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Global Outbreak
Platforms: PC, Mac
Players: Single-player
Jan 2, 2013 @ 3:16am
Dec 4, 2013 @ 11:25am
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Global Outbreak
Release date: Second Quarter 2013
Welcome to Global Outbreak!

You are the head of Blackhorne Industries, the World’s best and most trusted mercenary outfit. The World has been hit by a lethal virus, turning people into enraged zombie mutants. The authorities of each city are working hard to prevent the virus from spreading, but you have been assigned to act quickly and decisively if the situation gets out of hand. Time is short as the "Doomsday" clock is counting down - any infected cities left when the time runs out will be nuked. Can you save humanity before the bombs drop?

Global Outbreak is an exciting mix of strategic and explosive top-down gameplay. Manage and Deploy your troops around the world then take them into a variety of fast paced and frantic missions.

The globe provides the HUB of the game and where you make your vital tactical decisions. To control the situation you must build "Outposts" in key locations. Each Outpost has a dedicated squad of soldiers and helicopter which can be commanded to the infected areas.
To help contain and control the contagion, defensive "Turrets" can be constructed in tactical positions near hot spots.
The four initial campaigns build with increasing difficulty, thus building your squads and resources before taking on the last campaign - "Global Outbreak".

Soldiers & Weapons

In the fight against global annihilation, people and hardware are key.

Build up a roster of soldiers that can be deployed across the globe. As they gain experience from ground missions, turn them into elite mercenaries by levelling up their abilities. Take them from campaign to campaign, building up an army of ultimate warriors to fight the infection.

Increase your firepower by unlocking new weapons and researching and immense ranges of upgrades in the research tree.

Ground Assaults

There is only so much you can achieve from the air, at some point you need to put boots on the ground. Direct your squads using the unique control system, designed from the ground up to played with only a left click of the mouse. Simply tap where you want your soldiers to move, and drag across enemies to target them to be attacked. If the enemy gets too close, scrub on top of them to perform melee attacks. Finally for a little distant destruction, drag in grenades from the HUD for pinpoint accuracy.

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Dec 11, 2013 @ 8:21am
Maybe need one graphics upgrade in the future???
Dec 4, 2013 @ 4:02pm
Linux support
=NoCry= Triste com a Seleção
Jan 4 @ 9:12am
Soldier and weapon customization?
Spartan Bob, The Gentleman
< >
Chippy Chippington Jul 2 @ 7:55pm 
and also for mac
MiguelASO123 Jun 11 @ 6:57pm 
I thought it was F2P!?!
Leonidias Jun 7 @ 7:42pm 
just in time for my birthday!
Leonidias Jun 7 @ 7:42pm 
ShortRound Games  [author] Jun 6 @ 7:30am 
Thanks again for all the support, the game will be out next week:
Leonidias May 24 @ 1:35pm 
how do i get this?
Drunken Apr 29 @ 3:41am 
is this comming out or not?
[TNN] myomar70™ Apr 13 @ 11:14am 
this game is awesome i love it its for free thanks for making the game for free
/.ProroK.\ Jan 20 @ 10:31am 
Бля ребята, офигительная игруля. Сейчас ебошу на андроиде в неё, правда донат нормально играть не дает. Жду недождусь когда же её одобрят и выпустят, я готов даже заплатить!
alphamassaka Jan 19 @ 5:49am 
this game iss from andriod system omg<.<