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Buecher als Gelesen Markieren (Mark Books as Read - German version)
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Jan 6, 2013 @ 5:02am
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Buecher als Gelesen Markieren (Mark Books as Read - German version)

Marks books as read when you read them.

Version: 1.0.2b
Mirrors: Skyrim Nexus:

Translations of this mod
This is the German version of my mod "Mark Books as Read".
This mod was made on request; I unfortunately can't speak German myself.

If you are already using this mod in another language and would like to move to this translation, you have two choices:
1 - You may uninstall the other translation then do a clean save procedure on all the save games that were used with the old translation. After that, you may install this translation. Unfortunately, all books that were marked as read will no longer be marked and you will need to mark them again.
2 - Install the new translation and make sure it's ESP is loaded after the old translation's ESP. All books that you have marked in the old translation will still be marked but you will have to keep the old translation installed. You may at any time move completely over to the new translation by following procedure 1 above except do a clean save with both translations uninstalled.

If you are interested in a different translation of this mod, I have the following available:
English -

-Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) v1.5.7 or later -

This mod is very simple. When you open a book in the game, the text "~(Gelesen)" is added to the front of the book's name. This does two things.
First, it is now possible to tell which books in the game you have already read.
Second, all books that you have read will be sorted to the bottom of your inventory.

I know of only two mods that does something like this.
The one marks books you haven't read and makes them glow too. I prefer marking read books as read though. I also could never get this mod to work properly.
The other mod I've seen does the same thing as this one by marking read books as read. Unfortunately, I could never get it to work properly and the author didn't provide the source for his/her scripts so I couldn't see if I could fix it myself. Also, this mod sorts your read books to the bottom of your inventory whereas the other mod doesn't.

Q: What effect does this mod have on quest books?
A: The book will have "~(Gelesen)" added to the front of the name after you read it. Otherwise, the book will behave in exactly the same way as if you don't have this mod installed.

Q: How about spell tomes?
A: Spell tomes will be marked as read when you click on them in your inventory and get the spell from them. This can help you know which spells you've already learned.

Q: And books from other mods?
A: This mod will treat them in the same way as books in the base game.

-"Deja Vu - I Already Read It" by Sagittarius22 - Does pretty much the same thing as this mod. I can't guarantee that your game will work properly if you try use both of our mods together.

If you know of any other incompatibilities, please let me know.

Known Issues or Bugs
- Book names changed using SKSE's SetName command (which I use) don't stick if you restart the game. I have implemented a workaround for this and people using this mod shouldn't notice any problems in this regard.
- If you read a book from your inventory, you will be notified that the book was marked but the name won't change when you exit the book. This is simply a cosmetic problem with your inventory screen not updating itself and closing the inventory screen or dropping something will update the books to their correct name.
- Similar to the above, after reading a book in the world, you may notice that the name doesn't seem to have changed while pointing the crosshairs at the book. This is also a cosmetic problem and the correct name will be shown if you temporarily point your cursor away from the book.
- Sometimes, you might open a book in the game world and find that you do not get a notification and the book is not marked as read. This is due to the method I have to use to detect books in the game world. I have done everything reasonably possible to ensure that books get detected but I can't guarantee that every book you encounter will be detected before you open it. Either bring the book into your inventory and read it from there or close the book and wait for 2 seconds before attempting to read the book again.
- If you load a save in which you haven't read a particular book after playing a save in which you have read that book (and have it marked as read), the book will be marked as read in the save where you haven't read the book. This is only cosmetic and restarting the game will reset the names to their correct configurations. It also means that you can read these "marked" books and there will be nothing stopping them from being marked in the second load. If you have two or more different characters on your PC, I suggest restarting the game before switching between them to prevent confusion.

1.0.2b - 2013/01/06
- Compiled my scripts with the "optimize" option enabled.
- Created a German translation that uses this version.

1.0.2 - 2012/09/09
- Attempt at a brute-force fix for a reported bug which causes book names to be renamed inappropriately.
- Dropped support for performance version. I've made the intensive script run only once per game load.
- Dropped support for looose files version. Anyone who wants the loose files can easily extract them from the BSA.
- Activating a book while sneaking will no longer mark the book as read (feature request).

1.0.1 - 2012/07/21
- Fixed a critical bug that causes objects that are not books to have "~(Read)" added to their name.

1.0 - 2012/07/21
- Initial release

My thanks goes to:

God for creating us all.
Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Chesko, Hypno88 and H4vent on the Bethesda forums for helping me learn Papyrus and figure out how to make this mod work. for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Wrye Bash team for Wrye Bash, my favourite mod manager.
The SKSE team. Without SKSE, this mod would not be possible.
LHammonds for the Readme Generator this readme was based on.

Tools Used
Creation Kit
7-Zip -
Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) -
Readme Generator -
Wrye Bash -

If you want this mod uploaded to another site, please ask me via Private Messaging if possible. I might give permission for you to upload it there or I might do so myself.
If you fix a bug or improve this mod in any way, please get in contact with me before uploading it. I will either grant permission for you to upload it or I will upload it myself while crediting you for the changes.
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TheMabon Jun 23, 2013 @ 9:20am 
Der Mod schreibt sein ~(Gelesen)~ so oft davor, wie man das Buch gelesen hat. Fliegt sofort wieder runter.
Norby33 Feb 26, 2013 @ 2:11pm 
No not on my last way in the game, I have had many books all over where I´m going there in all Dungeons and others, but sorry it´s good when it works bud it doesn`t yet in the moment! I will open my eyes on the way, we`ll see!
Yura Feb 26, 2013 @ 1:30pm 
i open it but, its unmark. i cant pick the books, in the last game a lot of book search quests buggs why i found a lot and pick them up -.- so i let him there it where .... i dont pick her, i dont open her and dont do nothing with the books between the quests say "take a look" or "found a book" xD
XJDHDR  [author] Feb 26, 2013 @ 11:20am 
You're welcome.

You can do either one. The book gets marked by the act of opening it. Once it's opened, you can pick it up or leave it where it is.
Yura Feb 24, 2013 @ 10:38pm 
muss ich dazu die bücher einsammeln oder geht auch lesen und liegen lassen ?
Norby33 Feb 20, 2013 @ 1:27pm 
Sehr gut, wenn das dann in deutsch geht, super Sache! Ich bedanke mich für euren Enthusiasmus!!!
!ce.Cream<3 Jan 6, 2013 @ 9:17am 
Many thanks for the translation. :D I tried to figure out myself, how to translate it, but editing the script didn't seem to be enough or I did something wrong.^^

Title: Unfortuanately, the title is wrong. "Buecher als gelesen markieren" would be correct.