Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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-Helms Deep- Reborn
Game Modes: Co-op, Survival
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Jan 17, 2013 @ 6:05pm
Mar 11 @ 11:39am
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-Helms Deep- Reborn

Helm's Deep Reborn version 25 (Beta)

Defend the great fortress of Rohan and survive until Gandalf's arrival.

Inspired by the Battle of Helm's Deep from The Lord of the Rings.

Donate here [www.paypal.com]
If you have PayPal donate to: danielpayp@gmail.com

I am giving perks to those who donate:

- Your name displayed in the map at the end.

- When playing type !donator in the chat to receive the secret melee weapon: https://sketchfab.com/models/4acafb00ec6944f780f14b4b4741301e
It deals 50% more damage compared to the regular katana.

Perks are optional. You are free to choose how much you want to donate (Minimum 1 dollar). After you have donated add me (SeriouS_Samurai) on Steam and tell me which perks you want. If you don't ask for any perks you will stay anonymous.
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pcmedicFTW Mar 15 @ 1:59pm 
Thanks for da map so good
P.S. sorry for bad english
Mentally Retarded Mar 12 @ 4:44pm 
Such an amazing map. Thanks for the fun man.
Noubexxx Mar 11 @ 12:30pm 
Thanks for that update :happymeat: !
SeriouS_Samurai  [author] Mar 11 @ 11:56am 
An update has just been released!
- All chat commands (!hidekills, !showkills, !teleportbot and !donator) now appear in a chat message when you start the survival timer.

- Changed the entity name, the description and the chat message of the lever which turns off custom music since there is no custom music included and players themselves can add their own music using separate addons.

- Zoey should now stand next to the ammo pile found after the burning hay bale after you need to fall back (rather than standing on top of the ammo pile preventing players from taking ammo).
SeriouS_Samurai  [author] Mar 11 @ 11:56am 
- The 2 grenade launchers in the armory will no longer appear at the start. They will appear when you retreat into the keep. This is to prevent players from using the grenade launcher glitch to jump very high and skip sections of the map (This glitch can also be done on official maps if there is a grenade launcher. Will Valve ever fix the grenade launcher glitch?). In addition, moved the AWP and Scout to where the grenade launchers were and the grenade launchers have been moved next to the laser sight in the armory.
SeriouS_Samurai  [author] Mar 11 @ 11:55am 
- Fixed the new HUD icon of the hatchet melee weapon not being in the center of the secondary weapon HUD box.

- Fixed the new HUD icon of Sting not being in the center of the secondary weapon HUD box.

- Fixed the new HUD icon of the sword and shield melee weapon not being in the center of the secondary weapon HUD box.

- Fixed some items clipping through other items and objects. In addition, fixed some items floating above the ground.

- Chat messages by the map now use 2 stars rather than 3.
Example: ** Defend the gate! **
Arguments why this has been changed: It becomes easier to read, becomes more optimized and less spammy in the chat and in the console for players and server operators. This also reduces the chance of the chat messages being cut off when playing on a local server when the host has a long name.
花山湾一霸 Mar 10 @ 7:28am 
I am chinese i like this map
OooooohuangZ Mar 10 @ 4:27am 
Vulture Sight Mar 9 @ 4:54pm 
ThERe iS nO mErChAnDiSE Mar 9 @ 4:05pm 
Best map in l4d2,ty for the update