ 10:19pm 
when i die the game starts over. i even disabled the conflicting addons. can you help?
Ziggy  [author] Jun 3 @ 4:19pm 

I have no idea why that would happen.


Chuckysg1 Jun 3 @ 12:07pm 
can u give me the link for this Sourcemod Plugin that they can use pipe bombs ;-;