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Enhanced Cities: Fort Heljarchen
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Jan 11, 2013 @ 3:55pm
Feb 15, 2013 @ 11:48am
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Enhanced Cities: Fort Heljarchen

Fort Winstad is now up! Go Get it!! NOW!

Fort Winstad and Fort Heljarchen are now part of the Enhanced Cities Collection! Go get em all!

If you enjoy this mod, let me know in the comments!
(Or give me a Thumbs-up/Favourite; whichever your heart desires! I just enjoy the feedback.)

UPDATE Feb 15:
-Fired the Khajit. Too many instances of insubordination. Have hired in his place a very respectful, courteous man, who knows his place as guardian of the Dragonborn and his family.
-Aada received her first requested order. Lots of Salt for all you foodies out there.

UPDATE Feb 12:
-After receiving some feedback about the Guards performance on Duty, I have disciplined them and tested their might and loyalty in battle. There shouldn't be any further issues. Hopefully.
-Aada and Zander are now accepting some Orders, to be placed in the Comment section. If there is any Swag you want them to sell, just let me know!
-Construction on Fort Winstad is underway! The walls are up and testing has commenced. Seeing as it is more than twice as big as FH, it requires much more work and much more testing to ensure it doesn't interfere with any of the surroundings. I have also began dredging the Lake deeper within the Walls to fill some holes on the property. Not sure how far along I want to get it before posting, but expect that shortly.

As always, let me know if there are any bugs. I've tested everything, and it runs smoothly on my end .. but I know thats not always the case on yours. Cheers!

-Walkway and supports added around Exterior of Tower, as well as access stairs to Top of Tower.
-Oh and a Catapult. You only get one shot with it, but I'm in the process of learning how to aim it and reload it, etc.

-Bigger Guard house now moved closer to Main Gate.
-Zander will be moving into the old Guard House.
-Barnabus has a new drinking buddy - Lenny! (he doesn't do much yet .. )
-Locked the Main Gates. Key can be found on outside Workbench. Or just pick the lock.
-Hired a replacement Guard to man the Main Gate (am trying to learn how to make him close the door after anyone opens it.)
-Added base slab for Stable. Looks much better.
-Interior to village homes added. Still working on getting people moved in. Lenny will probably take one of them.

UPDATES Jan 23 - Jan 30:
-Bunch of Bug Fixes (Followers now follow out of Pub, Graphic glitch at Rocks)
-Fox in the Fort Pub got yet another Renovation after the Dragonborn was not pleased with the Blacksmith area. Added a Second bedroom in the Basement, and hired Zander Firehand as the new Court Wizard. He will be happy to serive all the mages out there.
-Added a third stable and Black Betty, your new horse. She will always come back to her stall (although she might sometimes wander out a few feet. Just hop on and hop off, and she'll get back in.)
-May sound like nothing, but you can now jump over certain walls.
-Everything I wanted to get done this weekend was put on hold due to the uprising of certain Mercenary Guards. Everyone seems to be in order, except for the Orc who was problematic, and a trouble maker within the fort. He has been banned from the Fort. Hopefully this solves the issues for now until I can figure this out.
-Several more Guards (now up to 6 total patroling Mercenaries) have been added around the fort for your added protection. Although, after the comment section blew up, apparently they were placed into the Fort as spies and Anarchists. I have hopefully resolved this issue. Let me know!
-The Fox in the Fort finally got its long overdue interior renovation. And its first full-time resident/drunk, Barnabus! Further seating has been added upstairs, while a Full Blacksmith area has been added in the basement, along with a seperated bedroom. There may, or may not be, the start of a cave connection hidden under the bed.
-Added seperate Map Marker for the Fort.
-Added an expansive amount of walkway to allow for the building of three new residences on the property, as well as a new Talos statue. The Dragonborn eagerly awaits the arrival of the Forts new inhabitants who should be arriving from Elsweyr shortly.

UPDATE Jan 22 and Earlier:
-Navmesh complete. For anyone who was having issues with Followers, Stewards etc. this should fix the problem. Seeing as this is my first mod I'm learning this step by step as I go and Navmesh was an unwelcome surprise; but alas a necessary evil in the world of good mod making. Lesson learned. Sorry for the bugginess everyone! Please report below if any of the issues persist.
-Guards are Leveling Mercenaries for now, until I figure out if its possible to offer some options. Working to add several more guards as I write this.
-The Fox in the Fort Pub & Rest is NOW OPEN for business! Offering a wide selection of Tamriels finest Meads and Wines, as well as countless other ingredients, potions, arrows, weapons & more, Aada our wonderful Barkeep, will be happy to buy any of the items you find across the fine land of Skyrim.
-Oh and the Dragonborn seems to have "discovered" a hidden cave on the property.
-Got a hankerin' for some Mammoth cheese? Crave no more! Your very own Mammoth Farm and Cheese Supply are now at your disposal! Because lets face it .. the Dragonborn WOULD farm Mammoths.
-The Fort has also undergone its first Major Expansion, taking in a nearby Orichalcum Vein.
-Added a dirt Driveway and pathway.
-Added extensive lighting throughout.

Note: Probably requires Hearthfire. If you own Hearthfire and don't own the Plot of land (which is actually a quick jaunt North from Loreius Farm), you must first go speak with the Jarl of Dawnstar. You may need to do a couple missions for him (Bad Dreams and Kill Giants at Breezepoint), but he should hook you up with the Land for $5000. Also recommended you build the house before subbing to the mod.

Little bit of "Backstory" if you will:
This Mod has been designed and conceived with the hope of making it as though the Dragonborn built his home, Heljarchen Hall, atop what used to be the Lands of Fort Heljarchen, and taking advantage of the 'existing' archery tower and toppled Fort Entry, the Dragonborn built these walls One stone at a time, and the walkways one plank and nail at a time.

Having rebuilt the Fort bit by bit, and suffered attacks to his fort on several occasions along the way, the rubble at the base of these Walls tells stories of Incredible battles in an attempt to move the Dragonborn from his newfound Kingdom.

Note 2:I've got this installed on top of 124 different mods, so I can't see there being any conflicts with other mods.

Note 3:Plan on doing Winstad Manor once I've got this all figured out.
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ENGINEER ALF May 23 @ 5:28pm 
Hey, i really love this idea, but there is a half built stable with a weird horse?? Is there a way to get read of it so to get the one from hearth fire. Also, there might be an issue with the nav meshes in the guards house. Otherwise, both look great.
genghis1964 May 7 @ 7:38am 
Hi AlphaJoe and thanks for a great looking mod. only snag I have is that nobody wants to sell me Lumber at the mills. is this a problem you have come across? I have tried chopping firewood for them, two of them want to marry me but other than that no joy
jaderive Apr 6 @ 2:29am 
I meant to ask even thos there's a screen shot of where,....
I want to ask if this overlaps ort causes any altteration terrain wise to surrounding properties, ??
jaderive Apr 6 @ 2:27am 
Some of you might want to try using a followers mod like My Home Is Your Homne to have others stayi9ng there, as for any people this mod sposed to add, no idea
I'm also assuming you still build the house as per usual ? even with this mod active Or is Before you sub this mod ?
Djvador Apr 2 @ 7:58am 
how to buy it
Timka_CZ_LP Mar 31 @ 5:26am 
i loged in and went outside the house and there was nothing (player world was there but village wasnt there)
Timka_CZ_LP Mar 31 @ 5:26am 
it don´t function - what shall i do now ?
yrmama Mar 26 @ 7:40pm 
How do I get people to live in the empty houses/
yrmama Mar 14 @ 1:46pm 
I haven't had any problems with glitches or crashes, which is saying something.
My Hall feels less lonely, but it's so big. Three houses are just "houses", with nothing inside. Am I supposed to furnish, rent, sell??
TheMajesticSquard Feb 5 @ 6:48pm 
well load another save then