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Improved Bots (Simple)
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Jan 17, 2013 @ 6:33pm
Jul 9, 2013 @ 4:20am
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This addon makes several changes to bots to make them act more like human players and make them more reliable as teammates. They can use melee weapons, rescue you if you die, react quicker to a teammate being attacked by a special infected and much more.

• Bots can use melee weapons.
• Bots will continue to play after you have died instead of ending the game.
• Bots will react much faster to a player being attacked by a special zombie.
• Bots can perform some simple actions, such as closing safe room doors.
• Bots will move around a player instead of shooting through them.
• Bots are much more likely to save their first aid kits for a player.
• Bots will try to stay in a tighter group with the player.

• Works for all game modes.
• This addon doesn't block Steam achievements.
• This version of the addon is ideal for single player, multiplayer with bots or servers.

Fan Quotes
''Makes the bots more pleasant.''
''This file is so necessary it's not funny.''

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Jester of Rλvenholm Jul 24 @ 5:28pm 
They use positols even when they have full ammo. And it makes us all die very easily.
Brian Jul 23 @ 9:23pm 
I thought this mod was causing the problem with the pipe bomb. I disabled every add-on, including this one, and I still get that problem. The bot players freeze and do nothing until a pipe bomb explodes. I guess they do that to prevent themselves from taking any damage from a pipe bomb.
Rocko Jul 19 @ 3:16pm 
doesnt work they never heal me and they always commit suicide
aRandome性感的miku☠ Jul 13 @ 7:04pm 
how do you play versus in singleplayer?
MetroGamerX Jul 12 @ 9:26am 
How about making them pick up Pipe bombs, Molotovs, and Bile Jars?
Aтαηα¢ιυѕ Jul 12 @ 12:15am 
Amazingly interesting!!

But it will be more super interesting to add a special feature to the mod: "Can continue alone to find the next safe room/rescue point if the ONLY ONE player died"..

It will be then so excellent if when we are the only one player, when we died, we are moved to spectator mode (and then it's not trigger the Game Over window...) so the bot can rescue us and if they can't continue along the map alone...

That's perhaps possible, but... I'm not a modder. Can you tell me if it's possible or not ?
jarmour Jul 9 @ 7:56pm 
0/0 Thanks for crashing my game
Friday nite boring Jul 7 @ 3:05pm 
l do like
Friday nite boring Jul 7 @ 3:05pm 
[TG] Aaron. Jul 7 @ 12:25pm