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Feb 15, 2012 @ 8:16pm
Feb 20, 2012 @ 3:21pm
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This mod alters many basic tools and household items found in Skyrim so that they can be used as weapons. Stab a mudcrab with a fork! Smash a skeever with a clothes iron!

Items included:
* Clothes Irons
* Shovels (2 types)
* Hoes
* Blacksmith's Hammers
* Embalming picks
* Screw tools (Embalming tools found in dungeons)
* Embalming Scalpels
* Embalming Scissors
* Wooden Ladles
* Forks and Knives
* Dwarven Forks, Knives and Spoons
* Pitchforks (2 types)
* Lutes
* Flutes
* Fishing Poles
* Brooms (New!)
* Hot Irons (New!)
* Tankards (New!)

All items can be crafted, improved, and enchanted!

Because of some oddities about how Skyrim handles item models, the following aren't included (yet!):

* Saws

(For the same reason, the clothes iron looks a little funny when sheathed. Working on that!)

Let me know if there's anything else you think I overlooked.

WARNING: This mod replaces all of these items with their respective weapon versions. This doesn't seem to break anything from my testing so far, but let me know if you think it does.

UPDATE: 16 Feb 2011

Added brooms and hot irons.

UPDATE: 20 Feb 2011

* Added tankards
* Fix for conflict with Bag of Holding mod
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robot4488 Aug 20 @ 4:06pm 
This is probably way off topic but your going to smash pot heads
enokox Jul 26 @ 6:51am 
Any plan on adding that pot to list ? :3 smashing someone with pan in movie is always funy.. :P
arachnidsGrip Jul 22 @ 4:35am 
Could you make a version that doesn't replace the misc stuff?
TheMan Jun 10 @ 7:34am 
ADD SAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Agro Fenlas Jun 9 @ 9:37am 
Best mod I've seen in a while, though, you forgot about oars.
caractacus98 Jun 6 @ 7:38pm 
Could you possibly add the Broken Steel Sword Handle? Or do you know of a mod that makes it a weapon?
Eftaisio Jun 1 @ 12:09pm 
BEST MOD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stalker Revenger May 27 @ 1:31am 
10/10 Stars. Most Realistic Mod. 'Nuff said.
Some hired thugs told me "we're here to teach you a lesson", ha, well I told them "Me too. Did you know that clothes irons make good blunt weapons?" And from that point, it got pretty bloody.
Aerek Plus Apr 22 @ 11:34pm 
I use the broom, Being an asassins creed player you would know how funny it is to kill 15 guards with a broom. And in Skyrim it's just as fun. Love it!