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Thane's Breezehome - Hearthfire Edition
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Jan 15, 2013 @ 2:20pm
Oct 6, 2014 @ 4:00pm
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Thane's Breezehome - Hearthfire Edition

Notice: This is the Hearthfire version of the mod, if you do not have the Hearthfire DLC click here for the non-DLC version of Thane's Breezehome. They're essentially the same except this version solves compatibility issues with the DLC.

Prepare to renew Breezehome in a way that better befits the thane of Whiterun. This design aims to provide the player with all the tools that he/she needs, while still maintaining the looks and feel of a proper home. The renovation takes advantage of the limited space of Breezehome giving it a very detailed look and includes a neatly placed asement that follows the same principal of limited space. All the crafting tables are located in the basement and has their own special ares. The author of this mod has extremely high experience and a long history with playing The Sims, all the way back to the first Sims game. Also, for balance the value of Breezehome has been raised from 5000 to 12 000 gold, but if you've already purchased Breezehome then I guess we can look the other way.

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  • Ignitable fireplace - which can be activated via a switch on the fireplace in the basement
  • Scripted lighting - player is tracked and dynamic lights are enabled/disabled appropriately
  • Lots of Bookcases, weapon mounts, display cases, storage
  • 6 Mannequins
  • Alchemy, enchanting, smithing, cooking areas
  • Two-tier basement
  • Unique furniture such as "realistic" cabinets and bookcases
  • Hearthfires DLC support (Hearthfires is not required)

Technical Information
If you want to permanently use this player home and are currently using vanilla Breezehome, you'll first need to take all your stuff into your inventory if you do not want them to be removed. There is also no harm in trying out the mod as long as you have a save file to go back to.

• Major flickering issues in lighting
- Look for mods in your load order that might be adding additional lighting to the Breezehome cell. If you are using the Enhanced Lights and FX mod there is a compatibility patch available on Nexus under "Optional Files".

• Fireplace does not respond when using the activator
- You have too many running scripts in the background already. Check your load order for mods that may be heavy scripted.

Q: I didn't read the notice and now I've lost all my items. How do I retrieve them?
A: Disable this mod in Data Files or unsubscribe to the mod and then revert back to a save that was made before the mod was installed.

Q: I aldready own Breezehome, can I still use this mod?
A: Yes, all you need is the key to Breezehome which you have already purchased. Also make sure to grab all your gear from vanilla Breezehome before using the mod permanently. If you wish to test the mod before using it, simply try the mod without overwriting any important save data (beware of autosave).

Q: Why are some lights flashing when I move the camera?
A: If the flashing light is of the type that casts a shadow you've likely managed to bypass one of the "invisible" activators that determines which lights should be on/off and as a result there are more than 4 shadow casting lights at once. To fix this problem, take a walk around all the areas in the house so that the light script knows where you are.

Q: The house will not load and the game crashes, what is the problem?
A: This is most likely caused by a conflict between Thane's Breezehome and another mod in your load order. Go to "Data Files" in the Skyrim Launcher and try disabling any other mod that makes changes to Whiterun city or Breezehome and set Thane's Breezehome.esp to load last in your load order, then try again.

Q: Some of the weapon mounts are not working.
A: If your game is heavy modded and has a lot of scripts running in the background, this may be the cause. You can either try to wait and see if the problem solves itself or deactivate this mod in data files and make a clean save, then reactivate Thane's Breezehome again.

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Eonwe Nov 26 @ 5:22pm 
I found a second issue, this time with the bookcase between the flower pot and the mannequin on the main floor, just before the stairs leading to the basement. I placed some books on the shelves but when I tried to activate the shelf to take back something, I was unable to access my books.
Eonwe Nov 24 @ 1:01pm 
I have a small concern regarding this mod. I purchased the children's bedroom upgrade, and while there are two beds available, Lydia doesn't have a bedroom and there's an alchemy studio upstairs. Lydia also stands in the hallway outside of the bedroom or sits on one of the beds. Could you provide any help? Should I re-purchase the upgrades entirely?
Pedro1509 Nov 4 @ 2:40am 
Thank you for the mod,some pleb houses in Whiterun are better than yours (Amren family house in my opinion for example),and when you look for "Better Breezehome" mods almost all of them violates the internal space or adds a trapdoor leading to a magical badass unrealistic Vault,so again Thank You.
JoyTrooper  [author] Nov 1 @ 12:25pm 
Depesnd on which screenshot you mean, the ones that look like a drawing is an oil philter through photoshop, the one screenshot that is more brown than the rest is an enb (Project ENB I think).

Check your load order and place Thane's Breezehome.esp further down the list.
$tevie Nov 1 @ 7:58am 
Is that an ENB on the screenshots ore drawing? Cuz... beautiful!
n00b Nov 1 @ 3:47am 
not working for me... no children bedroom, no lydia room. Shes stuck in the door (open and leave and again...) I have clean save
JoyTrooper  [author] Sep 20 @ 4:01pm 
Nope, haven't made any changes to the mod.
papiwa Sep 20 @ 3:45pm 
Just recently?!
JoyTrooper  [author] Sep 20 @ 3:29pm 
It's a lot more than just a redecoration, the whole interior has been overhauled and a fancy basement has been neatly integrated as well
papiwa Sep 19 @ 11:32am 
Did you redecorate it? Some of the pics in the slideshow look way better in terms of Feng Shui.