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TF2 — Competitive Scout guide.
This is a tutorial on how to play Scout on both a 6v6 format and Highlander.
Brief Description
The Scout is the fastest and most mobile class in the game. Although the Scout has a low amount of health, this is compensated by the Scout's speed and his ability to double-jump which allows him to easily access alternate routes on many maps. These abilities make the Scout both extremely unpredictable and very effective at ambushing. When fighting, the Scout's high damage output and mobility makes him one of the best classes for one-on-one combat. Keep in mind that as a Scout, capturing control points and pushing the cart are your chief duties.

Class Advantages
1. Speed, high mobility, and the ability to perform double-jumps, which can save the Scout from falling from a very great height.
2. With double-jumps, you can also pull off aerial tricks by changing your second (third, if you have the Atomizer equipped) jump's trajectory.
3. The Engineer's turrets have a slower swing speed — Scouts may be able to take advantage of this shortcoming in very dangerous situations.
4. The Scout can capture control points and push payload carts twice as fast unlike other classes.
Class Disadvantages
1. The Scout has very low health (125 HP), making him fragile.
2. Scouts require very good coordination and snap reaction times — those who are not quick and nimble will be easily shot down.
Main Roles
1. Attacking and retreating targets.
2. Capturing control points and pushing the cart.
3. Giving support to the Demoman, the Engineer and the Medic by preventing other Scouts from getting to them.
4. Killing the enemy Medic is a Scout's primary objective.
5. Denying an enemy's treat or finishing off a seriously wounded foe.
Scout vs. Class Strategy
  • Scout
    An enemy Scout is your clone. This generally means that the only help you’ll get during your duel will be from health kits and nearby ammo packs, and only if you manage to control the area around them. A Scout will typically strafe and jump while constantly changing directions to avoid being hit.

  • Soldier
    Both you and the Soldier are very effective at close range. A Soldier will typically aim his Rocket Launcher at your feet. If you can stay in the air, he will find it much more difficult to hit you. Your speed and double-jumping should be enough to avoid being directly hit by a rocket while nearby cover can be used to avoid the splash damage. Use your mobility to never allow the Soldier take the high ground, where he is the deadliest and can freely rain rockets from above. It may be optimal to maintain a medium distance from a Soldier so that you have sufficient time to dodge his shots. If you are having trouble, the Soldier’s slow speed makes him unable to pursue you as you retreat.

  • Pyro
    Defeating a Pyro is all about spacing. It is best not to get hit at all, as the afterburn will take off up to half of your maximum health. You will want to use your speed to keep out of his Flamethrower’s range while staying close enough to deal heavy damage with your Scattergun. Backpedal while whittling away at his health with any of your ranged weapons. Weapon heckling is less effective against a Pyro, especially if he has the Degreaser, as the ranges of his weapons are comparable to those of yours. Avoid facing a Pyro in an enclosed area or narrow corridor, as he can use the compression blast to shove you into a corner for an easy kill.

  • Demoman
    When out in the open, you are easily capable of dodging a Demoman’s indirect projectiles. His high damage output means nothing if he can’t hit you. Your speed lets you quickly get within close range of the Demoman, past his Grenades and Stickybombs, where he is weakest and can potentially damage himself. If need be, take alternate routes to avoid his Sticky traps or ambush him. A Demoman with the Chargin’ Targe is even more vulnerable to weapon heckling. Stay at medium range to avoid his melee attacks, then close in once he switches to the Grenade Launcher.

  • Heavy
    Be cautious when approaching a Heavy from any range. His Minigun can mow you down faster than you can land a single shot on him. The element of surprise is your strongest weapon: You can kill the beefy Heavy with just a few point blank shots, so it's best to attack while he doesn't have his Minigun spun up. If he is already aware of your presence, try popping in and out from behind cover to reduce the damage you take in-between your shots. If you must directly face a Heavy, stay in his face while circle strafing to avoid his fire. You can double-jump over or onto his head to confuse him while continually dealing damage. However, if he is paired with a Medic or is using the Natascha, it is generally a good idea to retreat to your teammates.

  • Engineer
    A lone Engineer is a simple target: He’s like you, but with less mobility. If you don’t have to deal with his Sentry Gun, simply dodge his shots while returning fire. The Sentry Gun, however, deals heavy damage and can track your movements, rendering your speed useless. If caught, the Sentry Gun’s knockback is likely to pin you down and kill you. If possible, avoid routes covered by Sentry Guns and check around corners before rushing into new areas. If the Sentry Gun is unattended, you can slowly destroy it from far away with your Pistol or Shortstop. Although difficult, it is possible to circle strafe a Sentry Gun that has been placed around a corner and not yet locked on to you, as you can run faster than the Sentry can rotate. A common tactic against a problematic Sentry Gun would be to use the invulnerability granted by Bonk! Atomic Punch to run past it or distract it while your teammates destroy it. If an Engineer is near his Sentry Gun, the best you’ll be able to do is harass him from a long distance.

  • Medic
    A lone Medic is an easy target, as you can easily dodge his Syringe Gun shots and Bonesaw while freely retaliating. However, it is rare to find a lone Medic. Still, even if he has a Medic buddy nearby, target the Medic first. It is very hard to take down someone who is constantly being healed. Maneuver past his patient or approach the pair from behind, pick the Medic off with a few point blank shots, then retreat before his former healing target can react. Don't get greedy: Unless you are sure his former patient was already injured, don't fight back, as the overheal will give him a significant advantage against you.

  • Sniper
    Although you are the fastest class in the game, running in a straight line will still make you an easy target for any competent Sniper. If you are not overhealed, one headshot or fully charged bodyshot can instantly kill you. Zigzag, jump, and strafe constantly to make yourself a difficult target. Once you close the distance, the fight is in your favor — all of your ranged weapons outdamage his and you can easily manuever outside of melee range.

  • Spy
    Your speed makes you hard to backstab and allows you to always chase fleeing foes, making you one of the Spy’s deadlier opponents. He has some of the game’s weakest weapons, making a normal fight with him very simple. As usual, circle strafe while dodging his Revolver and Knife. If he Cloaks, use your Scattergun’s spread, Mad Milk, or the Boston Basher’s bleed effect to reveal him and give chase. You can easily Spy-check by simply running into your teammates — if you can’t move past them, then they’re a Spy.
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