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Restoration Dual Casting Fix(Dawnguard)
Category: Dawnguard, Gameplay, Magic
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Jan 16, 2013 @ 4:04pm
Jan 16, 2013 @ 6:31pm
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Restoration Dual Casting Fix(Dawnguard)

THIS MOD IS NOW PART OF Restoration Redesigned
This version includes the new spells from Dawnguard. The vanilla version can be found here.

In the vanilla game there was no point to dual casting restoration spells. Healing spells just became incredibly inefficient, Turn Undead spells only had their duration increased instead of their level requirement.
This mod adds a heal over time to dual casted healing spells and changes Turn Undead spells to be in line with how Illusion spells work - their level requirement is increased when dual casted.

Math behind the spells:
All dual casted healing spells gain a 45% heal over 8 seconds. Respite does not cause this portion to restore Stamina. All concentrated healing spells gain 40% over 4 seconds instead to prevent ridiculous stacking.
Circle of Protection is the only spell that increases duration and magnitude when dual casted because of that it somewhat outclassed the master spell Guardian Circle, I did not want to change its effect to also affect both instead I increased the base level to 40 to be competitive (dual casted Circle of Protection = level 44).

Compatibility: This mod only changes Restoration spells and the Dual Casting Perk description (the change is in the spells). As long as the mod doesn't change the Restoration spells it will be compatible.