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Templar Raiders
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Jan 1, 2013 @ 8:02pm
Jan 2, 2013 @ 3:08am
Templar Raid will be a massively multiplayer game in the style of the Metroid and Castlevania series. The grinding aspect generally associated with massively multiplayer games is downplayed, the game instead focuses on joining a guild and working together to explore the world and defeat the evil lurking in the deep.

To encourage a varied play experience, each player will be given the option to create as many characters as they want. Due to the relatively small world, this is also encouraged. The idea is to beat the game as, say, a warrior-type character, then start over as a mage or a rogue for a completely different experience.

The game will most likely be coded in Java, and it will have a strong horror/dark fantasy bent. Essentially, I'm making a lawyer-friendly Castlevania game. It will most likely be free-to-play, or at least fairly cheap - I don't see myself charging more than $20 for it.
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Jason_c_o Jan 13, 2013 @ 2:03am 
A Metroidvania MMO would be amazing, but it would have to be approached very carefully. Most MMOs rely on some form of experience system to balance gameplay between new and old players, as well as reward dedicated play and ensure ongoing, long-term play. A find-the-upgrade system integral to a metroidvania game would present power-gain in quick steps rather than the gradient slope of leveled play. Also, unless there are a good amount of upgrades to be found, it severely limits the longevity of a game. The player is eventually left with nothing to find, and therefore no goals; nothing to work towards. With an MMO longevity is essential and, even with multiple classes with different upgrades to find, the player will eventually run out of options and stop playing the game. So, to sum up: A very interesting concept if done correctly, and longevitiy, as an MMO, is an issue.
xiaxs Jan 12, 2013 @ 2:44pm 
sounds interesting, but could be very misleading. maybe if there was some screenshots, or alpha/beta gameplay, i'll give it a try.
[N} Prime Snake Jan 9, 2013 @ 5:55pm 
I could definitely see it leaning more towards Castlevania if anything. RPG elements would be really nice to see in a game like this. Though I look forward to the Castlevania feel more than anything else. Hopefully it will be difficult enough that it's fun, though easy enough so that you don't quit. Perhaps you'd want a central hub where players can form parties, buy/equip items and allocate stat points. From there players could then select a castle/dungeon/realm of their choice, each being a relatively small map that the player and his party may explore, defeat creatures, earn loot and xp and not be interrupted by stupid players popping in and ruining the enjoyment. Anyway, I really hope that this is made.
Flo Jan 9, 2013 @ 3:08pm 
It looks really interesting, i'd love something like that. The idea of a small world is actually quite appealing since it can sometimes feel a bit overloaded. Look forward to seeing what you produce. Good luck :)
Nirseen! Jan 8, 2013 @ 4:01am 
sounds interesting... i think. I'd have to at least see a screen first.
Telecaster Jan 5, 2013 @ 5:23am