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ENB Guide (Amazing Visuals)
By Everybody Finds Love, In The End
Guide on how to use ENB on Skyrim. ENB makes your Skyrim look amazing.

ENB is just a name for the series of mods made by Boris Vorontsov[] for PC games, that basically just messes around with post proccesing and such to make games look amazing. You may have heard what it does to Grand Theft Auto IV.

This guide is just to tell you how to do that for your Skyrim

Be Warned!
Most ENB will result in a decrease of 5-10 FPS, with the least demanding around 2-5, and the most demanding around 15-25.

There seems to be a Bug when you use ENB and nightvision.

If you are using Climate of Tamerial (COT), get COT specific ENBs. always check the descriptions on ENBs to make sure they are compatabile.

Scroll Down for Screenshots. Looks even better in Motion!
Downloading ENB
First of all, Mr.Vorontsov (rightfully) asks that people not upload his base ENB files to other sites, asking instead that they link directly to him. As such, click here to go to the download page[]. As you can see, Skyrim is not the only game ENB supported. Look around.

As for which one to get, apparantly V0.119 has less FPS reduction that V0.139. So, i suggest getting V0.119. When getting an ENB, it may also tell you which ENB Version it is using, keep that in mind.

  • First, download it.

    Second, Put all the files from "Wrapper Version" into your Skyrim Root (Found usually at /Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skryim.) If not sure, wherever your Skyrim Exe file is, stick it there.

    Next, find your SkyrimPrefs.ini. This is located in your /Documents/My Games/Skyrim. Open it up with note pad, and make the following changes.

Technically, you will have ENB installed now, but it wont look that good. Now, to customize.
Customizing ENB
If you need this guide, its safe to assume you are a newcomer. It is best to just download other peoples files for now. To get them, go here to the Skyrim Nexus[] The Skyrim Nexus also has loads of mods, and comes with a nifty Mod manager, which i personally use more than the Steam Workshop.

The link i put in sorts the ENBs in order of most downloaded, but you can look around and choose which one you like. When you choose it, download it (Without the Manager!) and stick it in your root folder (The one where your ENB stuff is!)

Launch the Game, and check if it works!
My personal ENB.
I have totally forgot which ENB profile i use, but i like it, even though some think it might be too bright. Keep in mind i play on ~med settings, just to keep a smooth framerate on my TV.
. That is how my character looks with my ENB.

To compare how it looks to the normal game, here it is during the Wolfskull Cave quest.
. The one on the right being the ENB of course.

Copy Paste this into your ENBseries TXT file. Make sure you leave the [Proxy] stuff in your ENBseries file alone.[]
Recommended ENB Configs and Screenshots
List of Popular and good looking ENB configurations.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.
I have a lot of FPS DROP?!?
Make sure you're not using a $2 graphic card, or something like an Intel intergrated.
Also, according to IndigoNeko, older versions of ENB have less FPS drop, at the cost of tiny amounts of visuals.
He had a 25% reduction using V0.119, compared to 50% with V0.139. Check that out if you want too.
ALSO, some ENBS are more demanding than others. If you can't handle one, tone it down, get a performance version.

Difference Between Wrapper and Injector
The Wrapper pretty much 'warps' the skyrim files, which is why you put it in your root. Only use the injector if the wrapper doesn't work for you. For the injector, follow the Readme file that is located in the Injector folder. I do not use it, so i can not provide support for that.

Getting different ENB and Customizng
There are LOADS of different ENB configurations out there. The most popular ones are on the Just Search ENB, and then sort by most Endorsed, or by Most Downloaded. Make sure you follow the descriptions on the specific ENBS, there may be things you have to do.

Do not download using the Manager. Download manually, and then paste it into your Root folder, overwriting your old ENbseries.txt.

For customizing, this is more difficult. I dabbled in it myself, didn't really get much done other than make my nights a bit less dark. To customize it yourself, open up the ENBseries txt file, and mess around with the values. If you are runnning Skyrim in windowed mode, just ALT-TAB, change some settings, save the file, Alt tab back in, and click BACKSPACE to load ENB again. That is a easy way to do realtime editing.

You can also use the ENB Customizer[] by Dorian G. Follow his guide. Back up your current ENB before doing anything dumb.

As far as i know, ENB should be compatiable with most Mods out there. Texture mods and the such should not effect it. I do know there are some issues with RCRN, but RCRN had something about that on their site, so look into that. Hialgos FPS booster needs some adjustment to work with ENB, that is covered in his Readme file, so follow that. If something is wrong, Just uninstall ENB by deleting all your ENB files in your root folder.

There are some ENB specifically created to work with Climates of Tamerial, as usual, you can serach them up on the Nexus.

Got any further questions? Ask and ill try my best to answer them.
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Khyness ღ Aug 27, 2014 @ 1:00pm 
Yo bro replace the enb download link with this
currently one doesnt work
Blue Sun Merc May 23, 2014 @ 10:03pm 
Also may want to mention Realvision Enb. Also your cpu has a little to do with the fps as well.
Boumlyon Mar 7, 2014 @ 9:56pm 
What is the ENB who affect the less fps ?
Elthrai Jan 15, 2014 @ 2:20pm 
@Hot Potatoe
I found it yesterday, thx m8!
Everybody Finds Love, In The End  [author] Jan 15, 2014 @ 1:14pm 

Launch skyrim through steam normally and change it from there? Depending on your ENB, you might want differing levels of AA and FXAA
Elthrai Jan 14, 2014 @ 12:23pm 
@Hot Potatoe
I did searched for it in EMB settings in Skyrim folder and Prefs in c:/username... but still cannot find it ;/
Everybody Finds Love, In The End  [author] Jan 14, 2014 @ 9:13am 

Check ENB settings. You could also check ur SkyrimPerfs txt doc.

Elthrai Jan 13, 2014 @ 5:32pm 
how do I change AA settings?
Celestial-G Dec 25, 2013 @ 4:13pm 
bShadowsOnGrass=0 doesnt exist in my prefs. What is that supposed to be then?
CannavaroJ Aug 9, 2013 @ 11:50pm