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Adopt Beast Kids
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Jan 10, 2013 @ 2:36pm
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Adopt Beast Kids

This mod lets you adopt beast kids ( Argonian and Khajiit)

this mod replaces the kids at the orphanage in riften!
DLC Hearthfire NEEDED ( DLC = Downloadable Content)
Do not give kids clothing as gifts! ( They can not ware child cloths)

The new kids can be found in Riften orphanage.

Kids names:

*Khajiit, Male, J'Zeik
*Argonian, Male, Sarff
*Khajiit, Female, J'Zara

(these kids replace 3 of the kids at the riften orphanage)

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*Why am i not able to adopt a child?
You need Hearthfire dlc and you must do the 1st Dark Brotherhood mission.

*Where are the kids?
The kids are in the orphanage in Riften.

*How do i download?
Click the "Subscribe" button, this will download and install the mod for you.

*Do I need your "Beast Kids" mod for this?
Nope, both can be downloaded but it is not needed.

*Can i adopt more than 2?
if you download this mod aswell yes :
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amm and elf's kids no????
Melletch Apr 1 @ 12:24am 
Man, after recently, it feels like all the good mods are emerging. This was a need you filled. Thanks. And who knows, someone is trying to get a team to start a new multiplayer mod. Yes good times seem to be coming.
Zaryan Mar 24 @ 7:15pm 
For some reasom even when this mod is lloaded first none of the kids in riften are beast kids. Very frustrating.
Wilanator Mar 6 @ 1:04pm 
I love this mod, but there is one thing I could think of to improve on this mod. Voices. Hearing J'Zara talk like a human is so weird... XD
minikane  [author] Mar 1 @ 1:31pm 
@Dr. Daryl Dgringus™ I recomend loading a older save, before you adopted her, This may be caused by her going to the wrong house
Dr. Daryl Dgringus™ Feb 27 @ 10:02pm 
I found J'Zara when I moved to Riften, she was dead on the ground, why?
Dr. Daryl Dgringus™ Feb 26 @ 7:50pm 
J'Zara is not anywhere to be seen at my house at Lakeview Manor, even though I adopted her. I've waited about 4 Skyrim days and even restarted the game, and still, no. What's wrong?
AbadopolGrimspree Feb 12 @ 2:54pm 
Works fine except one flaw"When the orphans that are Argonian or Kahjiit use the cooking pot they turn adult size." Besides that..Nice mod.
minikane  [author] Feb 12 @ 11:36am 
@Fusion Slayer gota ask sorry, are you mixing this up with my non-adopt version?
Fusion Slayer Feb 6 @ 7:33pm 
Nope :( Still won't work... For the details: Im a Kahjit, trying to get argonian, he is not in the orphanage,but walking along the streets of Riften, won't make any conversation?