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Team Fortress 2

Soviet Sidekick[OLD]
Class: Heavy
Item Slot: Weapon
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Jan 7, 2013 @ 12:31pm
Jan 16, 2015 @ 4:20pm
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New Version:

"You've collected many trinkets in your travels, but what good are those if you can't kill something with them? So many memories... like these bullet-proof armor guards. You borrowed these off of an artillery that had been blown in two by a well-aimed shell. The motor was repurposed from a lawnmower you won in an arm-wrestling competition with a man from... Egypt? Libya? You're unsure. You only remember him complaining about how tragic his life was now that he could never again mow his lawn again. The lamp on the front was taken from a Polish tank that had been decommissioned after the war(you forget which tank, and which war). Ah, you noticed the worn barrels in the front? Those were painstakingly collected from various guns you seized from defeated foes. It took you quite a while, since not every minigun would drop a salvageable chamber(strange, you think, but not uncommon). Now, who could ignore the sickles attached to the end? You bought those at "Ned's Sickles, Scythes, and Sales", a farmer's one-stop shop for cutting implements. The salesman was so convincing. Thresh this, Reap that, and they came 12 sickles to a case! At half price! You weren't sure what to do with them after you bought them, but you figured they'd make a striking ornament on the end of your gun. Maybe you'll think of something poetic to say while fighting. Like, "I'm going to reap t-"... no. How about, "You have sown the seeds of y-"... that sounds dumb too. Forget it, just aim the pointy, bullet-spouting end towards the enemy and let it make the poetry."

This is a gas-powered minigun replacement for the Heavy.

Have to admit, it was quite a learning experience working on this weapon. I gained a lot more knowledge about texturing, and I think the end result is far better the first pass. I also did some sound work for heck of it. Never really realized before how complex many of the TF2 sounds are. I suppose you don't know until you try making your own. I don't expect them to use them, but it was fun making them nonetheless.

Finally got a decent looking replay to demo the animations and sound.
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