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Pallino d'Oro 2012
Genre: Sports
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, Italian
Jan 4, 2013 @ 12:01pm
Jan 23, 2013 @ 3:33am

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Pallino d'Oro 2012 is now on Steam Greenlight!
Release date: 26 February 2012
Pallino d'Oro 2012 is the First game ever of the Raffa bowls specialty.
It allows to play, in single and local multiplayer, the famous Italian tournament of the "Pallino d'Oro".
The Bowls (known also as Bocci Ball or Bocce) is an ancient game that requires skill, strategy and just a little luck.
A game can be conducted between two players and the goal is to throw the bocce ball as close to the pallino ball as possible.
Tactics can get quite complex when players have sufficient control over the ball to throw or roll it accurately.

The game features:

- 3D Graphics
- Game physics by PhysX of NVIDIA
- Adrenalinic soundtrack
- Match commented by two sport speakers
- Match played inside a real Italian bowls center
- Player and referee movements in motion capture
- 2 play mode: single match and tournament
- Opponent selection: vs human or vs CPU
- Different bowls throw styles
- Raffa bowls rules
- Save and load of the best throws

Grab your bowls and enter the world of Pallino d'Oro 2012!

Note: in this 1.0 version texts and voices are in Italian, but if the game will be accepted on Steam we will add the English version.

You can buy Pallino d'Oro 2012 (DRM-Free) on Desura.

Copyright © 2012 by A.S.D. Bocciofila Sambucheto. Dysotek(R) is a registered trademark of Dysotek. PhysX Technology provided under license from NVIDIA Corporation. © 2002-2011 NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved.
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mochalin1372 Jun 30 @ 10:06am 
если цена не больше 1$ то можно подумать
rex|Handlock Jun 28 @ 2:37am 
Shock_Wave Jun 25 @ 10:13am 
не плохо,но скушно как-то
Crossfire Jun 25 @ 10:01am 
good game
Na'Vi <3 Jun 8 @ 3:30pm 
woow so gd
=@SLON@= May 29 @ 5:25am 
so good
Iwawa May 29 @ 3:49am 
this game is similiar to this game ,
Courteous George ™ May 23 @ 9:44am 
Will this ever be released on Steam?
iZER; May 17 @ 7:04pm 
ShozenOne May 5 @ 8:19am