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Jump Height & Run Speed Changer v1.40
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Jan 6, 2013 @ 7:22pm
Aug 27 @ 8:45pm
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Enables you to change your jump height and your run speed in game. The fall rate has been modified to prevent injury from a fall. You can jump off of mountain tops and not be injured.

This mod requires that you have SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) installed. The jump height changes won't work without it. You can get it here:


What's New in v1.40
* Fixed some minor bugs.
* Rearranged some of the menus to make them easier to read and use.
* For you south paws, I made it so that you can use either the left or right shift to scroll through your presets.

What's New in v1.33
* Now you can scroll through and load any of your previously saved presets on the fly.
* You can set the increment amounts that the settings will change each time the + and - buttons are clicked. This is for people who want to ramp their settings up for massive jumps and don't want to click the + button for 20 minutes. You set the increments to change by 10000 for each click, for example.

How To Use It
When you subscibe, run the vanilla Skyrim Launcher to allow Steam to download the file. When you load your game, a token is added to the 'Apparel' section in your player's inventory. It is called "+ Jump Run Token +" . I recommend that you hotkey the token for quick changes. See instructions below on how to hotkey an item.

Just equip the token. You will get an on-screen menu that will let you increase, decrease, or set default settings for both the jump height as well as the speed multiplier.

You can save up to 3 settings each for jump and speed. Click the 'Save to Presets' button and then select a slot to save it to. Now, it will be accessable from the 'Load Presets' menu.

You can get some spectacular jumps, but you may die if you set it too high. If you have this mod enabled, I've only personally gone up to about 300,000 setting. I suggest you try 10,000. Then you can leap across the countryside like the hulk.

You'll need to have the run speed set sufficiently high in order to get distance as well as height when jumping.

Hotkeying the Jump-Run Token:
Assigning a hotkey to the Jump-Run token makes it much more convenient to use. To assign it to a hotkey, open your inventory with the 'i' key or through the 'tab' key. Go to the apparel menu and locate the Jump-Run token. Highlight it and press the 'F' key to make it a "Favorite". Exit out of the inventory menu. Press the "Q" key to open the Favorites list. Scroll to the Jump-Run listing. When it's highlighted, press a number key to assign it as a hotkey. The hotkeys available are numbers 1 to 8. (I like to use number 1 for Jump-Run). Press the "Q" or "Tab" key to close the Favorites window. Now, when you press the number key that you assigned to it, the Jump-Run menu will open right away.

Scrolling Through Presets on the Fly:
Go into the Jump Run menu and create different Jump/Run values and save each of them to a Preset Slot (there are 3 presets available). When you're done creating presets, close the Jump-Run menu. You can now load any them by holding the either Shift button while activating the Jump-Run token. For instance, if you have the Jump-Run token hotkeyed, when you hold either of the Shift keys while pressing the hotkey, the settings for 'Preset 1' will load and become active right away. Holding Shift and pressing the hotkey again will load 'Preset 2'. Doing it a third time will load 'Preset 3'. The fourth time will restore the original settings you started with. So, you can scroll through your presets on the fly and choose the one that fits your current needs without having to open a menu.

Tip: I like to have a lower speed and lower jump in Preset 1 that I can load when I'm indoors. I also have preset 2 set to medium for tall dungeon and general use, and preset 3 set to high for those long jumps through the countryside.

Happy Jumping!
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mic the leafeon (pokemon) Aug 30 @ 1:56pm 
FUCK YOU ALL THIS MOD IS THE BEST!! I CAN GO AS FAST AS SONIC NOW (ps splynter your epic reep makeing mods like this and good day to you)
[TT] Lucy Aug 28 @ 4:58am 
The console can do more than this mod -.-
splynter  [author] Aug 27 @ 6:15pm 
[TT][2S] Lucy
If you enjoy the console, then by all means, use it. The console won't let you have multiple settings that you can switch to on the fly with the press of 2 keys. There's not much more that you can do in the console that isn't already done for you in the mod. There are some subtle settings that you can adjust, but just aren't needed by most people. But hey, mods aren't for everyone and you seem to be a minimalist, so stick with the console.
[TT] Lucy Aug 27 @ 1:48pm 
Well the console has more jump and run speed settings, so again, pointless.
splynter  [author] Aug 27 @ 1:28pm 
@mic the leafeon (pokemon)
You need to use a regular browser to get there. Just copy and paste the link into your browser to go there. Once you get there, You'll see links that say "installer" & "7z archive". Click on the "7z archive" link and download it. Unzip the archive and open the folder. Inside the folder you'll find about 9 files select all of them except for the "src" folder and copy them. Go to your Skyrim folder, usually at c:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steam Apps/Common/Skyrim. Paste everything into the Skyrim folder. Click yes when it wants to combine folders and allow it to overwrite files if it asks. That's all there is to installing SKSE. Now you need to launch your game using the "skse_loader.exe" file that you just copied into your skyrim folder. Copy the "skse_loader.exe" file, go to your desktop and right click on it. Choose "Paste Shortcut". Now you can use this shortcut to launch your game.
splynter  [author] Aug 27 @ 1:10pm 
@[TT][2S] Lucy
No, I just don't see the point of you badmouthing something that you obviously have not tried. the whole point of modding is to add something to the game to make it more fun to play. I originally made this for myself, but found it so useful that I decided to share it. I can setup 3 different jump and run profiles and change to any of them on the fly with the press of 2 keys. You should try it. It's a lot of fun.
[TT] Lucy Aug 20 @ 9:40am 
What are you, 4?
splynter  [author] Aug 19 @ 9:28pm 
@[2S] Lucy
Potty mouth :(
[TT] Lucy Aug 15 @ 9:12am 
Jesus christ why do people make pointless shit like this? This just takes up disk space for nothing.