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How to disarm proximity mines
By mxup
Did you know you can disarm them? I was probably half-way the game before I realized. :)
Mine wisdom

in DX:HR you run by default. Crouch AND switch to walk speed (CAPS lock key by default). This way you can approach the proximity mine without triggering it. Simply press the use key to disarm it. Afterwards you can use it yourself!
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F̡a͏c͜e͡l̨e̶ss͟ Jul 1 @ 11:23pm 
Er, would it happen to be called "Move Silently"?
AidielEffendy Jun 24 @ 12:46am 
Yeah. never knew it either until i watched someone did it on youtube
MrNobody81 Jun 21 @ 11:50pm 
I either shoot them or throw boxes to it. haha. Good to know btw.
Cosbythlulu Jun 6 @ 1:22pm 
yeah it was later i discoverd this as well, in the mean time i was throwing bricks in thier direction and such
Snowman1368 May 30 @ 12:33pm 
Lol, i didn't know so i just shot them XD
kagarise159 May 25 @ 9:23pm 
wow....... i seriously didnt know that...... good job!
00Link May 21 @ 6:11am 
Good to know. I always just kept my distance and hit them at an angle with a silienced machine pistol. And yeah, always funny seeing the enemies lose it and they can't find you.

Lacky1: OMG what was that!
Lacky2: probably another rat touched the mines.
juicie Apr 5 @ 6:07am 
THX, always something new to discover in DX:HR
charos Feb 17 @ 3:06pm 
Yeah, I didn't notice my first run through either, had a few areas where I would invariably blow one in an area I'd stealthed through and suddenly the whole complex would be alerted...makes getting the ghost achievement bit a real bother.
[AWA] Astroblood Jan 21 @ 6:53pm 
Thx for the tip!