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Trouble In The Manor
Dec 31, 2012 @ 3:43pm
Dec 31, 2012 @ 3:44pm
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Trouble In The Manor - Online Multiplayer
Trouble In The Manor -

The game is set in a Spooky Manor in which players will explore.
It will feature two game modes: Survival Single Player mode, and a Clue Multiplayer mode.

Currently you are able to use the following guns:
- AK47
- Assault Rifle
- Laser Gun
- Rocket Launcher
- Sniper Rifle (zoom feature implemented)

Starting outside of the Mansion, players will make their way through hordes of Zombie waves.
Once a wave has been complete, a new area of the map will open up, allowing you explore parts of the house
through each Zombie wave. Once you have made it to the end of the manor, you've unlocked all parts of the house
and you will be teleported back to the beginning where you can continue to fight endless hordes of zombies
until you're out of health.

The game will feature a server list in which players can browse through multiple servers and connect to start playing.
At the beginning of a round, all players will spawn with each other outside of the manor. The server will decide each player
as either an "Innocent", "Bloodhound", or "Murderer".
The main point of this mode is to find out who the Murderers are as to avoid disaster in the manor.

An innocent must steak out Murderers and kill one in order to gain points. Murderers can give themselves away
by simply committing a crime in front of an innocent or leaving behind their DNA on a body that they've left behind.
An innocent can then simply call out the Murderer using the chat system or kill them to gain points.

Bloodhounds play the same role as innocents, with the small added responsibility of using special items from a shop
bloodhounds can access. These items include such things as new weapons, a DNA device to use on bodies and track down murderers,
or even a teleporter to get across the map easily.

The most sought role in the game, a murderer must ensure all innocents and bloodhounds are stalked down and killed
before the round ends. They can do this by using the guns given on the map, or by accessing their special shop
and buying weapons such as a close-range sword which will insta-kill anyone nearby, a teleporter, a disguise to disguise their names,
or even a bomb which can be detonated on-hand or via remote. Murderers must ensure that no one can see them committing their crimes.

This game is clearly inspired by a well known modification on Garry's Mod known as Trouble In Terrorist Town and I thought it would be nice
if it could be its own game in which people can play and have fun with.

I'm hoping to have it released on Windows, Android and iOS.
However I would only like to release it via Steam for Windows, only if this can get greenlighted.
Please post what you think of the concept.
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:summerskull: |>:) Jul 25, 2013 @ 3:37pm 
Sounds interesting! :3 It's that kind of game, which i was hoping for, to get on Greenlight!
A game, which was not the same as other games; A game which wasn't that crappy. So..i like the direction the game is going! Keep the good work!