Portal 2

Portal 2

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"Did you know that, according to my data, objects within a gravity field can have the effects of their mass countered via buoyancy in water? Well, I pumped as much water as I could into this next test chamber to help with Chell's little weight problem; and I was so looking forward to seeing just how slowly she'd have floundered around in it, and how quickly she'd have sunk to the bottom... It would have been massively motivational for us both, I am sure.

Oh well, there is always more research that can be done, and so today's modified experimental goals are to find out whether robotic test subjects can be taught to experience emotions like Fear and Loathing, through repeated dunkings in what shall henceforth be redesignated as 'Electrifying Correctional Fluid'.

Remember: 'Knowledge progresses from those brave enough to make a splash'; So do get into the spirit of the Test, and partake in a few unselfish plunges to your death... For Science!
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zimzat Apr 21, 2013 @ 7:10pm 
Way, way way too big. There aren't enough indicators of what the buttons will do so it's sort of a guessing game as to which did what where and which ones need two people pressing or a certain combination of presses.