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Rayman1103's Mutation Mod
Game Content: Scripts, UI
Game Modes: Mutations
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Jan 17, 2013 @ 6:20pm
Jul 11 @ 3:28pm
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Adds a lot of Custom Mutations created by me and other members of the community.

The main-menu has been edited so all Mutations can be created via lobbies, and can be played online at anytime. To play Custom Mutations online, they'll have to be played via a Local Server.
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Rayman1103  [author] Aug 12 @ 7:27am 
@Everyone - Thanks for the reports, I will investigate any issues and see if they can be fixed.

@RhinoBlindado - That wouldn't work right, as the survivor bots aren't that smart.

@Magic - Yes, everyone will need this mod in order to play on the custom Mutations.
Magic Aug 12 @ 5:24am 
Do all people have to install this mod to play or just the host?
RhinoBlindado Aug 9 @ 2:14pm 
Duuuude how about Versus Survival Co-Op?
cool dood
[linux] sophia hapgood Jul 29 @ 2:00am 
Okay so the Ultra Realism mutation was extremely disappointing. No special/boss spawning, and hordes were ridiculously light and infrequent. We did 2 player no bots no rushing on Dead Center with 0 incaps each. Way too easy.
Waffen Jul 28 @ 10:07pm 
Exuse me Rayman but I just wanted to point out that the game crashes for me and my friends when we host local servers for the mutations on map transitions on the l4d1 maps, altho I found out it can be fixed by adding sb_transition 1 to the gamemode txt files. Also the crashing happens when the map loads but theres other players who are still loading. I hope you can patch things up soon.

Btw great work on the mutations and such. :D
RhinoBlindado Jul 26 @ 8:48pm 
Glad too see you keep updating this! By the way, Scavenge Co-Op has some weird bugs with the infected spawn rate and that when the whole game ends, it doesn't take you back to the Lobby.
手撕炸弹 Jul 26 @ 3:22am 
how can it work?
xxcrash101xx Jul 22 @ 3:19pm 
doesnt work :/
Dany Jul 13 @ 11:08am 
Then perhaps its the amount of time between respawns. I got the 3 specials with intervals of about 3-4 secs. For example when the horde came i first got a jockey that took the bot, i killed it then a hunter came i killed it as welll, then a charger came. All this happended in the motel(level 1) of Dark Carnival. My observation is that the director on l4d2 campaigns is much more brutal and more likely to spawn one special after another. I managed to survive vanilla coop with just one bot(kicked the rest) on default rules on normal. Perhaps you can just take default rules and divide all settings by /2