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S.M.A.L.L stand's for standard mission, little lazers. It's my second puzzle (first solo) and I'm still learning to improve my skill's at this. After you get exit door open you can freely leave or for abit more challenge you can try to find companion cube that is hidden and takes abit time to think. Rate and comment so i can improve on right area's :)
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Aphamino Jan 10, 2013 @ 10:22am 
Hi. I tested your map and I'm pretty sure I managed to solve it the way you did not intended it to be solved. I don't know how to make videos so that I could show you my solution, but I'll try to describe it.
By using portals you can drop yourself high enough into another portal which will hurl you up so that you can easily reach the platform with two reflection cubes. Once there, I can just shoot another portal on the floor at the laser and another on the wall so that the laser will point towards where I'm standing. Then I'll just use the reflection cubes to open the exit door and finish the level.