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Keep of Darkness - A Dark BrotherHood Player Home
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Dec 31, 2012 @ 7:06pm
Jan 9, 2013 @ 2:52pm
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This is an abandoned Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. It has been unkept for generations. But Sithis expected your arrival at the sanctuary, and decided to be nice and make it pleaseing to an assassin such as yourself. Go and enjoy what Sithis gifted you.
Hey guys this is my 2nd house mod located within acouple yards of Liar's Retreat., and id like to thank everyone for inspiring me to make this one with your amazing support for my previous house mod. This mod consists of a great bedroom area you can see in the screenshots. There is an armory which is not shown. The armory has new weapons, and the first pieces of armor ive ever made. One thing i thought in this mod that was very unique is the first ever assassin's training course. I dont want to spoil the mod for you by telling you much about the rest, so subscribe and go check it out.
****Trust me the house looks better inside. I have added new lighting, fixed the npcs standing on the benches, and fixed the name of the entry way :)****
Answers for questions:
Where is it?
Look in the description.

Can i hate and troll on this mod?
Yes but you will be blocked. :)
Changes and fixes

-Attempting to fix the floor collision problems so hang on im aware of it and working to fix it
-Tried to fix the CTD for the altar of Sithis
-Looked for holes that have been reported in the floor but found none. Sorry

Song: Master's Apprentice by Opeth. Lyrics located in the house.
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Krit The Mudkip  [author] Mar 24 @ 6:15pm 
Its next to it but not inside it.
Daryl Dixon Mar 24 @ 4:06pm 
is it in liars retreat
Krit The Mudkip  [author] Mar 14 @ 8:24am 
Its the place with the jumping puzzle yes with the buildings
MrFlipMasterG64 Mar 13 @ 8:51pm 
is that the location with the buildings outside?
Krit The Mudkip  [author] Mar 13 @ 8:47pm 
in the obstacle course
MrFlipMasterG64 Mar 13 @ 8:44pm 
but what room is it in?
Krit The Mudkip  [author] Mar 13 @ 8:42pm 
Its hidden. You just have to find it. Look carefuly!
MrFlipMasterG64 Mar 13 @ 8:40pm 
wheres the key to the reward room?
Krit The Mudkip  [author] Sep 20, 2013 @ 2:15pm 
You have to be part of the dark brotherhood. Dont expect to get into the dark brotherhood by not being in the dark brotherhood.
Grump"The Hammer"gro-Maul Sep 20, 2013 @ 2:09pm 
Went in and was attacked by some assassins and then eveything went black, so I dumpped it.