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Beam Grenade Launcher
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Oct 26, 2017 @ 3:52pm
Nov 5, 2017 @ 9:07am
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Beam Grenade Launcher

  • An all-new grenade launcher to devastate your enemies with! 💥
  • Fires guided grenades - no hiding from this one! 🎯
  • Goes great with other beam tier equipment - slick and fashionable! 👍
(compatible with the War of the Chosen expansion)


All hyperbole aside, I always found it odd that the game only features two tiers of grenade launchers instead of the usual three as is the case for most weapons and armors. What's worse, the magnetic tier grenade launcher clashes visually with the more advanced beam tier equipment, sticking out like a sore thumb.

To remedy this glaring oversight this mod provides a third tier of grenade launchers, complete with a custom model that is visually consistent with other members of the beam tier family of items.

On top of that, to make the new Beam Grenade Launcher a true upgrade over its predecessor, it fires guided grenades using the same targeting mechanism as the Blaster Launcher. This doubles as a range increase of sorts, making targets accessible that are out of direct line of sight. The ability applies to all items that typically are launched using grenade launchers, including Smoke Bombs and Ultrasonic Lures (but not Battle Scanners and Mimic Beacons, which are always thrown).

The upgrade is unlocked after researching Plasma Rifles and requires 1 Blaster Launcher to purchase (in addition to the usual Supplies/Alloys/Elerium costs).

Included in the mod are configuration files to customize the research requirements and resource costs of the weapon upgrade schematic, as well as an option to toggle the Blaster Launcher targeting method off.


This mod does not override any base classes and therefore should not cause mod conflicts of that sort.
Since the mod dynamically swaps out any instances of the LaunchGrenade ability on a unit when it is carrying the Beam Grenade Launcher, any mod that modifies this ability will likely get overridden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this mod work with vanilla XCOM 2?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: What about Long War 2?
A: Yes, the mod should with LW2 and other mods that provide new grenades in a similar fashion to LW2. The mod includes an LW2-specific item schematic to build individual grenade launchers - as with the vanilla X2 version the research requirements and resource costs can be adjusted via configuration file editing (see section below).

Q: Does this mod work with the War of the Chosen expansion? The mod launcher says it isn't compatible.
A: Yes, it is compatible with WotC. While the mod was built using the vanilla X2 SDK, I made sure to implement it in a fashion that doesn't conflict with WotC. The warning in the launcher can safely be ignored.

Q: When trying to load a campaign the game complains about "Missing Required Downloadable Content or Mods" and quick loading doesn't work anymore! What's going on?
A: That one's on me, sorry. Due to making the mistake of renaming the mod when publishing its first update, campaigns started before the update will keep looking for the old version. New campaigns should work fine.
If you don't want to abandon your existing campaign, you can try using this mod (X2) or this mod (WotC) to unbind the missing mod reference. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: Blaster Launcher targeting is nice, but is that really all the weapon provides? I'd rather have it confer extra range or blast radius.
A: While I feel that Blaster Launcher targeting in itself is like a range upgrade, I can see why you would like a little extra. Fortunately you're in luck, as with a bit of tinkering with configuration files you can set the range and/or radius bonuses to whatever you like (see section below).

Q: Blaster Launcher targeting is totally overpowered and makes the game too easy. I'd prefer it if the weapon had normal grenade targeting.
A: No problem, I've added a configuration toggle for exactly this purpose (see section below). Make sure to give the weapon some other bonus while you're at it, so it's more than a visual upgrade.


The mod provides a few configuration files so you can tailor your experience to your liking.
The configuration files are located in the mod install directory at
<steam install directory>\steamapps\workshop\content\268500\1181681128\Config
The relevant configuration files are as follows:
  • XComGameData.ini, contains a toggle to disable the Blaster Launcher targeting effect provided by the weapon
  • XComGameData_WeaponData.ini, contains parameters for the grenade launcher item's weapon range and grenade radius bonuses as well as parameters for the research requirements and purchase costs of the weapon's upgrade schematic
  • XComLW_Overhaul.ini, contains parameters for configuring the LW2-specific weapon building schematic
Known Issues
  • Sometimes soldiers will aim at odd angles when firing - this is a side-effect of the Blaster Launcher targeting method.

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Lampros Feb 6 @ 8:14am 
Perfect. Thanks.
4rrakis Feb 6 @ 8:08am 
It is a squad upgrade for the advanced grenade launcher, so it is grenadier only.
Lampros Feb 6 @ 7:21am 
Ah, ok; thanks. So it's for all soldiers and not Grenadiers-only?
4rrakis Feb 6 @ 7:19am 
It is a squad upgrade, you only need one blaster launcher to upgrade all current and future grenade launchers.
Lampros Feb 6 @ 7:07am 
Thanks! And one more question: Once you do get the Blast Launcher, can you then give it to every Grenadier or do you have to resort to RNG again to get a 2nd one for your 2nd Grenadier?
Cahos Rahne Veloza Feb 6 @ 6:54am 

Did you mean the "Blaster Launcher"?

If so, yes, you'll need to deal with effing RNG until you get one... or as I said, you can use mods like these to get you one...


Lampros Feb 6 @ 6:18am 
Cahos Rahne Veloza,

Wait, you need to play RNG for every single one?!
Lampros Feb 6 @ 6:17am 
Is this Grenadier-only - or can it be equipped on every soldier?
Luckmann Feb 6 @ 5:51am 
Would it be possible to get a version without the horrible chrome? I absolutely detest the chromed apperance of the Tier 3 equipment, and it clashes horribly with the vast majority of other gear/headwear in the game.
Cahos Rahne Veloza Jan 26 @ 8:15am 

You needed to have at least built a W.A.R. suit to trigger unlocking "Experimental Powered Weapons" to unlock the ability to have RNGesus give you a Blaster Launcher when you choose said Proving Ground project. Alternatively you can use one of the few mods on the workshop that let's you craft a specific Heavy/Powered weapon from either the Proving Grounds or at Lily's station.