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Reapers axe standalone
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Nov 13, 2017 @ 6:53am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Reapers axe standalone

ever want to be a reaper well have i got the axe for you base dam stronger then any weapon in the game craftable upgradeable and found on the reaper himself (boss in the soul carin) i replaced his crapy iron battle axe drop with this new axe it uses the excute axe modles also it has a custom enchat of chance of insta death 3sec stun infint soul trap (one hit last for ever with soultrap) and silver dam 30 nothing alive or dead gets back up after being excuted

LORE we all know the storys of death (also known as the reaper) they say every story has a bit of truth to it well this one has plenty many people wonder what comes after death what happens when we die no one knows exept one... the reaper guide to the dead...he dwells in the soul carin taking the damned to the carin where they will be lost forever never to be at peace
we all die nothing can change this...
how will you face death will you claim his power...

note if this mod gets enoth love i may consider doing a armor set for it maybe even a spell or 2 never know any way enjoy...