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Age of Charlemagne: Imperator Romanum
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Nov 19, 2017 @ 9:38am
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Age of Charlemagne: Imperator Romanum


This is a little side project I've been working on to make everything in the Age of Charlemagne DLC much more historically accurate. I have spent alot of time researching the life of Charlemagne and what his empire was like and I have tried to change as much of the vanilla game as possible to match what the historical reality was like. The overhaul includes:

- All vanilla units, generals and faction leaders have been reskinned according to what they most likely looked like at the time. I have used several very good sources, including contemporary descriptions and art, and come up with a very different look from what the vanilla game offered. Thanks to beautiful models from the 1212 team, FOTE team, Hadrien and Drama belli you will get a whole new look at how the warriors of this time period equipped themselves.
- All vanilla units have had their combat stats rebalanced to create a brand new combat system based on my historical research. Mid tier infantry now are very solid as defensive units but are not effective as attackers. Christian and muslim levies are basically farmers and city folk who will flee at the first opportunity while the more barbarian faction's lower tier troops are hardier woodsmen and hunters who put up a fight. The turning point comes when the christian and muslim factions build up their infrastructure and can train their professional and heavily armed soldiers. However, the historical pricing for paying for these troops was extremely expensive, almost 44 golden solidi per man ($85,800) or nearly $14 million to equip a 160 man armored cavalry squadron. Which takes us to the economic overhaul.
- The primary sources of income will now come from the Church and the farming system, this will recreate the basic pillars on which the european feudal system which was beginning to be developed during this time. Building monasteries, churches and estates will now offer major economic bonuses which help to pay for the extremely expensive tier 2 and 3 units which recreates how clergymen and landowners were relied on by charlemagne to provide him with the real soldiers of his army. This gives an advantage to the christian factions but it is balanced by their lower tier units inability to fight.
- I have recreated the diverse cultural and ethnic nature of the Carolingian army by adding units for each of the various kingdoms comprising their empire. Now you can recreate the real carolingian army by having contigents of lombards, gascons, aquitainians, provencals, septimanians, alemanians, bavarians, neustrians, bretons and burgundians.
- All factions, units and cities have been renamed to match the contemporary language and spelling of the time period.
- Thanks to the Ancient Empire team, Christmas Sandwich and Melcor the UI has been overhauled to provide a new feel that matches the historical setting's interesting mix of ancient rome developing into early medieval styles including new flags and faction banner colors.
- The campaign map has been edited to provide a more historically accurate starting situation. There are now 12 turns per year which really allows you to play the game at a pace more similar to how the lords at the time would live and fight. Charlemagne or Karl as he was known now inherits a basic carolingian army from his father at game start as he deals with the aquitainian and gascon uprising. War with the Saxons didnt begin until 772 so there is peace on the eastern borders but relations are poor. The Saxon tribes starting positions have been updated to reflect their historical locations and their starting settlement fortifications have been strengthened so you will now get a much more historically accurate recreation of the Saxon War. The fortifications of the cities across europe that had maintained their roman walls have also been strengthened to reflect this, which leads to the next update of the fortification models.
- Much of the settlement walls and tower models have been changed to make them look more historically accurate. Now you will see massive roman walls and towers guarding the old roman cities and the weird looking stone towers in lower tier settlements have been replaced with wooden watch towers.
- Also changed the archery element of the game, christian factions archer units now only have 50 men total. The massed archery they had in vanilla just simply didnt exist during this time period, it really started to get going around the 11th century and was one of the new military technological advances that William the Conqueror used to give him an advantage over the anglo saxons. It also helps give the pagan and muslim factions more of a historical edge since they relied on archery much more than the franks or anglo saxons during this time period.
-Updated Faction Mission for Charlemagne, now you must reform the ancient Roman Empire and your faction name will change to the Romanum Imperium.
- Apart from all that I have also added in a lot of little gameplay mods like longer fires, stronger walls, double garrisions, better Campaign and Battle AI and many others that I feel add to the overall Historicity of the project.


Installation Instructions:
Get the Imperator.pack file and place it in your Attila Data Folder
Start the game and in the mod manager make sure Imperator.pack is the only mod selected
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Can anyone re up load to a different link?
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AdidasTracksuit 8 hours ago 
Can't you divide this mod so we can download it in the workshop?
teboldr Feb 9 @ 2:30pm 
To make archer rare for Chistian nations why dont uou ask more turns and higher prices? And make rare them in mercenary list too
teboldr Feb 9 @ 9:50am 
A question: all mercenary archers have still full strength. So why use no cheap recruit units of 50 soldiers?It is better wait for a mercenary unit free.
Another question : is upadate near?
Big Boss  [author] Feb 6 @ 1:53pm 
Sounds like an oversight on my part, ill correct in the next version
RoWar Feb 6 @ 1:16pm 
Why is it that the Spataman Scara are 7000 Gold while the Pedites Alemania are only 1000 while simultaneously being better in pretty much everything?
Big Boss  [author] Feb 5 @ 11:01am 
Updated version coming out soon with my historicall accurate grand campaign. You can check progress here:
Artacus Feb 3 @ 1:20am 
Why did you add pictures from Vikings? It brings the authenticity down a lot, honestly. Other than that, soldiers in a shield wall shouldn't be as far apart as they are in this mod. Adding a separate formation and keeping the shield wall as it is in vanilla would work.

Overall, this mod has a lot of potential though.
Ender Ragnarson Jan 27 @ 12:14pm 
I think it would be cool if Norwegian vikings were encorporated into the game. Maybe a small fleet is introduced into the northern brittish isles at some certain year. Perhaps multiple fleets at multiple times. Playable or non playable. I was thinking of Medievil 2 kingdoms where you each faction got a hero.
Big Boss  [author] Jan 26 @ 7:30am 
Ya its alot of extra models, I'm planning on cleaning it up and slimming it down for the next version. I was just feeling extremely lazy when I released this
SirCartonDeWiart Jan 25 @ 12:35pm 
Okay, I played it for a few days, the mod is good, but I do not understand the 17GIGs...